The Value of Fellowship – Women of Faith Online Community


December 20, 2012

Many women come to this site to learn about how their faith and their lives can coexist. Even more come to reignite the fire that was stoked at one of the Women of Faith live events (wasn’t the Celebrate event this year so awesome?). And in browsing the site, most read the blog, browse the upcoming events and watch some videos. However, they’re missing one of the most valuable parts of the site. The Women of Faith website has a not-so-secret area that can offer so much more for those that are willing to engage. The Christian online community that exists on this very site has been a major source of inspiration for me over the last few weeks, and I want to share with you why, and how you too can become even more inspired by this vibrant online community. I went to my first Women of Faith live event this past year, and it was nothing short of magical. The talent was top notch and the production quality was outstanding. But what really made the conference for me was not seeing Mandisa sing uplifting songs, or laughing with Ken Davis as he shared his unique perspective on faith and worship. It was in the relationships that I fostered and grew at the event, with friends both old and new. In my opinion, Women of Faith isn’t successful solely because of the show they put on. Rather, it is successful because it brings together in one large venue so many women who are open to fellowship and worshiping God. It’s these connections that are formed and the bonds that are created that keep women coming back year after year (and you can be sure that I will be going back next year!) These connections are the backbone of the Women of Faith experience. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt a little sad that after the event was over, I would have a hard time connecting with a similar group of like-minded women. I went in search of a Christian forum or online community that might allow me to rekindle some of the fellowship I experienced at the event, but I found it to be difficult to connect. I just didn’t share the same experiences with When I stumbled onto the Women of Faith online Christian community, I was floored. It was easy for me to connect with these women, as most of them had experienced a live event at some point. The conversations with the members of the community flow easily, and it felt like I fit right in. If you haven’t checked out the Christian online community here at Women of Faith, please do so. Take a look around, and if you think you’ll like it, join! It doesn’t cost a cent to start to participate, and you too can experience the joy of connecting with your fellow Christian women.
December 20, 2012 53 views Women of Faith