Genesis: In the Beginning God…

As we look ahead to the beginning of a new year, where better to start than the beginning . . . of everything. The book of Genesis is the beginning of the Bible and the starting point of mankind’s history. Likewise, for many people January first is the starting point of a fresh commitment to read through the Bible. We support that commitment and we’d like to help, so we’re going to post an introduction to a new book of the Bible each week—starting with Genesis and working our way all the way through to Revelation.

Along the way, if you have a favorite story, character, or verse from that week’s featured book, or if something from that section of Scripture speaks to you, we’d love to hear about it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. And now, with no further ado, the beginning of the beginning . . .


Of all the books in the Old Testament, none is more significant than Genesis.  It is God’s first words to us and perhaps the most important of all.

The first line of the first chapter of the first book says, “In the beginning God…”  There you have it.  He wanted us to know “in the beginning” He was there.  He goes on to tell us what He did and why.  He knew the questions that would haunt all humanity for all time.

He gave us His answer right up front…in the Book of Genesis.  It’s the foundation we need for faith.  And it’s the core message of Women of Faith—God is here with us.  And He has been from the beginning.

Introductions to Genesis from the Women of Faith Devotional Bible, which also features 366 devotionals, more than 500 quotes from our speakers and friends, and much more, available in leather-look and hardcover.


  1. 2 years ago
    naomi goteng says


  2. 2 years ago
    Sue says

    Awesome! I love reading the bible! And there is so much to learn from Genesis, the beginning. I’m planning on reading the whole bible for the second time this year. There is always more to learn from God.

  3. 2 years ago
    Marie Hall-Fray says

    This is my third year in reading the bible off in a year,each time i get excited about starting over.what better place to start than “in the beginning.”

  4. Amen

  5. 2 years ago
    Tonya Wallace says

    I am in I will commit to reading the bible from the Begining………

  6. I love the plan, and I’m good for the journey!

  7. 2 years ago
    Brenda says

    How thrilling!! To start from the beginning of the Bible on the beginning of 2013. Ready to get started in Genesis where it all began….

  8. Thank you for blessing us with this support for the new year. I ask that you pray for us to remain faithful to being in His Word daily, in the midst of tugs and pulls in many directions. God Bless You ALL for the way you continue to find ways to minister to women all over the world.

  9. 2 years ago
    Cathy Reinacher says

    I am starting to read he Bible through on January 1. I have done this once before and my mom did it many, many times. The encouragement from Woman of Faith will be very helpful as I read.


  11. 2 years ago
    Liz G. says

    Thank you for starting the year 2013 with such a wonderful idea of the books of the bible. I’ve been a christian for many years and I am used to doing my devotional, is my daily discipline to read my bible. Now with the technology even better I have an app on my cell phone. It willl be a great encouragement for so many ladies new in the christian faith and also for all of the other ladies who might not know how to start reading the bible or do a devotional. WOF thank you so much for being here for us.
    I recevied my “Pink Blanket”. I love it.

  12. My favorite character from Genesis is Sarah. She was given an impossible promise from God, she even tried to make it happen on her own. But eventually God came through for her and showed her and Abraham what He could do when it was time. I have a promise such as that from God, it was hard for me to wait at first, but now I am finding the time I am spending in prayer for this promise. When that time comes, I will be able to celebrate as never before, and I know that this waiting will be for the glory of my Creator.

  13. 2 years ago
    Drama Prof. says

    I think one of the next most important points in Genesis is “for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother, shall cleve to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.” It explains why there is such an attack on the family, marriage, and male/female relationships.

  14. I am hapy to know that the Book of Genesis is the foundation “we need for faith” at Women of Faith. To me, It shows two great beginnings – the creation of the first world and the beginning of the second world after that great flood.

  15. 2 years ago
    Terry Rosier says

    I really appreciated the free article ‘Which Bible Version Is Right For You’. I was wondering exactly that and it was very helpful.

    Thank you!

  16. 2 years ago
    juanita says

    I just finished revelation and began the beginning genesis, each time I read through the bilble I learn something I miss, wow isn’t God wonderful all the time, may the Lord bless all this New Years 2013

    bless juanita

  17. 2 years ago
    Martha says


  18. 2 years ago
    Sharyn says

    At the risk of sounding disrespectful (and I’m not!), but adding a little humor, because “laughter is good medicine” :
    Did you know that God was a big baseball fan? It says so in those first 3 words:
    “In the big inning…”


  19. Everyday God blesses us with a new beginning. My new beginning began an on July 5, 1986, when I was severely injured, and both of my children and my husband of 13 years were all three killed by a drunk driver. My world as I knew it was over, but as I tell in my book, “God, Help Me!”, God was there for me in the beginning of my new life. He waited patiently, preparing me for His plan, and through it, I have begun my ministry of telling others how, “in the beginning of each new day”, He will help us through, creating a new life for us. All praise and glory be to His name! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  20. 2 years ago
    L.Tanner says

    I have just read the start of Genesis, and so often in our lives, schedules, work .. – we need to see and be reminded of GOD’s Rest. HE Created , HE Worked , HE Rested.

  21. 2 years ago
    Leo says

    When you get right down to it, this is the simpleist and most direct explanation about how it all started. To me, it takes way more faith to believe this universe started by mistake or it created itself from nothing. Worship the creator, not the creation. I tell people that I believe it happened just as told in the bible and get laughed at. At that point I ask them how it all got started. Got a better explanation? Usually it ends up with its always been and gobbledygook about macro evolution. We already know through science that there was indeed a beginning they call the big bang and thus far no evidence of inter species evolvement has turned up. There is no hard evidence of my version belief either but that’s what faith is all about isn’t it. I like my story better.

  22. 2 years ago
    Jodi J. says

    If I really need to know anything, all I need to know is that in the beginning of everything God is there with me. That’s enough.

  23. 2 years ago
    Rebecca says

    Looking forward to it!