Honoring God and Finding Normal
A Conversation with Candace Cameron Bure

FindingNormal_candace“I love making family-friendly films,” says Candace Cameron Bure, actress and mom of three. “That’s where my heart is at. I love entertaining people.” We caught up with Candace earlier this week to talk about life, faith, and her new film Finding Normal, which airs on GMC this weekend.

Candace is probably most familiar for her role as D.J. Tanner from the hit television series Full House, but that was before she grew up, got married, and put her career on hold to raise a family. “I never wanted to stop [acting], but after I had my children I had to reprioritize things in my life. I really wanted to be home with my children and be able to raise them. Traveling and working full-time just wouldn’t allow for that the way I wanted to do it.” After her husband (professional hockey player Valeri Bure) retired in 2006, the couple prayed about what to do “for a couple of years, then decided to open that door again.”

Now she’s back in front of the camera and appearing on GMC TV this Saturday (May 18) in the original GMC World Premiere Movie Finding Normal. What made Candace decide to take on the part of a brilliant big-city surgeon who finds herself stuck in a small town for three life-altering days? “I’m always looking at the script to see if this is a story that I want to tell and what kind of message is behind it,” she said. “Is this something that’s relatable or that someone can watch and it can encourage them or inspire them or get them asking questions?”  Beyond that, “I want to do something I haven’t done before. I want to find something in a character that I haven’t played before, that will be challenging for me.”

As for her role as Dr. Lisa Leland, Candace says, “She’s very driven and she doesn’t have the nicest bedside manner; that is something that is not inherently me. From a character aspect it was really fun to dig in and find her back story, why she is the way she is. She really takes a look at her life and wants to decide if the path she’s chosen for herself is really the path that God wants her on. I think that so many of us can relate to that theme in our life, certainly reflecting on our life to make sure that we’re where we think God wants us to be.” Reflecting on her own life, Candace says, “all the decisions I make in my life, not even just regarding work, have to do with my faith and where my focus is, making choices that are honoring to God as best as I can.”

Candace hopes viewers are entertained and know “they’re safe” in watching Finding Normal, but she also thinks it could do more. For instance, it could “maybe spark a conversation with your kids; maybe it might make someone just stop and think where they’re at with their life; and maybe it might inspire someone to take a step of faith and seek God in their life.” She continued, “There are so many things that I hope for in each project that I do. Overall, I just pray that it’s honoring to God.”

See Candace Cameron Bure in the original GMC World Premiere Movie Finding Normal airing on

Saturday, May 18 at 7, 9 And 11 P.M. ET/ PT on GMC TV.


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  1. 11 months ago
    Kathy says

    Glad Candace is in front of a camera again. I loved watching her as DJ…and loved watching her brother, Kirk. They have great talent and love for God.