Leaning on God


July 24, 2013

LeaningonGodAbout 15 years ago, I was emotionally and spiritually drained and discouraged. I wanted to go to the Women of Faith seminar in Phoenix, but couldn’t afford the ticket. A ticket was donated in my behalf by a fellow church member. I was a single parent, my teenage daughter was rebellious and on drugs. I could not talk about her without crying. I was afraid of her and felt I had no power in my life. I was very active in my in my church, but felt things were just too much even for God’s help. I was on the very first row. The women lifted me up so much and encouraged me. I could not afford any of the books or other materials offered for sale, but then I remembered I had bought a book a couple of years before, the one about Put a Geranium in Your Hat, and Put Your Gloomies in a Great Big Box and Sit on It. I started reading those books and strength and encouragement started flowing in me again. I had also been given a Women of Faith mouse pad that I used at work. I knew those women (the speakers) didn’t personally know me, but just knowing every day that they were prayer warriors and praying for ME (even if only generally for women), was sometimes the only thing that got me through the day during my transition. I looked forward every day to seeing their faces looking back at me. Through the strength that God gave me, I learned to put boundaries on my daughter. I learned her actions were going to cause consequences for her, and were no longer my responsibility or reason to feel guilty. There was a lot of tough love. Today my daughter is twenty-nine, a beautiful young woman, inside and out, and a wonderful mother to three children. Often it is hard to not cry when I talk about her; this time, the tears are of gratitude and pride. Thank you for the work that is being done by Women of Faith. You may never know all the stories of the women who are touched. Thank you for listening to mine.
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