What’s Your Stable?


November 28, 2012

Denise Jones of Point of GraceIt’s that season again where I am constantly singing as I walk through the house.  I love almost every single thing about the Christmas season.  I’m even happy at the grocery store because they have all of the different holiday special candies, snack mix, and Santa on the Coca-Cola bottles. So, it is not surprising that singing Christmas concerts are some of my favorite shows to be a part of—one day, maybe we can be a part of a TV Christmas special much like Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Point of Grace has been doing Christmas shows for over 10 years now and this year is no exception.  Leigh may even play the part of Mary with her VERY newborn son, Andy. (He’ll be two weeks old.) I’m just kidding about her being Mary, but we do kick-off our Christmas tour on November 30th with Woman of Faith Christmas.  It’s going to be an incredible evening for the whole family.  We are all in need of some time to celebrate the hope that we have because of Jesus. I was getting down my nativity scene to set out under our tree.  Every year it is so nostalgic for me.  As a child, my mom would let me sit and play with all of the animals and she would share with me the story of Jesus. The little manger scene makes such a pretty picture, doesn’t it?  But there was not anything very “pretty and sweet” about a stable . . . it’s in the middle of a bunch of “you know what” that Jesus entered our world.  A stable? No, thank you.  I would rather be in a nice hotel with room service, ya know what I’m saying?  And Joseph would have gotten an earful from me about not calling ahead.  But Mary trusted God.  She welcomed the Savior into the mess of that stable. What is my stable this year?  I have a High Schooler now. (That’s been interesting.)  Our country seems unsure of what’s ahead.  My parents aren’t getting older and I’m definitely not getting any younger.  I can’t seem to keep my life in order.  Everyone’s stable is different.  Maybe it’s cancer, unemployment, a tough relationship between a Mom and Dad or a child.  Maybe even divorce.  Some stables look bleaker than others.  What do we do then? But then I remember that it was in Mary’s stable that Immanuel was born.  Immanuel doesn’t mean God from a distance, it means God with us.  He came so that He could enter into my mess and save me from myself.  That is why I have hope.  For this reason, it is my favorite time of year.  I don’t have to walk the next year alone.  God is with me in every step of the way.  I hope that thought alone gets you into the Christmas spirit.  May you find joy in this season because of our Savior. Merry Christmas! Denise (Point of Grace) Point of Grace – Immanuel
November 28, 2012 11 views Women of Faith