The Book of Deuteronomy contains one of my favorite verses of all time: Deuteronomy 4:9.  It’s all about remembering what the Lord has done.  We can so easily forget all God has done for us and all we have in our relationship with Him.  God cautions us against that again and again in this book.  Just as He instructed His people centuries ago, He wants to teach us to know Him, trust His heart, believe His Word, obey His commands, and take advantage of all He’s provided for us.  Like a loving parent with a child who is adored, He longs for us to have confidence in Him.  And when we remember all He’s done, we do.

(From Women of Faith Devotional Bible)


  1. I was lucky enough to come acsrocs this site as I am preparing a Bible study on Scripture memorization. In my mind the spiritual maturity that Paul speaks about seemed mainly to deal with reading and memorizing God’s word to us. I am sad to think I let my understanding of this issue be so narrow. Just reading this made me realize that just one of these habits can’t stand alone. Even though memorization is the topic of my study I need to show how how each of them work together to grow a mature, spiritual believer.I am so thankful the Lord led me here. I know I will be blessed the deeper I study these habits(and scriptures). Thank-you for providing a new understanding

  2. 2 years ago
    Eleanor Newcomb says

    This sounds like my same story but as I followed my husband down that different slope cussing him the whole time I hit a mogul and fell, tore my ACL and have had surgery if I would have listened to God because He was telling me not to go,but I was trying to please my husband. Now I do what my mind which is usually God telling me what is best for me to do and don’t follow other people to try and make them happy.

    • 2 years ago
      June says

      I really enjoyed your comment. I really truly believe your good intentions is to please your husband. Although I must say that I am not sportif a person so I can’t be put into the same situation ….but in a marriage God puts two people together and each ones personalit is different from the other. He made Man to be the head of his household, & his wife is to give him respect…,now in your situation where you had already planned to tag along & as a result you were not happy with your decisions & therefore you said you cuss all the way instead of choosing to enjoy yourself… All I’m saying is that we gain more when we let the enemy defeat our thoughts, & thus giving him entrance to rob your joy.& your happiness.
      Pray for wisdom to make the right choices that is pleasing to God.