PSALMS – A Book of Feelings


May 6, 2013

PsalmsIf you’ve felt it, you will find it addressed in the Book of Psalms.  Every human emotion, every ounce of pain, every longing, every sorrow and sadness, and every good and perfect feeling you’ve ever known is here. The experience of life is recorded and nothing is spared.  When we read the Book of Psalms we feel understood – known – just as if God were acquainted with all our ways.  And indeed He is (Ps. 139:3).  We find wonderful comfort in these chapters, and our spirits are lifted just to know God meets us in our humanity and draws us to Himself. What’s your favorite Psalm? From Women of Faith Devotional Bible. (Thomas Nelson) Copyright © 2003. Used by permission.
May 6, 2013 458 views Women of Faith