This Defining Moment


January 17, 2014

MarthasProblemIf you could orchestrate the ideal last day of your life, what would it look like? Suppose that the lights on your life would go down by the end of tomorrow. How would you spend the remaining hours? Would you spend your time with family and loved ones? Would you spend it praying? Would you visit an aging parent? Would you hold your grandbabies? Perhaps you would throw a party, serve delicious food, dance, and celebrate with your family and friends. Would you say words you’ve been needing to say for a long time? Words like these: I love you. I’m so sorry. Will you forgive me? I’m asking you not to wait for that one defining moment that causes you to examine your life or your faith. Don’t wait for the near miss to ask the Holy Spirit to shine His light on your heart. Instead, think about what if this moment was your defining moment? In this moment, I’m challenging you to ask and allow God to examine your life and to show you how He wants you to draw near to Him. But don’t get it wrong here. God doesn’t use guilt to shame or to humble you. By His Holy Spirit, He draws you to Himself. With conviction and truth, He leads you to recognize it’s time for change. And with His help, change is just a prayer away. Begin by asking yourself very real, very pertinent questions:
  • Do I really love God as I say I do?
  • Do I really believe God’s word?
  • Am I putting God’s plan for my life into practice?
  • Where do my priorities lie?
  • Am I obsessed with my accomplishments?
  • Do I care more about impressing people than pleasing God?
  • Am I painting God in big, bold colors for all the world to see?
Take the time to digest these questions and answer with an honest spirit. What is God revealing to you? Where do you feel His presence urging you to draw close to Him? As you wrestle with these questions and open yourself up to where God is leading, prepare your mind. Decide that you will be honest and transparent with God, giving Him permission to do His work in you. Then prepare your heart. Be honest with yourself by submitting yourself to God and receive the fresh start He offers you. If your response is, “Lord, I’m not sure how to do this, but I’m ready to make the first step toward becoming the person You want me to be,” that’s the perfect starting place. If you’re ready to shore up your faith in Christ, boost your confidence in His word, strengthen your resolve, embolden your witness, raise your hopes, and increase your desire to paint God in big, bold colors, then embrace this defining moment. This I know for sure: there’s no better time than the present to begin.
Babbie MasonBabbie Mason is a Dove Award-winning, Grammy-nominated, American gospel singer and songwriter; a tireless women’s conference speaker (often with Women of Faith!); a worship leader; adjunct professor of songwriting at Lee University; television talk-show host of Babbie’s House, and a published author. Her latest book, This I Know for Sure, is based on 2 Timothy 1:12. A companion Bible study is also available which includes a DVD Study plus leader’s guide, participant guide, and pocket preview book. Visit her online at Excerpted from This I Know for Sure ©2013 (Abingdon Press). Used with permission. All rights reserved.
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