The Leap Called Faith

Leap of FaithCome meet two women from the past with vital news for today: God can do anything!

Sarah from the Old Testament is post-post-post menopausal and weary of waiting. She’s convinced she’ll never give Abraham a son.

Mary from the New Testament is a young, innocent virgin engaged to Joseph. She’s more concerned with marriage than with motherhood at the moment.

However different their lives may be, and however many centuries apart, Sarah and Mary have three remarkable things in common.

1. A heavenly being tells them, “You will bear a son.”

Who needs a pregnancy test, when the Lord or one of his messengers brings the glad tidings?

The Lord told Abraham, “At that time your wife Sarah will have a son” (Genesis 18:10), and the angel Gabriel said to Mary, “Listen! You will become pregnant and give birth to a son” (Luke 1:31).

In both cases the news was unexpected, even unnerving. Sarah laughed. Mary was startled. The timing seemed off. No way could they become pregnant. Not now.


2. Their conceptions will require a miracle.

Sarah isn’t merely old; she’s “past the age when women normally have children” (Genesis 18:11). Her eggs are history. Conception wouldn’t just be difficult; it would be impossible without heavenly intervention.

Mary’s situation is even more challenging. She asks the angel, “How will this happen since I am a virgin?” (Luke 1:34) Good question, Mary.


3. They need to believe God can do anything.

In their lives and in ours, this is the biggie. This is the leap called faith.

“If I jump, Lord, will you catch me? If I try something I’ve never done before, if I risk everything to follow you, if I give my heart to this man who says he loves me, if I step up to the plate when I’d rather slink back to the bleachers, will you be there for me? Can you make things happen? Can you do the impossible?”

That’s exactly the question posed to Sarah, then answered in the same breath: “Is anything too hard for the Lord? No!” (Genesis 18:14) In the same way the angel assured Mary, “God can do anything!” (Luke 1:37) Yes, he can, as the healthy babies in their arms will soon prove.

Is this the year you truly begin to believe? To live and love and work and wait with confidence, knowing God is powerful enough to change what needs changing? He is more than able. And more than willing. As Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Mark 5:36).

Liz Curtis Higgs BlogLiz Curtis Higgs is the author of 30 books, including Bad Girls of the Bible and The Girl’s Still Got It. She will speaking with Women of Faith in Fall 2013 for Believe God Can Do Anything. This December join her Wednesday Bible Study Blog for “The Women of Christmas: Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna.”


  1. Amen! I love reading how God is the miracle worker and never any person. Although some people think they are the reason why they have things or provide for their needs, God is the one who takes care of us. This is encouraging to read and I love reading God’s word. Thank you for putting His word out there to read.

  2. 2 years ago
    James Mwangi says

    These is an believable, that the thing we fear most and the thing we see impossible is the thing our God uses to glorify his Name. Ever from the beginning God has been moving with the people of Faith, people who just risk their lives for God,s sake, and surprising thing is the no one has been put to shame by this God. God is always does what is impossible to us. Sarah was lost the desire to give birth since she was past her menorpos, Things even the doctors cannot to elaborate how a woman at an age of eighty can conceive or a virgin can conceive without a husband been associated. It is an believable. Only miracles from God can make these happen. Lets trust in this God of Sarah and Mary for greater things, things we see it is impossible to us since we are trusting the Power of the Almighty to do that. Thanks so much Women of Faith for that Word of encouragement. Press on to a high mountain to receive more of God. Shalom.

  3. Thank you for confirming with the Spirit man in me when I said these very words “If I jump, Faith is knowing God will catch me” to my Women’s group “Lady in Waiting” in my home on Monday eve. So many women say they believe in Christ but so often trust in only what they see and their FAITH in what seems impossible, in our human understanding, isn’t big enough to TRUST that God can do anything today and even through them if He wants!
    My personal story, the Word of my Testimony, proves this; in what God so divinely did to orchestrate my new life’s purpose for Him after I got obedient. 7 1/2 years ago, I heard that still small voice speak to me (this is your husband) and though it seemed impossible in my human understanding (on the first day I met him), like Sarah and Mary, I had difficulty believing it. I praise God for my accountability partner, whom I called and dared to share what I heard and the circumstances surrounding it-she confirmed that this ‘was from God’ and helped me to have the courage to just take one baby step forward toward embracing it (as my encourager). I did it and the rest is history!
    At age 48, God gave me an incredible Godly husband (after a lifetime of failed male relationships) and ‘called’ us both into ministry together! Every day, I wake up, I look at this great miraculous marriage & ministry and Thank God for blessing me! That ministry is called ‘Jesus to Muslims’ and our mission is to not only share Christ directly with Muslims, but mainly to ‘equip’ Christians in America how to share Christ with a Muslim. God has showed us that He allowed 9/11 in order to humble Americans, especially American Christians (to shake us up) so to realize there is an enemy and God’s heart’s desire is for our obedience to Him-to love God with all of our heart, soul and mind and love our neighbors, as ourselves, including over 12 million Muslim neighbors,. God showed us that loving those who love us is easy but loving our enemies is hard, but that is what God expects from His children. God expects us to dare to learn how our enemies (The Assyrians from the line of Ishmael-who He told us about in Scripture “their hands will always be against their brothers”) think, so to be wise in handling them by ‘knowing our enemy’.
    My husband, as a former Muslim, knows Islam, the religion that Muslims follow, that causes them to ‘kill in the name of their god’. He is a gifted humble teacher, who has a ‘calling’ on his life to teach America about Islam and how to share the gospel of Jesus with Muslims, so as Christians, we can be wise as serpents and gentle as doves in our dialogue with Muslims. God has showed Steven that these are the ‘other sheep God must bring that are not of this sheep pen’ and when all of these are saved then Jesus will come for us, for He wants all to be saved. Since true Christianity is a relationship, God wants to use each of us, Christians in this task.
    Yes, God is doing the same kind of miracles today that Sarah & Mary experienced, for He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world! While my experience of hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit inside of me today may not be faith in God ‘to have a son’ beyond human understanding, but by the Word of my testimony, it took tremendous faith to trust God had chosen me to be married to such a Godly man and together, being chosen for such a difficult task which we all face today. The privilege and honor to be able to help Christians with such a ‘controversial subject’ is a divine Miracle and such a high calling, in light of my past failures in male relationships and failed purposes in my life. No matter what the circumstances look like around us in this nation here on earth, particularly the mystery of Islam, with God on our side, who can be against us? God will complete the work He has started in each one of us and that is His promise!
    For 7 years now, our ministry has been ‘a voice in the wilderness’ with so many things the devil has occupied Christians with and divided us on, just to keep us from truly understanding God’s direction for us as a unified body of Christ. Jesus prayed for us, so long ago, that we would become one with the Father, as He is one, since the beginning. We believe it is the eleventh hour in our God-given nation, America and politics, talking points, humanism, secular education and even famous people do not have an answer that has worked to change the direction this nation is headed.
    We, at Jesus to Muslims, believe it is time we all unite on ‘the one gospel’, the only true God and the truth of His Word and stand strong against the enemy, so he does not gain any more territory toward taking God out of our nation! Just as David did, with his simple sling shot and God on his side, stood against Goliath (who looked too large to the human eye to conquer), we as true Christians can stand against Islam because we are more than Conquerors in Christ Jesus! Just as David said when he saw Goliath “who is this pagan Philistine who comes against the only living God?”, we need to unite together and say the same! For we know who wins this battle in the end and with God on our side, who can be against us? No one.
    God is simply asking for us, His children, Christians, to repent of all that is not pleasing to Him and turn from our sin “drop the ball” and obey His commandments to prove our love for Him over all things of this earth! Jesus said “If you love me, you will keep my commandments”. The Great Commission is a commandment, not a suggestion.

    Over 12 million Muslims, who appear to be our enemies, are included in the lost people in this nation, who need Jesus. God has sent his servant, an equipped former Muslim whom God prepared for ‘such a time as this’, to help ‘equip American Christians’ to face this giant; Islam, an unknown entity in our human understanding. I am an American citizen who, testify, that on the day of 9/11/01, I was fearful of the enemy, and I cried out to God for an answer to my question “how could a religion teach anyone to kill in the name of their god?’ Humbly and sincerely, I wanted to understand the truth about Islam and an answer to my question. God sent me ‘the whole encyclopedia’. God is a good God, a loving God and He wants relationship with us all and He wants to use us all to help others to know Him, because He wants all to be saved before Jesus returns on Judgment Day.
    If we only trust in what we see, that Islam threatens Israel with the sword and is the ‘Trojan horse’ that is taking over America from within through Shari’a compliant banking, education, positions of authority, procreation, indoctrination, intimidation & political correctness, then we have no faith. If we dare stand with our shield of FAITH, The Word promises, we can fight off the fiery darts of the enemy and the Holy Spirit will do the rest! Join us in FAITH and let us lead you into unknown territory, by the Word of our Testimony for this is the ‘calling’ God has given us to encourage everyone in America who calls themselves by His Name, the Name above all names. Then we can all rejoice together on that great day when people from every tribe and every tongue will gather around the throne and worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!

  4. 2 years ago
    Catherine Palmer says

    You know I can really relate to todays story about Leap of Faith. I had polio at the age of one year, before the vaccine was out. When I was married the doctors told me I couldn’t carry a baby and shouldn’t get pregant. But God had spoken to me and told me that I would have a son & a daughter in one of my prayer times. I felt the doctors didn’t know what they were talking about. So my husband and I tried everything for years to get pregnant. Then I had a tubal pregnancy and at that time they found I had severly diseased uterus. So at the age of 27 I had to have a complete hystrectomy. My heart was broken. We had also tried adoption, but they said a disabled person had no business adopting. So two weeks after my surgery I went for my check up and my doctor asked if I knew of an attorney who did adoptions. It so happened I did. When I got home and was literally walking in the door the phone was ringing, It was his nurse wanting the information. I asked what the hurry was because the doctor had said they had a list several pages long of people wanting babies. The nurse said, didn’t he tell you, we have a married couple who want to give up their baby and he wants you to have it.
    That was in November. The baby wasn’t due til June. In May at work one Friday an associate asked how the adoption was progressing. I replied great, Lord willing. At that time it was like a light bulb went off in my head. And God said to me, look at you child you say Lord willing but you have not trusted enough in me to prepare a room for this child. That weekend my girlfriend and I wallpapered, sewed curtains & painted the room. Monday afternoon our attorney called and said we had a son!
    When our son was 6 months old a friend I had worked with called and said she knew a girl 19 years old that was having her fourth child and wanted to give it up for adoption. She had given up the first and kept the second and third. All had been fathered by the same person and they just lived off welfare. We said yes. So when my son Jason was nine months old, we had a daughter who was premature.
    Through all of this I see how each step God kept his promise of giving me two children. It was me whose faith was week and had to try to do things my own way. And only after he took things out of my control such as having to have the hystrectomy, the adoption agency not wanting to give us a child because I was disabled. Only then when I had nothing left but my faith did He grant his promise to me.
    It is so hard to take that leep of faith in our lives but over and over I have seen his faithfulness in my life and I’m so grateful for it.

  5. 2 years ago
    Pam says

    This was amazing and so great. Back 32 years ago I found out I was pregnant in August and the baby was born in NOV. , full term. I had been told you have a hormone imbalance and will NEVER conceive. Well God had another plan. I was on the strongest birth control on the market to help with the imbalance and TA DA ( as Liz would say) i got pregnant. Then i was told the pills caused serious birth defects. I prayed and the Lord..gave me that scripture IS anything too hard for the Lord. I claimed it and gave birth to a wonderful, perfect baby girl. She has blessed me with two wonderful grand sons. So claim it Ladies.

  6. I love the idea that Zech had a week to think how to tell Elizabeth that God was going to give them a son. I do imagine the subject of children had been discussed between them from all angles, sometimes with tears, sometimes with anger. He wouldn’t dare joke about the subject, plus he had no voice, so she couldn’t catch the emotion of his voice. She just had to be a willing participant. What does it feel like when God is involved with the physical? Does she have a bolt of energy come through the body during sex or prior? Does she know she is pregnant because of how she feels after (no missing of periods, hers was already long gone)? This is a great way to get me thinking about Christmas. I look to this.