Admiring God’s Creation


December 20, 2013

GodsCreationYou are the only Lord. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, with all the stars. . . . The heavenly army worships you. —Nehemiah 9:6 ncv A few years ago, around Thanksgiving, some of the kids and I were coming home from their show-choir rehearsal. As we drove, we oohed and aahed about how clear the sky was and how many stars we could see. When we got home, one of the kids, Jennifer, stayed outside with me to enjoy the beautiful starlit evening. We turned off all the outside lights and stood in the driveway a long time, looking up. Just looking and talking. We talked about God and how amazing it is that he created all this. Then, for some reason, Jenn asked, “Mom, which way is north?” I pointed in the direction I thought it was. As we both turned in that direction, we saw the most beautiful falling star. It was so big and clear. In the past when I’ve seen falling stars, I’ve caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye, making me wonder if I’d really seen it. But not that falling star. We watched it fall for a good three seconds. We couldn’t believe it. It was so stunning we both whooped and shrieked, prompting our dogs to start barking hysterically, probably thinking we were being attacked by an ax murderer. We laughed and hugged and cried, all at the same time. Then we ran inside in case the neighbors came out to see what all the commotion was. What a beautiful moment with my beautiful daughter . . . and our wonderful God. It was almost like he knew we had been admiring and appreciating his creation all evening. Isn’t it just like God that he would seem to say, “Thanks for noticing. How about a falling star to top off the evening?” Excerpt from Daily Gifts of Grace © 2012 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission.
December 20, 2013 102 views Women of Faith