Here’s Your Sign

SignHalfway through the conference I was still wondering why I went.  During a break I turned to a friend and asked how she was enjoying the program so far.  She confided in me about her struggles in her marriage two years ago and how she never would have imagined her marriage would be healed and that God would be using them to impact other couples.  It reminded me of my struggles and the dream I had to leave behind to serve my family.  I couldn’t keep the facade up any more and, in tears, I poured out my heart.

As the break came to a close I looked up and saw the section number above my head was 225.  I pointed out to Natalie that the number was my birth date and said that it somehow seemed significant but I didn’t know how.

Third Day sang, “Miracle” and I broke again, bringing me hope that God could still work in my marriage and family AND develop that dream.  Lisa Harper shared her story about the emotion of leaving her precious child behind in Haiti.  Before we could adopt our baby a similar thing happened and I could so relate!  My thoughts turned to my family; how much I love them, confirming that I made the right decision to table my dream right now to serve them.

But it wasn’t until Holly Wager said, “you were born at this moment in time for this purpose” that it hit me.   I sat there thinking OMG, I’m sitting underneath my birth date being reminded that I was born for this purpose.  Then I remembered that last week I had asked God for a sign, some small indication that He would heal my problems and that He was still bringing my dream to fruition.

It all came together: God had created me in this time for this purpose, He is going to heal my family issues and marriage problems and  . . .  and a new vision came and God showed me that the dream was immensely larger than I could even imagine.  After the conference I told Natalie what 225 meant.  Her response, “OMG, that’s exactly what I thought too!”  So now I knew I wasn’t crazy or making it up God; confirmed it through Natalie also!

Back at the hotel, I was shared with the group what had happened to me.  The overwhelming response was amazing!  I think nearly every one of those 100 ladies hugged me and shared their struggles too.  Some even told me how my courage to share my story impacted them, and it was yet another confirmation from the LORD that my dream is alive and growing.

I would not have received that confirmation without this amazing experience.  Thank you WOF!  I’ll be back for more!

Joanne Cuchel lives in Florida.


  1. I recently went to see wynona Judd and she told us that she was a woman of God and why I think she would be a wonderful speaker for WOF. I was impresses that she used her concert to let people know how God affected her and her family.

  2. Joanne–Your story about your trip to the conference really ministered to me. Almost like confirmation, for God has called me to move to Florida and that ministry will open up some time after I get there, The hard part is that I have to leave my three grown children, my grandchildren, and one great grandchild. It is so hard, I will do it for Jesus, please pray that God will give me peace, and deliver me from moments of anger. God forgive me! Thankyou for your testimony.


  3. 7 months ago
    Nancy says

    I appreciate your sharing your light bulb moment but the “OMG” turned me off to whatever you were trying to get across.

  4. 7 months ago
    Ruth Fritz says

    Thank you for this timely devotion. I will ask God for a sign as well as I move forward and do His will. I REALLY needed to hear thus today. Praise God

  5. 7 months ago
    Jan says

    Truly an amazing story. God is great!

  6. This is just what I needed to hear! Not only because today I share those same struggles but also because I was debating going to the conference, I need to be there! Thanks!