Making Choices Align with Priorities

Making Choices Align with PrioritiesA dictionary defines the word edge in several ways, but my favorite is “the point at which something is likely to begin.” Throughout each day, we encounter edges, points at which something is likely to begin. Sometimes those edges seem insignificant, presenting simple choices: should I eat the cake? But they can have disastrous consequences or powerful potential. For example, alcoholics know they’re always one little drink away from disaster.

Conversely, many of us have seen how a simple word of kindness or the smallest gesture of friendship has had a big impact on someone’s troubled heart.

Sometimes big decisions start with small choices: During the invitation hymn at the end of a church service, we may choose to cross a divine edge as we step into the aisle. Then we take a step forward, then another, and the next thing we know, we’re committing our lives to Christ.

But here’s the thing: an edge is the point at which something is likely to begin. It may not happen automatically. The edge may be a choice.

My top priority is to love and serve God. In the last few years I’ve gone through some health challenges. Through them I’ve learned that to be able to work toward my number one priority, I need to choose actions that honor and care for the body he has given me so I’m able to use it in his service and also use it to cherish and support the wonderful husband, family, and friends he has given me.

Excerpted from Daily Gifts of Grace. Copyright ©2012 by Thomas Nelson. Published by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


  1. 2 years ago
    Laurie says

    I attended my first Women of Faith conference this weekend at Hartford, Conn. My coworker and wonderful friend invited me to go as she knew I was facing a crossroad in my life as well as some heartache and challenges,. As a child I would attend church on Sunday mornings, made my confirmation, and sang in the choir. However there were points when I didn’t understand God. I had tremendous guilt because I was born healthy, had friends, went to proms, etc…My older sister was not. She was born with a mental disorder: scizophrenia. At the age of 5 I can remember my parents dragging me from one doctor appointment to another trying to find the best “help” for my sister, At one point the doctors told them to put her in an institution, as she was the worst patient they had ever seen, and walk away. My parents having a strong faith, especially my mom, would not give up. They brought her to doctors all over the United States. FINALLY, at the age of 23, after they refinanced the house numerous times to pay for all her treatments, they found a doctor that helped! I never told anyone about my sister’s illness, until I was in my senior year of high school, but I would cry to God constantly and ask him why she was born with this horrible disease. There were times I felt angry at my parents because it was none stop. They explained to me that she was their daughter and If it were me, they would do anything they could to get me better as well. The pain and guilt inside of me, for being healthy, grew! I started dating and met a man who swept me off my feet. However as our dating continued he began to verbally abuse me (I wasn’t pretty enough, I was too fat, I didn’t think before I spoke, etc….). I stayed in this relationship for years, as I felt I deserved it for being born healthy. Seeing the self destructive changes in me over the years, yes at one point I was suicidal, my parents prayed for me and also decided to send me to a counselor. I went and slowly I ended this relationship. In the intern I dated and meet wonderful men. However, that type of man, I wasn’t attracted too. They were too healthy and boring for me. I thought I worked out my guilt and my problems, but apparently I didn’t. At the age of 28 I met a man, who was very well spoken, knew all the right things to say, and who I thought was the “love of my life.” We dated (many stories involved there), broke up, and went our separate ways. I prayed to meet someone and then…I met Bob. He adored me, we had fun, but her was a little too needy. We dated for a year and guess what? My old “love of my life” boyfriend came back into the picture. Yes, we got married. I wanted to get married in a church but he didn’t want to. That should have been the first “red flag.” As our married life continued I asked him to have a child. “No” was the repeated answer. Since I wasn’t able to have my own, due to genetic counseling, I begged to adopt. We went to Spence Chapman in NYC and during the meeting he feel asleep. We went to foster care numerous times, to the answer again of “no.” ( On a side note: I had bought my own house prior to getting married and he moved in. ) I would cry myself to sleep at night but kept the faith and hope. He decided he wanted to start his own business, so I refinanced my home to get the funds. He agreed that he would pay half of our new mortgage. Needless to say, the business basically never got started and after 12 years of marriage I found out, after returning from a business trip, that he hadn’t paid the mortgage in 14 months, didn’t file our taxes in 4 years, and didn’t pay the credit cards that were in my name. I confronted him about all this,. He said it snowballed and he didn’t mean to do it. Then a week later, I found out he was having an affair. When I confronted him, he told me to “stay out of his life.” I didn’t understand…I was his wife! I was in SHOCK!!! I came home from work one day and he moved out. Although he left a lot of his items there. I was his free storage unit! He just walked away leaving me with 27,ooo dollars owed to the IRS, a house that was originally mine now in foreclosure, and mounds of credit card debt. I was devastated! My elderly parents, who never liked him, told me to come live with them. I never understood why and how my dad survived pancreatic cancer and how my mother survived her breakdown but now I did. Both my parents were and are my rock! My dad, mom, sister, and brother prayed for me and listened to my crying for months. Yes…I filed for divorce. It was hard and I felt and still times feel like a failure. How could this happen???? November now begins my sixth month of the process. There are days when I still cry but they are getting better. I have met and dated a few “nice” men but I realized that I am not ready. Then my friend, Christine, invited me to come to this conference. I went this weekend and I loved it!! I listened to all the inspirational stories and everyone else’s struggle. At one point we prayed to have God take away all our guilt and sins. I felt recharged and hopeful. I felt God’s spirit!! I know now I was missing God. I strayed away and was trying to find happiness outside. I left Hartford Conn. with a new lease on life, refilled, and ready to start my own journey with God and myself. I met some wonderful women there as well! Thank you “Women of Faith” and Christine who showed me the path!!!! Ever grateful….Laurie

  2. 2 years ago
    Karen Rizzo says

    Thank you for your daily encouragement. I was unable to attend this year’s WOF in Hartford due to financial issues. I continue to pray (today especially) for all the the women who gather to praise God and his wonderful salvation thru Jesus Christ. Please continue with this awesome ministry.

  3. 2 years ago
    Patty says

    Making Choices Align with Priorities
    Choices has been weighing heavy on my mind and my heart for a while now. The one I will share is a choice I made as a teen, a wrong choice, that changed my life forever. But as we know God can take one bad choice or even 20 and make them for the good.
    At 15 I chose to have sex with my boyfriend who was 4 years older than myself, that choice lead me to teen pregnancy, then to teen marriage. I was married for 8 years. I have 2 beautiful amazing children, Thank you God for turning that around. But I did endure a lot of mental & physical abuse, by the time I was old enough, strong enough to leave this unhealthy relationship, I already knew what kind of person I was, or at least what my husbands prospective of me was, unworthy, unloveable, fat, ugly, I can go on, an on, but I’m sure you get it. My 1st bad choice at 15 changed my life for many years, I went from one bad relationship to another, to drinking, to drugs, my life was spinning out of control. I didn’t feel deserving of any kind of love. I now know that is so untrue, I deserve the best of everything and God has given it to me. If I could turn back time and make that 1st choice different and choose God at 15, Oh wow how much different things may have been. I am sharring because I love my life I love who am and where I am, and I want to make a difference for you, if you or anyone you know are thinking of making a 1st choice, make your 1st choice Christ, that way when you are ready for a true love you will have experienced it with our Father, and anyone who wants your heart will have to go through him to get it. Amen!

    • 2 years ago
      Letty Hanson says

      WOW Thanks so much for sharing.As i was reading this i thought i was reading about me.Just wanted to let you know you have helped me get more strength.Choices oh i made one at an early age.Before i took the time to know me the inner me.Now through drastic painful devistating reacuring situations i know i went through the last one of this same circle.I am 50 now and found myself in the same situation again due to the same choices i made in my life.However this chain has been broken AMEN as a child i didnt get the love i needed from my dad so as i grew it was always my hearts desire to have a mariage under GOD WOW as i look back i see so much now I was looking for love in all the wrong places to fill the void not realizing that i was changing me to please my partner this went on for years now i have walked away again alittle bit of three month now and i fought and sought for me this time i now still healing inside undoing and replacing and enjoying the relationship i now have with GOD I have always had GOD and never walked away yes made some bad choices in the past always pursuded with love and now i know that the way i went about it was out of order that is why i kept getting decieved now that im getting well and making choices and putting GOD first and not being in a hurry or should i say trying to make things work with my own desires and hands im understanding and knowing me some times not liking me or i should say the choices i made when at the time i knew i was right now i know there is order WOW thanks so much im comming out of my shell and i hope that im helping as well i thought i came close to spirital death now i realise i was broken thanks and GOD bless

  4. 2 years ago
    Marie says

    Thank for the reminder, I sometime don’t know if I am making the right choice or the wrong choice. I do know when I make the wrong choice my life become unmanageable. From now on I will be always praying to make the right choice before I make it.
    thanks again