I’m Alive and He Loves Me!


January 14, 2013

I'm Alive and He Loves Me!My mother and I were doing a mother/daughter getaway and it happened to be to Women of Faith. We were both extremely excited to have the great opportunity to attend and had been looking forward to it for months. We had heard nothing but wonderful things about the experience. Then 4 days prior to attending the event, a bomb shell. I was sat down by my doctor who told me that the surgery I had TWO weeks prior to remove my left ovary full of cysts actually had removed ovarian tumors. That’s right tumor(S). There were so many unknowns, concerns and questions, but we packed our bags and headed to Women of Faith. When we first got there, there was a cloud above us; we could feel it. We got checked into the hotel and went back on the bus to go to the celebration…celebration? We were not thinking that at the time. We found our seats, sat down and just held hands. Then the ballerinas came on stage… WOW… the beauty they portray through their movements is simply astonishing. Both my mom and I broke; we started to cry, fighting every second of it. All I could think was this is going to be a long weekend. The next day they had all the speakers come out for a Q&A session. One question that came up was; “I just got diagnosed with cancer and I am wondering how to deal with this…” My mom looked at me… I was like, “NO, I didn’t submit that!” The answers the speakers/artists gave were astounding. They didn’t sugarcoat that it is a process and there are going to be good and bad days; but they did make it clear that God is ALWAYS there with you. He is walking side by side with you through it all and that although it may be tough it can also be a blessing. The cloud I felt when I first arrived had finally lifted! I can do this! I have a husband who loves me; I have a family that is there for me but most of all I AM walking with God! Since then many things have happened—still a lot of unknowns—but I have been able to use my experience to share God’s love and help others that do not know God see through me that with Him all things are possible! Thank you Women of Faith!!
January 14, 2013 64 views Women of Faith