Standing in the Gap


January 10, 2014

StandingintheGapAnd Moses cried unto the LORD, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee. —Numbers 12:13

Family is a very complex unit of personalities. They can bring us overwhelming joy or pain and disappointment. Disagreements aren’t unusual between family members, and can lead to damaging grudges. These situations can handicap the ability of the family to function in love and harmony because no one is willing to bury the hatchet.

Moses’ siblings, Aaron and Miriam, spoke against Moses and his leadership because he married an Ethiopian woman, Zipporah. God did not take this lightly! Moses, Aaron, and Miriam got called into a meeting. In this meeting, God spoke for Moses because he was an upright man. As a punishment, Miriam was struck with leprosy; that could have been the end of her story.

Even though Moses was in the right, he chose to stand in the gap and plead to the Lord for his sister. Because of his love for her, he was willing to forgive her sin against him and his wife. God heard Moses’ prayer and Miriam was cleansed. Moses’ act of love is a testament of his character and gives us insight into his close relationship with God.

Practical Application

If you choose to be an active part of your family, you may face many moments similar to the one Moses faced. When family hurts you, you will come to a crossroad; will you choose to hold on to the anger; or will you react as Moses did?

You are a strong woman and God is working in your life. He will stand by you as you choose to walk in love and forgive the offenses of your family. It’s not easy; but as you ask God’s help in this, he will give you the strength you need. Release the family members who have hurt and offended you. Pray for them and watch as God continues to show you His favor.


Father, I come before you with a wounded heart. Please fill my heart with love and forgiveness toward those who have hurt me. I pray for mercy; and I stand in the gap, asking that you will touch their lives as you reveal yourself to them.

From Sisters in Faith Devotional Bible, Arise/Family by Joann Rosario Condrey. © 2013 (Thomas Nelson) Used by permission.  

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