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October 24, 2013

“The Bible is a book like no other. While we can learn much through seminaries and scholarly commentaries, God wants to reveal Himself to us through Scripture as we read and study right in our own homes. Unlike other books you read, the Bible doesn’t only offer wisdom for everyday life or practical advice for sticky situations. Through the Holy Spirit, the Bible contains the power to transform you from the inside out as you read, study, and obey.”

—From “The Bible: A Book Like No Other” in God’s Living Word.

  What is your favorite kind of book to read? Most of us find great satisfaction in reading—whether by snuggling down with a great biography, savoring a collection of poetry, or enjoying a mind-bending mystery novel. But have you ever considered that what you’re going to read affects how you read it? Understanding the different genres or writing styles of the Bible prepares us to get more out of the Scripture every time we read. The Bible is literature. When we know something about the background, purpose, and writing style, we can learn to appreciate God’s message all that much more! Download an excerpt from God’s Living Word FREE when you sign up for one of our free newsletters. Already receiving our newsletters? You can access the free downloads just by filling out the form below. Godslivingword_coverYour free excerpt includes “The Bible: A Book Like No Other” and “The Law:  A Portrait of the Character and Heart of God.” Both sections include:
  • Study questions
  • Insightful quotes
  • “3 Things to Remember”
  • Suggestions for “Digging Deeper”
  • And a “Personal Challenge” to apply what you learn
  “I’m hopeful what you’ll discover will whet your appetite to dive deeper into the world’s most amazing book and learn to savor God’s Living Word like never before. My prayer is that through this study the Scripture will come alive in your heart in such a way you can’t help but become just a little bit more like Jesus.” —Margaret Feinberg (Author of God’s Living Word)   Sign up for one of our free newsletters and begin to savor God’s Living Word FREE.
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October 24, 2013 3,801 views Women of Faith