Love Is . . .


February 13, 2013

Love. We were made for it. Made to love. Made to be loved. Made to say love. Made to know love. But did you know you were made by Love? Love thought you into existence. Love knit you together in your mother’s womb and then breathed life into your soul. Love gave you a purpose. Love gave you a name. Love knows the number of hairs on your head and number of thoughts inside it. Love knows your every move, your every secret, your every victory, your every tear, your every chuckle, your every sigh. Love made you. You see . . . Love is a Someone. Love IsFrom Jenna’s new book, Love Is… (Published by Thomas Nelson; used by permission.) Written for teen girls, Love Is… is a Bible study—or, as Jenna puts it, “six lessons on what love looks like” —that complements her message at our 2013 Revolve Tour this is Love events.

Someone Loves YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day


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