Praying Circles Around Your Children


December 3, 2013

Prayer is your secret weapon. Pastor Mark Batterson shares a perfect blend of biblical yet practical advice that will revolutionize your prayer life by giving you a new vocabulary and a new methodology. Through stories of parents just like you, Mark shares five prayer circles that will not only help you pray for your kids, but also pray through your kids. He teaches about how to create prayer lists unique to your family, claim God-inspired promises for your children, turn your family circle into a prayer circle, and discover your child’s life themes. And he not only tells you how, he illustrates why. As Mark says, ‘I realize that not everyone inherited a prayer legacy like I did, but you can leave a legacy for generations to come. Your prayers have the power to shape the destiny of your children and your children’s children. It’s time to start circling.’ Connection Members: Praying Circles Around Your Children is this month’s download. Connection Members enjoy a new book download every month as part of their membership benefits. If you’re not a member yet it’s easy to join! See the full list of benefits and sign up. Click here to download now.

About the Author

Mark Batterson serves as the lead pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D. C. Recognized as “one of America’s 25 most innovative churches,” NCC is one church with seven locations. Mark’s blog and webcast also reach a virtual congregation around the world. Mark is the author of several bestselling books, including New York Times Bestseller The Circle Maker and In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. Mark holds a doctorate degree from Regent University and lives on Capitol Hill with this wife, Lora, and their three children.

Also by Mark Batterson: The Circle Maker

Would knowing that your prayers will be answered change the way you pray? In The Circle Maker, Pastor Mark Batterson shares powerful insights from the true legend of Honi the Circle Maker, a believer who prayed miracles would happen to the people of God—and then they fell from the heavens like rain. Honi and Mark Batterson will help you bring your God-given dreams into being through bold, tenacious prayers that honor God and make the impossible come true.     Your 20% Store Savings This Month Your code to use in December is: SAVIOR13 As part of your membership benefits, you receive 20% off purchases in our online store.  A perfect time to shop for everyone on your list this holiday season and save!  Shop at

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