I’m Alive and He Loves Me!

I'm Alive and He Loves Me!My mother and I were doing a mother/daughter getaway and it happened to be to Women of Faith. We were both extremely excited to have the great opportunity to attend and had been looking forward to it for months. We had heard nothing but wonderful things about the experience.

Then 4 days prior to attending the event, a bomb shell. I was sat down by my doctor who told me that the surgery I had TWO weeks prior to remove my left ovary full of cysts actually had removed ovarian tumors. That’s right tumor(S). There were so many unknowns, concerns and questions, but we packed our bags and headed to Women of Faith. When we first got there, there was a cloud above us; we could feel it. We got checked into the hotel and went back on the bus to go to the celebration…celebration? We were not thinking that at the time.

We found our seats, sat down and just held hands. Then the ballerinas came on stage… WOW… the beauty they portray through their movements is simply astonishing. Both my mom and I broke; we started to cry, fighting every second of it. All I could think was this is going to be a long weekend.

The next day they had all the speakers come out for a Q&A session. One question that came up was; “I just got diagnosed with cancer and I am wondering how to deal with this…”

My mom looked at me… I was like, “NO, I didn’t submit that!”

The answers the speakers/artists gave were astounding. They didn’t sugarcoat that it is a process and there are going to be good and bad days; but they did make it clear that God is ALWAYS there with you. He is walking side by side with you through it all and that although it may be tough it can also be a blessing. The cloud I felt when I first arrived had finally lifted! I can do this! I have a husband who loves me; I have a family that is there for me but most of all I AM walking with God!

Since then many things have happened—still a lot of unknowns—but I have been able to use my experience to share God’s love and help others that do not know God see through me that with Him all things are possible! Thank you Women of Faith!!


  1. Thank you for that wonderful testimony. You are truly an inspiration to the rest of us!!!

  2. 2 years ago
    Debbie Flerx says

    Thanks for sharing your story! Believe it or not it’s very close to my own story! My first weekend with Women of Faith was also with my mom and little did i know that I would be diagnosed after that weekend with cancer as well. The weekend left me full of hope and promise and gave myself and my mom the strength we would need to get me through the next two years of surgeries and treatments. We realized that God was with us through this journey and the weekend was so inspiring. God will be there for you if you let him!

  3. 2 years ago
    Carla Breninger says

    I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2010. 30 hours after being diagnosed I went into septic shock caused by complications from the tumor. I ended up in ICU on a ventilator in critical condition. My family was told that I had a 10% chance of living through the day. I recovered and left the hospital 10 days later. At that point I was told that I had 4 to 6 months. A month later I had an 8 hour surgery and the diagnosis was confirmed as Stage 3A ovarian cancer. I went through 22 rounds of chemo. I am now at 2 1/2 years cancer free. My doctor is amazed.
    The blessings that have flowed into my life since being diagnosed have been overwhelming. One of those blessings has been a much greater understanding of God’s will and his plans for my life. To all those suffering with cancer remember God is the only one that knows the future. Put your life in his hands. He is an awesome God.

  4. 2 years ago
    Mae Carr says

    Thank you for sharing your testimony and oh what a testimony! If we only have faith! God is so good and so merciful! I know God will heal you and continue to use your testimony in so many ways. God bless!

  5. 2 years ago
    Jen Oncza says

    Enjoyed reading your story of faith this morning! My mom was just diagnosed with colorectal cancer! We are just starting on this journey, but we have total faith in our God for complete healing!
    God will see us through!
    Thank you for your words of encouragement! God Bless You!

  6. This story moved me so much….We all have challenges in our lives and it is good to be reminded OFTEN that we are not alone and that God is walking with us every step of the way. When we become overwhelmed by life, it is easy to forget that He NEVER leaves our side! Praying for you, Keisha and your family! Thank you so much for sharing your story with me and everyone else! Be blessed, love!

  7. Thank you everyone for you stories and words of encouragement! I have recently completed chemotherapy and am on the road to recovery. It was a bumpy ride but I kept going to the Lord and asked for his strength! For those of you out there still battling cancer stay strong and HIO (Hand it over) whenever possible!

  8. 2 years ago
    kathy says

    I had a simular situation and the physician wanted to do a hyterectomy and God healed me. God can do all things. I’ll be praying for you. God loves you and cares.

  9. 2 years ago
    Theresa Rimbey says

    I was supposed to go to the Women of Faith celebration in Rochester, NY in September of 2012. However, my mother had been in the last stages of her battle with cancer. One of the caregivers from Hospice said she was a Christian and always wanted to go and she had a friend who was struggling and a very new Christian. I asked her if she would like my and my sister-in-laws tickets and they were delighted to go…we were happy to give the tickets to them so they could enjoy the expierence of Women of Faith weekend in their lives. That weekend my mother made her precious trip home with the Lord. While we were going through this last week of her life (which let me say was so joyful for her and her children…God is so very Good) I was told I needed a biopsy of a lump on my breast. The day we buried my mom I had an ultrasound confirming that it was cancer. My mother never had to learn of this for which I was so grateful for the Lord’s timing. He has been with me through every test, surgery and chemo…while I may have felt anxiety over the “new” procedure, I would get there and the grace of God was there waiting for me…He has been with me all the way…an ever present help in times of trouble…I admitted my anxiety to Him and thanked him for all He had done for me in my mother’s and my cancer journey, and true to His pecious word, He gave and gives me the peace that passes understanding. He is a God who cares and helps me through everything…I love Him so much.

  10. I’d say that was no accidental good fortune that you and your Mom were scheduled for the weekend with the Women of Faith. …it was just what you needed, when you needed it. God is an awesome God!

    May peace, love, and healing fill you completely!

  11. 2 years ago
    Debbie Williams says

    I too was diagnosed shortly after I had returned from Women of Faith. I have breast cancer. I am now half way through my chemo treatments. I also had a time when I felt, yes I can do this. It was after hearing David Jeremiah speak in Hershey in October. As 10,000 people sang Amazing Grace I just could feel God’s presence and know that He would be by my side each day.
    There are hard days and better days. Thanks for sharing as today I needed encouragement.
    God bless you!

    • I just finished Chemotherapy and there will be good and bad days but always remember that God is just a conversation away and he can ease your pain!

  12. 2 years ago
    Linda Donaldson says

    I had breast cancer in 2012. Luckily my small group had just gotten done studying Daniel. It gave me a great perspective…God will save you from the fire, be with you through the fire, or take you home by the fire. Who can ask more than this?! HE is always with us. God bless you

  13. 2 years ago
    Stephanie S. says

    This is another great reminder that God is by our side no matter what life brings us. It is truly amazing that the question about cancer was asked during the Q&A session without you submitting it. That just enforces the feeling of Him always being with us, from start to finish of any challenges we face. The best part of your story though is that you are able to use your experience to spread His love to those around you.

    • God knew what I needed to hear and gave me the strength to listen intently to be able to absorb it all!

  14. 2 years ago
    Kathy Stout says

    We were so happy to have you come to the Women of Faith with us ~ and so very happy that you were lifted up! You are in our prayers and looking forward to you joining us again this year ~ CANCER FREE!

  15. 2 years ago
    Letty Hanson says

    Thanks for sharing and may the Lords will be done in your life. I was waiting for the time to share my blessings.Reading yours i can relate so much.I still wasnt going to share i walked away from the computer and i walked back as what i have to share i hope will be a blessing to you as well. In 1998 i was told i had a brain tumor and was put on some medicine that was to keep it from growing.Ive had God for many years but up until a 5 months ago tommorrow i wasnt giving it all to GOD i was still justifying what i learn to bloom my own desires. Since time past i became very ill i was told i had diabetise and i had bad copd and i was on oxygen. plus alot more illnesses im 50 now.For the last 5 months ive really focussed on me trying to find me and understand me and forgive me and always having GOD first i have and will continue to read daily and change my life less of me and more of GOD.God is and has shown me so much i now have understanding and he listens and talks to me we have a wounderful relationship.I had enough of my way i want GODS wil now. Praise GOD i went to have a mri done on my head ,before i went i told my grown up kids that i prayed and i belive that GOD has healed me and wouldnt it be something if when i went for the results of the mri that there isnt anything there they the doctor would think im nuts. my son in law went to the mri and he saw the tumor.I went for the results on the 8 of this month and the doctor said it was negative yes gone so im withnessing to everyone what a miricale. Today i had my pulmanary appt for my copd i know im heald the doctor gave me a oxygen test as i was having trouble not getting my oygen delivered and i had to take this test in order to get a perscrition of oxygen i took the test i wasnt winded i felt good it was 6 minutes of brisk walking i was witnessing while i was walking to the nurse. i went back into the doctor i dont need oxygen anymore Praise GOD just wanted to share GOD bless you all. Im going to a eye surgeon on the 17 of this month so im sure the next time i write there will be no miss spelled words as ill have my eye surgery and will be able to see Praise GOD

    • Thank you for sharing your story, I know it isn’t easy. I wear a bracelet everyday that says “HIO”. It stands for Hand It Over, it’s a daily reminder that I alone do not have the strength but giving it the Lord will get me through anything.

  16. 2 years ago
    Beth Bland says

    Keisha – Tears in my eyes as I read your testimony. I am praying for you! God planned for you to be at WOF at just the right time. There are no coincidences!!! I have attended 8 WOF conferences now and each one has blessed me differently!!! I hope you will be well enough to attend next year!! Lean on the wonderful support you have including our Lord and Savior!!

    • Thank you Beth, it has surely been an experience that has brought me even closer to the Lord.

  17. 2 years ago
    Rhonda Schneider says

    Wow! Your story could have been mine. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 2/13/2012. I have had lots of complications – but the wkend of Women of Faith in St. Paul was a good one. My daughter & I hugged, laughed, cried & soaked up the Holy Spirit! My family was given no hope but I had a wonderful Surgeon who picked up my Bible one day & said I want you to read this and believe what’s in it! Since then I have had multiple surgeries & chemo twice – my CT scan 11/23 showed no cancer! I will pray for you!

    • That is great news! I just completed my chemotherapy after having two surgeries and should have my first scan in a couple weeks.

  18. 2 years ago
    Patricia Wright says

    Wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing.

  19. What a moving story. I’m sorry you’re going through this. But, I’m so glad you are hanging onto God’s love. Your picture is on His refrigerator, you know!

    • I’ve learned many things through this experience and one thing is for sure… only with the Lord I was able to get through it.

  20. 2 years ago
    Jeanette says

    Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement.

  21. 2 years ago
    Joyce says

    Thank you for sharing this today! I just found out I have breast cancer. I needed the reminder this morning that God is walking through this with me. I’m blessed in so many ways! I can’t imagine what it would be like to not know God and have cancer. God will use this for good in my life and I will share with others that have no hope. that God cares for them!

    • 2 years ago
      Debbie Novick says

      I will be praying for you Joyce! I may not know you but God does and he will be with you every step of the way.

      • 2 years ago
        Joyce says

        It was good to get your reminder this week, of God’s faithfulness to be with me, just when I needed it most. Thank you for your prayers!

    • Joyce, I am sorry to hear that you got diagnosed with breast cancer. One thing to remember as you go through the good and bad days ahead is that GOD HEARS YOU and by walking with him he will make you whole again.

      • 2 years ago
        Joyce says

        Thank you for your testimony and timely inspiration this week, Keisha. May God bless you for sharing your journey with us!!! God bless you!

  22. 2 years ago
    marie madden says

    Thank you WOF for sharing. Today is a big day for me as I wait for pathology results.
    There is a tumor that is sitting on my Pancreas. That you for confirming that god is walking
    With me and all things are possible with god who strengthens me.

    • Marie, I’d love to hear what news you got as I would like to put you in my prayers. I am eternally grateful that we have the option to walk with God.

  23. 2 years ago
    Kelli Potts says

    As I walked down the steps to my seat during the opening of the WOF weekend at Gwinnett Arena, I felt speechless and almost motionless. I sat down trying to find my seat by feeling my way down because I could not take my eyes off the stage. When it was over, I thought to myself-”Wow, this is what Heaven is going to be like.” Only we know-Heaven is going to be so much more! My 23-year old son passed away from leukemia in May 2011. He was provided with the best care from Dr. Nik in Athens, GA to MD Anderson in Houston, TX. But I know the best care is now coming from God. Kory is now healed, and I know he is singing, “Wished you were here-To dance with the angels on streets made on gold.”

  24. 2 years ago
    Patti says

    Thank you for sharing your story. So often we get caught up in our own fear and sufferings that we forget God is always with us even through the valleys. Thank you lord and praise you now and forever.

  25. Awwww! What a beautiful story. This is the thing I am hearing over and over again. Life brings us all kinds of things, hard things, but through it all God is truly with us. I definitely have experienced this but lose sight of it at times. Thanks for the reminder. Emmanuel!

  26. 2 years ago
    Debbie Novick says

    So very happy that you were blessed at the Women of Faith Conference. I will be praying for your recovery. That you will be totally healed.

  27. 2 years ago

    What an inspiring testimony! My heart goes out to you. What a blessing to have family and friends with you, and to know that GOD loves you; HE will never leave you. Continue to walk in HIS way.

    • Thank you Jacqueline!

      • 2 years ago
        carol seers says

        A beautiful and uplifting experience that truly lets us know that we are not alone. God!s spirit is everywhere and always with us when we need him. He walks ahead of us and behind us. But, for sure he is always beside us. May God give you the strength and faith to get through this difficult time in your life.

        love you