Colorado Springs, CO

Reviews from our Colorado Springs, CO event


February 16, 2013

Colorado Springs, CO
“It was. . . It was simply amazing. I have taken Lisa H. Bible studies and love them but seeing her in person – nothing is better – I have Lysa T. books and subscribe to Proverbs 31 and what a gift she is but in person awesome – I had never seen or heard of Sheila W. and WOW – I cry typing what a blessing she is!!! The whole message was on target for where I am in my life…..God was saying to me Thursday “are you going to Trust me with the next step”…and wow if that was not mentioned this weekend by the 3 amazing women!!! THANK YOU.” —Sharon G.
“It was awesome! What hit me the hardest was when Lisa H. said that if we are going to be TRUE women of faith, we need to get out of the back pew! . . . It gave me the confidence I needed!” —Jenny S.
“I have faith in Women of Faith events again! . . . I could really feel the Holy Spirit moving and if we do not have him moving in all we do, then it is just done in vain! I loved it, and God spoke SO many confirmations in my life! It was a much needed time of refreshing in the Lord!”—Christina B.

February 16, 2013 49 views Women of Faith