Bulloch Family Ranch: The Heart to Open Our Doors

bullochfamilyranch“About 16 years ago,” Julie Bulloch remembers, “a young lady that had been part of our lives was having a lot of stress at home and she was just going to move out. I wasn’t comfortable with that and I went to her mama and said, ‘You know we have an extra bedroom, could she just move in?’ So we had their blessing. She came and stayed with us.” Julie didn’t know it then, but that young woman was just the first of many young people—more than 25 so far—who would become part of their extended family.

“It seemed like there was always a kid out there that needed a helping hand,” Julie says. “They haven’t all been street kids; they haven’t all been homeless [although] we have had those. We’ve had kids we’ve gotten right out of jail; we’ve also had preacher’s kids. God always blessed us with having the room. Never a palace or anything, but we had room. Just the basics. Just the heart to open our doors.”

Now Julie and her husband Rusty are opening their doors to television viewers in a new UP original series, Bulloch Family Ranch. The uplifting, unscripted series chronicles the everyday adventures of the Bullochs and their current “kids”; their two biological children plus two troubled youths who have been given a second chance and a home at the ranch. “We never take in more than two living with us at any given time,” Julie explains. “Because of the attention they would need it’s not fair and we’re not a facility. But it’s not unusual for me to be cooking for 10-12 extra kids at night because their friends would come over.”

What’s it like to have a film crew recording your everyday life? Julie says “They weren’t in your face; it’s not that type of show.  It’s not like they’re trying to get you angry. It covers our life with the kids. Is there drama? Yes. There’s drama in every family.” Still, when it came to putting themselves ‘out there’ on TV, Julie confessed they were worried. “Does the producer see what we are? Does he see our heart? What we wanted to get across to America was there are still families that have good values; that sit down and eat supper as a family; that live by the Golden Rule; that take the Ten Commandments seriously. We were really having doubts, having second thoughts. Should we do this? Should we put our life out there for people? You’re going to have criticism . . . but God was in control and He worked it out in His perfect plan. You can’t argue with that!”

Julie believes her family is not the only ones who can make a difference. “You don’t have to have a lot of money to do what we do. You might not be able to have a young person come into your home to live but you can find time,” she urges. “The majority of the time it is not money these kids need. It’s attention. It’s structure. It’s knowing there’s someone out there that loves them and cares for them.”

See Julie and her family put their love of kids in action on Bulloch Family Ranch, premiering Wednesday, July 17 at 10pm (ET) on UP. UP can be seen in more than 62 million homes on major cable systems including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Charter Communications, as well as DIRECTTV (channel 338), DISH Network (channel 188), and Verizon FiOS (channel 224).

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  1. I have been unable to get the Bullock Family Ranch for the past two Wednesday nights. Heartland is playing. I love watching the love between the family members and their temporarily adopted kids. It is the best show on TV.

  2. 1 year ago
    Mia says

    I watch this show every Wednesday night, and I have to say that I cry every time. Mrs. Julie is a HUGE sweet heart! I am a huge FAN of this family and what they have done and doing! May the Good Lord continue to bless this family! In my life, there was that one couple that made a huge difference in my life. I was able to get away from what I was going through in my own home. To see a family take in kids and give them what they need on TV makes me happy to know that there are people that still making a difference in a life! Thank you UP and the Bulloch Family for bring it all on TV!

    Mia from Washington

  3. 1 year ago
    Jackie Baird says

    Dear Bulloch Family,

    I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 12 and great of 3. I have a granddaughter who is 171/2 and has been on her own since she was 12. That was her choice, her mother nor I could control here. To make a long story short, I am asking you to save this young woman from whatever her future might bring, to what it would bring if she were under your families love and guidance. I Love her dearly, but I am in a 55 and up community and can not take her in again. We need you!! In the name of God, please help us.

    Thank You for reading this, I hope to hear from you soon!!! Time is critical right now.


  4. Praying with you for Shawndel (sp?). I love their hearts illustrated by their actions. “You might not be able to have a young person come into your home to live but you can find time…” Entirely true. Loving people is messy, but every single one WORTH IT. Thanks for sharing life with us Bulloch family! You inspire my family and me! And thanks to Women of Faith for bringing this faith-filled family to our attention. God in you all — is a beautiful thing! \o/

  5. 1 year ago
    jessica says

    i love your show and i wish i had a family like yours! i was adopted very young into a very bad abusive family. i turned to horses and its all i have now at 25. i still cry and wish i knew what it was like to have a loving family!

    • 1 year ago
      Mia says

      You might not now it, but you have a family in Christ who is waiting for you. Do you have a church you attend? If not, I encourage you to find one and give Christ a chance to use his children to love you. The Lord loves you! I hope and pray that one day you will find that love from a family that you have ever felt before.
      God Bless,
      Mia from Washington

    • Dear Jessie – In the Bible, God says He has plans to prosper you and not to harm you; to give you *hope! And a future. I’m praying blessings today just for you.

  6. 1 year ago
    Lindsey says

    Sorry I meant I will be Watching from now on!

  7. 1 year ago
    Lindsey says

    Wow! Really Love Family,I was just flipping the channels watched it 15 mins, I Fell in Love with this Family..I will be etching this from now on..They are a caring Down to Earth Family very humble..Keep doing God work he will most Definitely Repay…

  8. 1 year ago
    Joanne H. Palasak says

    Is there any better thing that we can do in life than take care of God’s children and pass his love on to them? We are married 53 years and have from the day we came home from our honeymoon, had people live with us. There seemed there was always some one who needed our love and compassion.

  9. 1 year ago
    Anna says

    I love the show! I love the focus on taking care of the “least of these” as this is what God’s word says to do. I have a 20 yr old son at home living with a stepfather (my husband) & am looking for view points that would help us all to get along. Thank you UP for the show. I pray it has many many more seasons in the future. We need more shows like this that focus on the way things should be.

    Way to go Bulloch family!

  10. 1 year ago
    Paige says

    I just say something on TV about this so! Praise the LORD for that couple! Would like to see a book come out I would buy in a instant! God Bless the Bulloch Family! Of course everyone else too!

  11. 1 year ago
    Sandi Kessler says

    You are exceptional people and I commend you for all that you are doing to help make this a god loving USA and i know you are could not be related to our Governor Bullock….thank you for a wonderful inspirational message and God Bless and I wnat to warch your show, Thank You,, Sandi

  12. 1 year ago
    Valerie says

    Dear Bulloch Family:
    I think this is wonderful! God Bless you and your family for your commitment to these kids! I am very interested in watching this show and passing along this information to my friends, so they can watch. I have Comcast Cable – what channel will I be able to find your show on? Don’t want to miss it!
    Blessings -

  13. 1 year ago
    Terrie says

    When I say my family doesn’t approve, I mean my sibblings/parents.

  14. 1 year ago
    Terrie says

    I am a single mom who also has been someone who has helped those needing a stable place to take a hiatus to. Right now I have 3 teens of my own, a neighborhood teen boy needing “a place to crash” while his mom cools off and a single pregnant woman with a 4 year old in my home. My family doesn’t approve but The Lord has given me a deep compassion for those in need. If the Bullochs can give me any words of wisdom, especially if they know of any government financial assistance, I would love to hear from them.

  15. 1 year ago
    Debbie Davis says

    I applaud your family and have been in your shoes and am so grateful for all I learned from unconditional love. My daughters best friend came to live with us their Sophmore year due to divorce and remarriage and basic dysfunction…her mom lived two streets away and basically chose a man over her child, she was with us all through high school…we led a teen bible study at our home and worked with the youth at our church, one night at midnight we got a phone call from a high school boy who said he had been thrown out of his house, mom married and he a new dad never got along…I had legal guardianship of him , his mom signed the paperwork like she sold me a car. The next was a friend of this boy who just wanted to pay attention to him, he later took our last name is considered my oldest. The last was from a phone call at church about a homeless boy who needed a place, needless to say he went to school with the girls and no one knew his situation. There were several others who came for a bit, but it was amazing how many teenagers are turned away by their families when they need them most…these for the most part were not bad kids….just kids trying to figure out how to cope with life when they did not understand what was going on around them. People use to say, how awesome it was what we were doing, and I promise you I gained more then I feel I ever gave. These kids taught me about the true meaning of love, trust and redemption. Our God is a mighty God and he teaches through some truly remarkable ways. My own children also watched and learned and are better people because of the grace that was extended and shared in our home. I am ever thankful for the time with those kids, it was never easy, because resources were very limited but no one did without and I know at times I was so worried for my own children if they were suffering from sharing their parents but they both have told me sense that they learned and I am so proud to say they are kind, living, giving, gentle devoted human beings. I look forward to learning more about your family and God bless.
    Debbie davis

  16. 1 year ago
    Laurie says

    Thank Bulloch Family ,
    Bless You for all you do in Jesus Name To Just Give A chance & Show The True Love of Jesus Christ Through You and all you Do to Those Wonderfuly , Amazing , Special , But Need Loving Kids !!!
    May God Continue To Bless You & All the Kids that Have & Do Walk Though the in Your Doors . May Good Bless the one that Went to Jail , for You Have Know Idea How Much You May Have Touch his Life Though God Using You !
    Love, Ty, Hugs & Blessings,
    <3 Laurie

  17. 1 year ago
    Susan Gruener says

    God bless the Bulloch family for their heart for Jesus and these kids. May God continue to guide them as they make a difference in this world, and bless them with all the provision they need to care for all who come to the ranch.

  18. 1 year ago
    Diana Shockley says

    This looks most intriguing to me! I have AT&T Uverse and was wondering what channel it would hopefully
    be found? I am hoping you can direct me to the channel! This looks like something I don’t want to miss!
    Have a blessed day!