Things You Couldn’t Possibly Know

Dear Sister,

If you have followed God for more than a moment, you know that His Spirit will show you things you couldn’t possibly know. Last night, I “just knew” that my daughter would want her pillow pet as she huddled on the floor of my bathroom, stricken with flu.  The purple-zebra-pillow-thing is not one of her favorite stuffed animals, so I nearly didn’t bring it to her.  She hadn’t asked me for it. But I felt a small, quiet nudge, a “knowing” that I should bring it.  God knew it would be exactly the right size for propping her head just the right way so she could sleep.  She told me so this morning when she thanked me for bringing it from her room last night.

This morning, someone on my team came to mind over and over again.  I had thought of her multiple times this weekend, too.  Prayed for her often, but she wasn’t someone I was super close to and I’ve never actually been in the same physical space with her.  I reached out to her on Facebook, and as it turns out, she was struggling.  I had no idea, but God did, and He facilitated what He wanted. Our prayer warrior division of 75+ calloused-kneed intercessors is now sending out the artillery with their prayers.

I’ll confess, I’m not always listening. Are you?

I am thankful, however for these two small experiences where I “got it right.”

What is amazing to me about The Respect Dare, is that the biggest benefit of “doing” the book is a deeper relationship with Him.  A dear friend of mine (one who has sat through my classes and run several small group studies on the book) shared with me recently that she struggled for many years in her marriage because she believed that the verses on “submission,” and “respect,” and having a “gentle and quiet spirit” meant she was to have no voice.  She had read many women Christian authors (and men) that told her that to speak the truth in love or confront her husband about sin flew in the face of the other Scriptures about being a Biblical wife.

She clung to God, however, and over time, felt led by God to follow the steps outlined in Matthew 18.  She gently and kindly confronted her husband about his unloving and harsh treatment of her and her children.  He apologized and promised to change.  Unfortunately, he did not change.  And a several discussions later, she told him he needed to go to counseling with her.  She took the next step in Matthew 18, having a witness present while she discussed his sin of harshness towards her and the children.  Bear in mind, she had a long standing track record as a respectful, submissive wife. She was taking steps she was certain were ordained by the Creator. She did not roll her eyes or make sarcastic comments to him.  She did not interrupt him when he was speaking.  She did not argue with him or disagree frequently.  She encouraged him, praised him, and refrained from criticizing him.  She had the joy, peace, and comfort of the Lord in the midst of difficulties.  And she voiced her opinions when God encouraged her to do so.  She viewed her husband as precious to God, even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

When her husband apologized again, but still continued in his behavior, she did what she felt led to do.  She escalated to the third step of Matthew 18.  She went with him to an elder of the church and their pastor.  In the middle of the discussion, she felt called to leave the conversation.  She rose and said, “I sense I am not supposed to be here – I’m leaving this to you all.”  She left.  She had already calmly voiced her concerns, and her love for her husband.


  1. 1 year ago
    lecrecia says

    I feel I need the Women of Faith so badly in my life like I need Jesus. I’m going thru some really hard times right know . My mother and I and sisters are not speaking. My aunt told me how horrible person I was that I had a dysfunctional family told me how much a piece of shit I was she posted all of this on my time line on Facebook for everyone to see. I never responded back to her. She’s only 55 and I’m 34. I feel the need to let out something back at her but then I’m feeling more mature that I don’t say anything to her. I feel the need to be closer to my husband but then I feel angry w/ him, and depressed. I feel hopeless can’t sleep again at night. My past has been coming back to me again. Like haunting me scarring me. I cry in tears hoping if I let this out and type it I’ll feel better hoping I’ll get somebody else out there to respond back and would help me w/ words. How I could sort out everything. how I need prayer. maybe someone would read this that’s been in my shoes. I could use the support.

    Thank You Lecrecia…

    • Dear Lecrecia,

      Thank you for sharing your struggles and fears, Women of Faith is a safe place. I am so sorry you are going through some hard times. But let me encourage you to stay strong and focus your thoughts on the Lord and not the problems. I know from personal experience that hard times produce strong people! Although, we cannot control people and the things that happen “to” us, we can control what happens “in” us. So take the high road in these relationships – Psalm 138:7-8 reminds us, “Though I am surrounded by troubles, you will protect me from the anger of my enemies. You reach out your hand, and the power of your right hand saves me. The Lord is near to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”. I hope you have had an opportunity to turn your life over to Christ, more information about that can be found here

      May I offer a couple of positive steps in the right direction:

      1. 1. In your Bible, read the Proverb that corresponds with the date. For instance, today, February 27th, read Proverbs 27.
      2. 2. Also read (5) Psalms a day. You can start at the beginning or go in any order. These are the wisdom books of the Bible and will clearly give you daily direction, guidance, comfort and help you with proper perspective. (AND at the end of every month you will have read ALL of Psalms and Proverbs – That’s Awesome!)
      3. 3. Get connected to the women’s ministry or group in your local Church. Join a women’s Bible Study, this provides strong and helpful friendships as well as prayer support and accountability.

      Now, you CAN DO THIS! God wired you to be able to do hard things. The Bible tells us “what the enemy intended for evil, God means for good”. Though you cannot go back and make a brand new start my friend, you can start right now and make a brand new end!

      Make the Lord proud!