More Than a Performance

BestConferenceMy first conference was [last year] in Columbus, Ohio. I had heard of Women of Faith, but really never had the ability to attend.  Now, in looking back on my weekend I can tell you it exceeded my expectations way more than I ever could have imagined!

I was completely blown away by the speakers, particularly their testimonies. As they each gave their Bible studies, it helped me to realize that they are just ordinary people, just like us!  Not a big Hollywood celebrity . . . not untouchable . . . but REAL! And honestly just trying to learn more about the Lord and walk accordingly, just like us! It made me WANT to be up there giving my testimony doing the same thing they are doing . . . and making an impact on someone else’s life!

The music: CeCe Winans & Third Day was unbelievably awesome. The most extraordinary, though, was the Gateway worship team who gave an incredible performance every time they sang (which was a lot). I sing on a worship team with my church and their performances helped me to realize how much better a worship team is when you PRAISE AND SING. It’s not a PERFORMANCE—it’s PRAISING the Lord and inspiring others to do just that. I was inspired, uplifted, encouraged, and challenged to get busy for God and make a difference in this world . . . NOW!

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  1. Carla ~
    I felt the same way. My first event was this past October 2013 in St. Paul, MN. A friend of mine had invited me to come. I had never heard of WOF before but she made it sound like a lot of fun so I decided to go. It is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made in my life. Attending that event I felt touched and changed my life for evermore! I am going again this year and I’m trying to get mom and some of friends to come as well. Thank you for sharing your experience! May God bless and keep you! Laura

    • 7 months ago
      Marcia Pauley says

      Dear Carla,
      I feel exactly the same way!! I can’t stand it when I miss a WOF event!! This year with everybody
      together…what a blessing from GOD!! I am already watching email for the posting of the schedule!
      GOD’S blessings to all, Marcia Pauley