2 THESSALONIANS: A Timely Message for Today


December 30, 2013

2ThessaloniansWhen the apostle Paul wrote his second letter to the church at Thessalonica, it was to encourage them to persevere through the storms of life.  He knew suffering brings maturity to one’s faith, and he carefully instructs them how to walk through difficulties and challenges that always come.  And, as if that is not promising enough, he focuses them and us on that long-awaited day, which gets closer by the minute, of the glorious return of the Savior.  Written so many centuries ago, it’s a timely message for us for today:  Stay ready; Christ is coming. From Women of Faith Devotional Bible.  Copyright © 2003 (Thomas Nelson, Inc.)  Used by permission.
December 30, 2013 117 views Women of Faith