Connection Extra: Acting Like a Christian


May 20, 2013

FindingNormal_candaceWomen of Faith recently spoke to actress Candace Cameron Bure about life, faith, and her role in the original GMC World Premiere Movie Finding Normal. See the article here . . . but Connection members also have access to additional, exclusive content from that conversation. See additional Q&A with Candace below. Women of Faith: You’re very upfront about being a Christian and what your faith means to you. How does that affect your career choices? Candace:  It affects them greatly because all the decisions I make in my life—not even just regarding work—have to do with my faith and where my focus is, making choices that are honoring to God as best as I can. It impacts the line of work that I do. It certainly limits my choices in the things that are available for me to do. A lot of auditions come my way but there’s a lot of stuff that I pass on, that I don’t even consider, just because of my faith perspective and having made a choice to do positive programming; family-friendly programming. Again, those are choices that I’ve made and boundaries that I’ve put on myself, so I don’t feel bad about that in any way but it certainly limits me.   Women of Faith: Have you ever gone into a film having read the script thinking “this is going to be great, it will have this kind of message…” but the final product did not come out at all the way you expected? Candace:  Yes. That has definitely happened and it’s not fun when it does. But that’s just one of the things that you go into when you’re working on something. Over the years especially w/different relationships and where your career is at, if you have enough leeway or say in a project those things can help. You can only learn that over time, kind of how to protect yourself or know who you’re working with, to see the previous work they’ve done, whether it’s directors or producers, other actors. But you just never know. you can have the greatest group of people that are all equally talented and wonderful in what they specifically do but it just doesn’t jell together. It happens! That’s why movies bomb or shows don’t come together; I’ve been part of it.   Women of Faith: How do you model Christ in your work? Candace:  I am a Christian but I am a Christian that’s an actress that goes to work. I’m not trying to just do Christian work. I just hope that I represent myself—no matter what I’m doing—as a Christian in whatever field it is. I don’t only do faith-based projects; even on faith-based projects a lot of the people are not of the same faith. It’s really about being an example of just living your life in a way that hopefully is God-honoring and trying to be an ambassador for Christ in that I represent myself in my speech, in my walk, in my talk, in the things that I do that are pleasing to God and that would reflect something a little bit different that maybe people would see is good and want to know why I make the choices that I do. Then that, obviously, can lead into wonderful conversations. I don’t think it’s any different for me in the entertainment industry than it is to be a Christian in any place of work. You always are just making the best choices that you can to act like a Christian.  
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