Making Choices Align with Priorities


November 2, 2012

Making Choices Align with PrioritiesA dictionary defines the word edge in several ways, but my favorite is “the point at which something is likely to begin.” Throughout each day, we encounter edges, points at which something is likely to begin. Sometimes those edges seem insignificant, presenting simple choices: should I eat the cake? But they can have disastrous consequences or powerful potential. For example, alcoholics know they’re always one little drink away from disaster. Conversely, many of us have seen how a simple word of kindness or the smallest gesture of friendship has had a big impact on someone’s troubled heart. Sometimes big decisions start with small choices: During the invitation hymn at the end of a church service, we may choose to cross a divine edge as we step into the aisle. Then we take a step forward, then another, and the next thing we know, we’re committing our lives to Christ. But here’s the thing: an edge is the point at which something is likely to begin. It may not happen automatically. The edge may be a choice. My top priority is to love and serve God. In the last few years I’ve gone through some health challenges. Through them I’ve learned that to be able to work toward my number one priority, I need to choose actions that honor and care for the body he has given me so I’m able to use it in his service and also use it to cherish and support the wonderful husband, family, and friends he has given me. Excerpted from Daily Gifts of Grace. Copyright ©2012 by Thomas Nelson. Published by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.
November 2, 2012 38 views Women of Faith