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Pull away from the things that pull you down and find lasting encouragement for today. The women at Proverbs 31 Ministries offer 100 devotions of wit, wisdom, and encouragement for women. For twenty years the P31 team has equipped and encouraged nearly a million women to live in the power of God’s truths that apply to their everyday life. Written by women from every walk of life, you will find inspiration to live authentically and fully grounded in the Word of God. The P31 Team shares from the realities of everyday life including highs and lows, humorous stories and tender moments. You will be drawn toward the truths God offers and enabled to rise above and become all God created you to be.

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  1. 1 year ago
    Okoye Ujunwa says

    I love to be part of Women of Faith though I’m not yet married but I love every word that comes out of this amazing assembly. May God bless you all.

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Cannot get these ebooks to download to my Nook. They will come to my computer but will not open or allow us to transfer them to the Nook. This has been an hour of frustration. Help!!!

  4. 1 year ago
    Jennifer smith says

    I’m a connection member as I renewed at the pgh conference last year and I am still not getting the emails to get the free ebooks and discounts. I’m really frustrated and I’ve not gotten a return email or resolution yet. Please fix this for me



    • There has been issues with Comcast off & on this year. We have been actively working to resolve this. We are looking into the system to determine if your email address was one of those that was blocked by Comcast. We will get back to you by next week. Feel free to email us at contactus@womenoffaith.com anytime.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Connection information comes through in our daily emails now (Monday & Wednesday). We show that you are subscribed and active. The emails may somehow be ending up in your spam/junk. If your still not recieving anything please contact us at contactus@womenoffaith.com.

      You can also login to receive get the current eBook. If you’re unsure of your login information please email contactus@womenoffaith.com.

      Thank You
      Women of Faith

  5. Just love your daily “WOF” emails. So engourging to me. Love to receive the Free E Books as well. I don’t work and so wish I could buy your books. I read them, as my sister’s in Christ pass them to me. Thank you!