Leaning on God

LeaningonGodAbout 15 years ago, I was emotionally and spiritually drained and discouraged. I wanted to go to the Women of Faith seminar in Phoenix, but couldn’t afford the ticket. A ticket was donated in my behalf by a fellow church member. I was a single parent, my teenage daughter was rebellious and on drugs. I could not talk about her without crying. I was afraid of her and felt I had no power in my life. I was very active in my in my church, but felt things were just too much even for God’s help.

I was on the very first row. The women lifted me up so much and encouraged me. I could not afford any of the books or other materials offered for sale, but then I remembered I had bought a book a couple of years before, the one about Put a Geranium in Your Hat, and Put Your Gloomies in a Great Big Box and Sit on It. I started reading those books and strength and encouragement started flowing in me again. I had also been given a Women of Faith mouse pad that I used at work. I knew those women (the speakers) didn’t personally know me, but just knowing every day that they were prayer warriors and praying for ME (even if only generally for women), was sometimes the only thing that got me through the day during my transition. I looked forward every day to seeing their faces looking back at me.

Through the strength that God gave me, I learned to put boundaries on my daughter. I learned her actions were going to cause consequences for her, and were no longer my responsibility or reason to feel guilty. There was a lot of tough love. Today my daughter is twenty-nine, a beautiful young woman, inside and out, and a wonderful mother to three children. Often it is hard to not cry when I talk about her; this time, the tears are of gratitude and pride. Thank you for the work that is being done by Women of Faith. You may never know all the stories of the women who are touched. Thank you for listening to mine.


  1. 1 year ago
    leonie says

    thanks to God for making us mothers. I belief He knows we cam handle His gift that is why He gave them to us. But without God’s help our duties as mothers is useless. I have a 13years old daughter,who is going through alot of teens challenges,i tried my best as a mum but when i discovered my effort was useless,i surrender her to God and now i can see God’s hand in her life. Praise God.

  2. 1 year ago
    Cherrine Pfister says

    I am just coming out of where you were. I was hopeless. Son on drugs with a mental illness, a teen daughter so angry and hateful towards me and a pree-teen daughter eating excessively and hitting me. I had fallen away from church, took to my bed and died for over two years. Did only what I HAD to do. I was crushed spiritually and empty of any power. Isolation and loneliness were constant companions…..my only companions. Husband lived in the front room, me in the bedroom. Could God even hear me? I started drinking on the weekends in my room which led to deeper depression and then led to hurting myself and suicidal thoughts daily almost. I was also dealing with some past demons (bad time to try and “self-help” through some rough past experiences) from my childhood. I had totally given up on the idea that could could heal or fix any of this. I finally snapped out of pure desperation and self preservation. I had and emotional blow out and told my husband to get me a ticket to another state, and he did, so I could stay with a friend. I left my husband and children. This was a decision made in haste but nonetheless I made it. I was sinning. But without God we don’t make Godly choices or decisions. Well God was still there…..all along the way. As we speak I have been going to church, gave my life BACK to the Lord and he is continuing the good work He started in me long ago. I am getting the joy of my salvation back. I am still separated from my husband and children, (7 weeks now) But God is faithful and I am trusting Him with the future of our family and reconciliation! Leaving was wrong but when I pressed in to God’s will for me He began to heal the brokenness immediately. The loneliness was gone as Jesus is now my constant companion!!!! Amen!!! There is much work that still needs to be done Bud God continues to show how faithful He is in all areas of need!!!! Just wanted to share. I love Women Of Faith. I was able to go to one conference in California years and years ago and I was in love with the women and the love they share with women who are hurting and in need of Jesus. I wish I could go again. Someday I will! god bless you all!!!


  4. 1 year ago
    Gerolyn Jenkins says

    Awesome testimony of how awesome God is!! :)

  5. Amen sister this is a wonderful truth on tough love and as a result a triumphant testimony praise God.

    I can honestly say I have learned more in my tough times than I ever did in good times. We should not be surprised when we have tough times, Jesus said, ‘in the world you shall have tribulation’ (John 16:33). One way to endure present troubles is to remember that our Heavenly Father delights in us, ‘the Lord disciplines those He loves’ (Heb. 12:6), our troubles are a sign of His love.

    Our Heavenly Father is the perfect example for parenthood, ‘the Lord disciplines those who He loves’ (Prov. 3:20), our all-Loving, all-Merciful, all-Patient Father delights and disciplines His beloved children, He also ‘corrects each one He takes as His own’ (Heb.12:6). Tough love transformed the Prodigal Son’s life, the Father allowed His Son to learn the hard way, the Father had to let him go to teach him a tough lesson, however He was waiting for his return with open loving arms. Tough love towards our children is not punishing them but teaching them and trusting the Lord, committing our children into His hands.

    Abraham adored his miracle child Isaac would have done anything for him, but even he had to totally commit his son to the Lord by putting him on the altar, we too must let go and put our children on God’s altar giving Him full control. God does what is best for us, and as difficult tough love can be, we are doing the best for our children. Disciplining and correcting them at the time is not pleasant for the child, even less pleasant for the parents, however it’s for the best.

    Bless you and be encouraged: “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivers him out of them all” (Psalm 34:19).

  6. I have a granddaughter named Amber! After my husband died Feb.17,2011. I brought Amber into my home . She was doing good going to school. Then she started missing classes. It’s been a struggle she was in a foster home. That’s why I wanted to help get her education, give her a stable life. I so believe God has a big part of her life, she just won’t agree. Now she is in jail due to a false accusation. I keep on telling her Trust Jesus. I’m A grandmother who loves her dearly, just want her to give her life to Jesus. Please pray for her and her sister and mother. They are going through a rough time. I know Im not the healer it’s our God..I just turned 65 . I would like to enjoy the rest of my life with my Amber. Knowing she has found Jesus. It took me time to realize how great our God is. I was not understanding why he took my wonderful husband if 43yrs. The. I started trusting in him and letting him be my protector. I have better days than I did. So I know God can heal all the hurts. So if you will please send my Amber,Alexis @ their Mom Kris to our precious Jesus. Amen ! Sincerely, Lynda Collier

  7. 1 year ago
    joyce fuller-means says

    Your articles are so encouraging. Especially the one for today. I have a daughter & our relationship is “broken”. Please put us on your prayer list.

  8. 1 year ago
    Rose Ortiz says

    I am now thankful that I have shared my heartache and struggles with women of faith and have seen not that I was judged, but I have had more prayer and support then ever imagined.

  9. 1 year ago
    Michele says

    Thanks for reminding me about putting away the negativity. I can relate to tough love.
    Best wishes,

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    adrienne kellar says


  11. 1 year ago
    Sandra B Brown says

    God Bless you my sister. It is never too late for God to do something in your life. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t recognize what God has done in my life. He is my rock of Gibralter, my sword, my shield and I depend on Him each and every day. No matter what problems may come my way, no matter how large or how small, I take it to God. Always rely on Him for everything and trust in Him. Remember this: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path.” Proverbs 3:5-6. Be Blessed and have a great day. Love you in the name of Jesus the Christ. Sandy Brown

  12. 1 year ago
    Kathy says

    This article really speaks to my heart and my life! About the same time as this daughter, OUR daughter was on drugs, specifically meth! We felt the horror, fear, anger, guilt, and total helplessness that I’m sure Trudy F. did. We tried turning to the church we attended at the time with no help or even comfort from the pastors. We finally turned to the state and were prepared to turn our daughter over as a ward of the state, if needed, so that she could get the help she needed to fight her addiction. Then, God sent some angels into our lives. One was the social worker who found some way to get help to pay for residential treatment for our daughter without having to make her a ward of the state. The next angel, and one who truly MUST be an angel, was the therapist who became the one who saved us all! She taught us tough love, communication that saved our family relationship AND our marriage. Somehow her words got through to our daughter who started taking in all that this angel could give! Our daughter beat meth!….something that very few are able to do!! She returned to high school and graduated with her class. Today, she too, is a 29 year old productive member of society!! She is engaged to be married to a wonderful man who knows ALL of her past and loves her with his whole heart! She has taken college classes along the way and today has a focus, taking the courses that will land her a great degree! I thank God every day for all the angels he sends to us, whether we realize it or not, but especially for that angel named Judy that helped us become a family again by standing firm against the enemy with our daughter! Thanks be to God!

  13. thank you thank you and thank GOD!!!!!

  14. 1 year ago
    Terry says

    How beautifully written. The mother-daughter relationship can be so tough. However, there is no greater joy than the blessings the daughter brings once she figures out her life.

  15. Thank you for sharing this, I needed this as I sit here praying for the salvation of my own son who is struggling with addiction, he is 24. I know God will bring us through this. I struggle with enabling him, I am getting stronger and that is my the grace of God. Tough love is very difficult for me I pray for the strength to do what need to be done to free him of this bondage. May God continue to guide you and your daughter.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I also am struggling with my 26 year old and his addiction. I know the words “Tough Love” but am having an very, very difficult time with act of this kind of love. I have been an enabler and at the age of almost 50 I know this is wrong. I have to get it in my head that what I need to do is going to benefit him in the end. My heart aches every waking moment. My eyes are swollen most of the time from crying morning, noon and night. I have gone back to school to become a Substance Abuse Counselor and am going into my 3rd semester. I am so glad to start my day reading this and knowing that others are able to get through this struggle before I truley have a nervous breakdown. God Bless.

  16. 1 year ago
    Linda Houck says

    Your testimony will be a blessing to all who read it. We all have our trials, I could not have gotten past mine, without God. I say, Amen and Thank You, to your comments. God is Good, ALL the time.

    • I couldn’t and WOULDN’T want to go ONE SECOND without Him… I know ( and it took a long time to get this through the noggin :) that I can DO anything with his hand on it and me. I can DO nothing without His hand on me and my life,