The Revolve Tour (From a Middle School Mom’s Perspective)


March 6, 2013

I can’t say enough about what the Revolve Tour meant to me as a mom. The middle school years can be difficult as teenagers began to venture out in search of who they are and what life is about. Even in the most well-meaning Christian homes, often a mom can feel as though she has no voice in her child’s life. A few days before the conference one of my daughters was going through a hard time at school with her friends. I gave her several scriptures and encouraged her not to give up but to follow what God instructed in the Bible so she could experience the freedom God had for her. She heard me but it didn’t seem to help. Thankfully many speakers at the Revolve Conference shared the same exact scriptures coupled with life examples in way that my daughter could relate to. She left the conference with a new hope in God’s love for her and an understanding that she wasn’t the only girl going through a tough time. God spoke to her personally and even gave her a desire to encourage others who are going through things like she is. I am thankful for how God ministered to my girls through Revolve, especially during this unique season when they need to hear the word from someone other than a parent only. Karen and her daughter attended the Atlanta Revolve Tour event.
March 6, 2013 2,052 views Women of Faith