Perspective of Purpose

In order to fulfill our calling, we must be selective in the things we look for in life.  I’ve been around the block more than once! I’m over 40, married, and have two beautiful kids. The more life I experience and circumstances I face, the more I’m convinced that if we as women truly desire to live out our God given purpose and destiny, we must follow God with our whole hearts and maintain a passionate faith walk. Yes, the perspective we maintain actually determines the purpose in which we walk in.

As women it’s easy to become distracted and miss the plans and purposes God has for our lives because our focus is on unimportant, insignificant things (that just happen to be screaming the loudest for our attention!). Instead of focusing on the bigger picture and prioritizing what we are faced with, we often get side-tracked and distracted by the immediate, seemingly urgent elements of life, rather than the things that are actually important and will have an eternal impact. So many people spend time on Facebook when we should be getting our face IN the BOOK so God can speak to us in greater ways!


  1. 1 year ago
    Linda Jamila says

    Hallejuah! Praise God for you Sister Christine and the word you just shared. It is so true!
    Merry Christ mass and blessed New Year!

  2. 1 year ago
    Hillarie says

    This spoke right through me! What a true statement.
    Thank You Christine Caine for taking the time to write it.

  3. 1 year ago
    Success David says

    It is a powerful exaltation. Thank you, sister Christine

  4. Well said. I don’t participate in twitter or face book,but know of alot of people who do and it’s sounds like alot of waisted time.

  5. As a blogger, I disagree. I don’t think FB is a waste of time, but an opportunity to share the gospel with those who truly need it and are not open to other forms of testimony. We live in a new era, one that has it’s ups and downs, but we need to make the most of them and focus on how we can do the Lord’s work in this new age.

  6. Thank you for the admonition to maintain a purposeful perspective. We certainly need to get our faces in the BOOK! Therein lies our guide for a passionate faith walk. However, social media provides the opportunity to reach out and minister to those that may be difficult to reach otherwise, but it must be used properly. The important thing is to maintain a godly balance. God bless you.

  7. I agree… It is a ,matter of finding balance in life…. Praise God forntjeat reminder Christine.