Esther: For Such a Time as This


April 22, 2013

EstherEsther took a very courageous stand and boldly accessed the king with a request for her people.  She did it as if she’d been born for such a time as that, and indeed she had.  What grace.  What conviction.  What an example for all of us. As bold as Esther was, her story is one of great humility and discernment.  She “softly” moved about the kingdom, trusting God to accomplish His purpose in and through her, which is exactly what He did.  Oh God, make us like Esther.
From the Women of Faith Devotional Bible. (Thomas Nelson) Esther is not the only woman who was “born for such a time as this” . . . that applies to each of us as well. How does knowing that make you look at your life and its challenges?
April 22, 2013 1,132 views Women of Faith