Making a Difference: City of Angels NJ


January 7, 2013

We were at a loss as to what to do with our 6-foot, 2-inch blue-eyed blond-headed son at the height of his addiction. We had raised our children in church, but my son got involved with the wrong crowd at school. We lost him at the tender age of 20, five years ago.  My faith carried me through the darkest hour of my life.  I came to know other parents who were in the same situation and out of our grief we started the organization that we call City of Angels NJ. We help parents who come to us with their drug-addicted children. We cannot help those who do not want help, but in the four years we have been involved this organization is growing. Jesus is the center of our group and we now have a group of about 35 young people involved and giving back. We have them in the local schools sharing their stories . . . you would be able to hear a pin drop as intently the high schoolers listen to them. These kids are only a couple of years out of high school themselves. Most of these kids have come to Jesus and are attending a church.  They are bonding together in their sobriety and are extremely happy. They are now living out loud instead of hiding in their shame. We are strictly a not for profit group who cares enough to help other parents not go through what we have.  Hamilton Township lent us a building in which we have meetings, do interventions, spiritual counseling, and too many other activities to mention here. The young people recently held a spaghetti dinner for their extended family in order to thank us for believing that they were beautiful kids who deserved a better life than they knew how to achieve themselves. If you would be interested in learning more about us, please check out our Web page at  Every time one of these kids gives me a hug and says “thank you,” my heart heals a bit more.  We are a family in recovery together, touching one child at a time.  If we had had a group like ours 5 years ago, who knows what would have happened?
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January 7, 2013 171 views Women of Faith