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Imagine trying to stay balanced on top of a ball. How long could you last? A few seconds? A few minutes? Perhaps longer?

This study will look at themes from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and the idea that there really is a season for everything. A lot of women want more balance in their life, but balance is hard to maintain. Instead of trying to stay perfectly balanced all the time (an impossible act!), the Bible challenges us to pay attention to the season of life we’re in and recognize the beautiful rhythms of life.

“C’mon girlfriends, the world is full of toe-tapping music placed there by the Creator. Yes, let’s pat our hands and even kick up our heels to celebrate the rising of the sun and the setting of the same. Solomon, the writer of Ecclesiastes, puts it this way: “To everything there is a season” (3:1). And in this study we will examine verses for mind-counsel and emotional encouragement. So once you’ve finished twirling about, settle in—with perhaps a glass of iced sweet tea, or a cup of steamy hot cocoa, depending on your season—and let’s listen for the rhythms that keep us in bloom.”

—Patsy Clairmont, from the foreward to A Time for Everything.

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ATimeForEverythingYour free excerpt includes the first two chapters of A Time for Everything, “Spring and Summer, Winter and Fall” and “A Time for New Beginnings: Called to Something Fresh” Both sections include:

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“My hope and prayer is that through this study you’ll not only recognize the wondrous season God has you in right now but that you’ll embrace it as a gift and, in the process, become more Christlike each and every day.”

—Margaret Feinberg (Author of A Time for Everything)

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  1. 8 months ago
    Linda mitchell says

    Need help can’t find the pink button to download

    • Once you fill out and submit the form you will see the download button in the same area where the form was.

  2. how do I buy the bible study?

  3. I just want to say Thank you. This email was sent to me a few days ago, but I wasn’t in my right mind to read it. Today was the perfect day. And, i’m glad I did. I have been feeling this pulling on my heart but it’s confusing because I don’t know what direction God wants me to walk into. I’m in a situation with my companion, and my job. I know the best thing t do is seek God for guidance. I did. Now I’m just waiting for my prayers to be answered. Thank you for sending thi encouraging word….

  4. Thanks god for all the blessings he send from 2008 went I was in a comer God’s is a good God

  5. I was up tonight feeling anxious and praying for some peace just speaking to God to keep my focus in the midst of my storm, when suddenly I saw a commercial about Women of Faith. I never recall ever seeing this commercial before tonight, and I know it was God leading me to this site. I just want to Praise his Holy Name for leading me here! Praise the LORD! He always knows just what I need. I look forward to sharing my life with all who come to this site and sharing their lives as well. Blessings and Love to you ALL!

  6. God speaks to us in many ways if we only listen. As I am going through a time of change or a change from one season to the next as described, these were the words that I needed today. It brought contentment to my soul. Many thanks to you for being the messenger! May God richly bless and keep you.

  7. I too thank you for this website. I wanted to start a study group in my new home church and wasn’t sure on what exactly to study first. This one about life’s balance looks like a good starting point for us, and to help with my case that our church needs a woman’s study group. Thank you and God Bless! :)

  8. 9 months ago
    Kande Merriman says

    I’m so excited to find this website !! I’m doing a bible study now but then just try to keep in prayer and listen . This will help me to be with other women and to learn more about Jesus and his journeys. I feel so blessed to have found this I give Thanks to Jesus for leading me here.

  9. Where are the free downloads advertised? This is my second time asking. The first time, after I pushed the summit button.it read. “This is the second time you have commented this comment.” Not those exact words though. So, I’m hoping this time it will go thru and someone will answer or get back to me as I’m very excited about some of the topics. I can’t find a download icon. It asks me to register and I’ve done that twice. PLEASE HELP???

    • Hi Michele,

      Right after you fill out the form. In the same place where the form was will be the pink download button. It will say “Thank You!We will add you to the selected newsletters within the next week.
      [Download A Time for Everything Excerpt HERE](in a pink button)…”

      Also, If you’ve already checked to subscribe to one of our list. You don’t need to check the box again. We will remove any duplicate entries if necessary.

      Please let us know if there is anything else we can do.

  10. 9 months ago