JAMES: Practical and Convicting

JamesBe careful when reading the Book of James.  He will step right on your toes if you don’t watch out.  James gives the Christian believer highly practical advice about how to live, and it can be greatly convicting.

His message is clear.  Be honest.  If you are following Christ and letting Him conform you to His image, your life will increasingly reflect His character.  If your life is not changing to be more like Him, something’s wrong.  Don’t say one thing and do another.  That’s a high calling, but God in His grace, by His Spirit, makes us more and more like we were created to be all the time.

From Women of Faith Devotional Bible.  Copyright © 2003 (Thomas Nelson, Inc.)  Used by permission.


  1. 6 months ago
    Ola Cooney says

    Thanks for the article. It was something I needed. I was feeling sorry for myself that I am living on my own without my late husband and immediate family. I now know that as long as I have Christ I am where I need to be and not alone. Life happens and God has me here for a reason. Thanks for reminding me that I am forgiven, accepted and blessed!

  2. 6 months ago
    Tommy JoAnn Bowers says

    I am a new member and I am so excited to read and share with my friends the things God is doing
    for other ladies.
    I used to see Roma on Pat Robertson’s program and then I enjoyed her on the ” Angel” show, miss seeing her on T.V.
    We need more godly programs and get rid of the garbage that is being shown now. It is death to our young people if the parents don’t check what they watch.
    Tommy JoAnn

  3. 6 months ago
    Mary Kamau says

    Thank you so much for such great wisdom. I needed to hear that today!

  4. I love to read stories of others facing the challenges of this life. Our time here is a blink of an eye. Then there is forever for whose who follow him. I have cancer. My time left here is about loving all that I can while I am still here. Love one another as you love yourself and always be thankful for the time here. We do not know the time or the hour. Let God: Protect us in all that we think, say and feel. You will then be truly blessed by his grace.

  5. 7 months ago
    pam konigsberg says

    this is the kind of person I want to be

  6. 7 months ago
    Carolyn Hancock says

    Thank you so much for each day with devotional…..It helps me start my day with praise to God.

  7. I so needed to hear that today. I am in my late 60′s and encouraging stories are so important.

  8. What a beautiful eye opener for so many! Thank you!

  9. 7 months ago
    Susy says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing! I needed to hear this!! The bracelet example hit it home! God Bless and thank you again!!