He Likes Me!

HeLikesMeI have inscribed you on the palms of My hands. —Isaiah 49:16

My concept of Jesus used to be so big that it lacked the personal. Instead of focusing on a close connection with him, I had worked long and hard on those relationships I could manipulate through my “Look at me, aren’t I great!” mentality.

That is why bulimia had seemed like such a good option for me for so long—I believed it kept me thin, and I thought people accepted me more readily when I looked a certain way.

I cannot begin to explain how freeing it was when I embraced Christ as my real Friend. For so long He was simply a gigantic idea to me. Although I believed them to be true, the unfathomable images of Savior, Redeemer, and the ultimate Sacrifice for mankind made God so big in my mind that what I knew of him didn’t translate to what was going on in my everyday life.

I had always been told of God’s great love, and somewhere inside I believed it. But what completely melted my heart, what completely liberated me from choking insecurity, wasn’t just the truth that Jesus loved me but that Jesus liked me. Exactly as I was. I didn’t have to pretend; I didn’t have to be a certain size or wear the right jeans. I could have a bad-hair day, and He would still like me.

It wasn’t just my obedience and righteousness He was interested in. He was interested in me. He autographed me on His hand, not because I was born into a great family or because of any of my successes or my attempts at being “cool” or even because He loves me, but because He likes me just as I am.

Natalie GrantAward-winning vocalist Natalie Grant recently celebrated two Grammy nominations for “Hurricane,” the chart-topping title track from her extraordinary new album by the same name. Natalie will join Women of Faith at a number of events on the 2014 From Survival to Revival tour. Find an event near you.

Excerpt from Daily Gifts of Grace. © 2012 (Thomas Nelson) Used by permission.


  1. Hi!! Natalie…how did you come to know he liked you?
    what was the path he showed you to come to that?

  2. 7 months ago
    Sojourning With Jews says

    Natalie, I love and can relate to everything you wrote. It is freeing to finally accept that we are acceptable to him, after all, he made us. When we relax, and stop worrying about measuring up, the right jeans, the right size, the right home, decore, etc. we can just take a breath. I’ve also noticed it’s then easier to accept others too.

    The scripture you quote highlights this most profoundly because it’s literally speaking of his forever love of Israel, and how He inscribed them on His hands. In spite of their failings–to the point they (and others) think He’s forgotten and abandoned them (verse 14)– instead He says He would never, and could never do such a thing.

    Thank God He is merciful and faithful…