6 Steps to Conflict Resolution


April 23, 2013

Got DisagreementsIt’s the little things, isn’t it? Countless small hurts and irritations that pile up and up and up until finally the pile topples over into a spirit-crushing, emotionally-damaging argument. “Within countless marriages, simple disagreements over small issues resolved poorly add bricks to the thickening walls of relational separation between couples.  While the many small issues are different on the surface, at the core, they all have something in common—an unloving lack of respect shown for the other person.  In marriage, this can have a devastating effect, with more and more women filing for divorce at a rate of three times that of men.  While everyone can agree upon the pain and impact of divorce upon a family, few people understand fully how to put a stop to the unhealthy communication patterns that create and deepen the relationship chasm between husbands and wives.” —from Got Disagreements? by Nina Roesner In Got Disagreements? Nina Roesner—author of The Respect Darehelps us in understand why these disagreements come about. Weaving Scripture through her practical advice, Nina offers six “small steps that deeply impact our interactions.” From validating the other’s position to (respectfully) asking questions for clarification, Nina’s counsel helps calm the storm of disagreements and gives us a roadmap toward a more peaceful life. “Eventually,” she says, “if we persevere, we create an atmosphere in our home which benefits both husband and wife, and models Spirit-filled conflict resolution, which is a blessing for our children as well.” Got Disagreements? is free to download when you become a member of [freemium]Yes! I want to learn the relationship skills in Got Disagreements?[/freemium]

You know that phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff?” That does NOT apply here.

All too often small issues grow into BIG problems. Nina says we “often fail to pay attention to these small issues and the tremendous impact solving them well can have on our whole marriage.” Investing in a strong relationship can reap huge rewards. Got Disagreements? is for more than just marriage . . . Nina’s methods for approaching disagreements can help defuse potential arguments with other people, as well, like a difficult boss, a cranky customer, or any of the multiple potential foes we interact with every day. Why live a contentious life when you can nip unhealthy communication patterns in the bud? Find out how in Got Disagreements?   [freemium]Yes! I’m ready to find a better way to deal with disagreements. [/freemium] Nina Roesner, author of Got Disagreement? is also the author of The Respect Dare: 40 Days to a Deeper Connection with God and Your Husband and the executive director of Greater Impact Ministries. She  blogs at Nina speaks regularly as part of her ministry activities, equipping women around the world to have a deeper relationship with God and others. You can find out more about The Respect Dare at Order your copy of The Respect Dare: 40 Days to a Deeper Connection with God and Your Husband at HERE. Along with your copy of Got Disagreements? you’ll also become a valued member of the Women of Faith community and receive:
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