significanceSignificance. Each of us is searching for it. The woman I met who was devastated after being passed over for a promotion (again)—she’s looking for it. Monica, the waitress at Planet Hollywood bemoaning her broken heart over her barely there boyfriend, is looking for it. The homemaker I was talking to recently is looking for it—the feeling of significance that’s often swept away underneath the pile of details and demands from her full life. Deep down we’re all looking for it. We all want to matter. As believers in the Lord Jesus, we each want to know that God has called us to make some kind of difference, something that gives us a level of value and significance in the big picture.

And wouldn’t you know it, the interrupted life is the cure for the search.

I’m serious. When God speaks, when He intervenes, when He permits a circumstance to rise up around you, it is your opportunity to write a story that people may still be talking about many years from now. Like those holy heroes of old from Scripture, your story of divine intervention—the one that brought you to your knees in frustration—could be the very thing that lifts others’ eyebrows in wonder and amazement at your strength and tenacity, the one that causes them to see the sparkle of substance, significance, and impact in your life. This could be the part of your story that encourages another to make their own decision to follow hard after God, perhaps rewriting the lines for their whole family, replacing a legacy of rebellion with a future of trusting faithfulness.

So just go with it. Follow Him—impossible as it may seem. Let Him take you places, even to places you honestly don’t feel all that great about seeing firsthand. You may not grasp what He’s got in mind for this, but if you’ll follow where He’s leading, you will walk yourself right out onto the stage He has set for you. You will locate a significance bigger than you are because it’s not based on your own smarts and planning and goal strategies but plans—plans that are “higher than your ways” (Isaiah 55:9), beyond anything you could “ask or think” or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).

Oh, I know it can be extremely challenging sometimes. Gut-wrenching and intense. Perhaps you’ve never faced anything this daunting before, a situation that asks so much of you or hurts in such deep places. But with the Red Sea in front of you and Pharaoh’s armies barreling down close behind, you get to find out what the Lord can really do. He’s put you in a tough spot so you’ll get to see just how incredibly strong and sufficient your God is.

And others will see it too.

Your life is God’s story being told and His character being displayed. So how does it read? What does it tell others about the God you serve? Will you dare to believe there’s a message in this mess? It’s quite possibly the best story some people will ever read.

Used by permission.   Excerpts taken from Life Interrupted by Priscilla Shirer. ©2011 B&H Publishing Group. Learn more about Priscilla here.


  1. “With the Red Sea in front of you and Pharaoh’s armies barreling down close behind, you get to find out what the Lord can really do. He’s put you in a tough spot so you’ll get to see just how incredibly strong and sufficient your God is.” So very true! I’ve seen God lead me out of my emotional hiding places and gently love me into giving myself permission to go after my own God-given dreams and Life Coach other Christian women to go boldly after theirs as well. God gets glory when we trust Him to faithfully lead us into living a greater story…. and the best news is VICTORY IS GUARANTEED because God can’t fail or lie!!! Awesome post!

  2. 7 months ago
    Janet Gaston says

    Loved this post!
    Congratulations to Mollie on publishing your book, Tears To Joy.

    I have been battling cancer for almost eight years now and also wrote a book, “Facing Fate with Faith”. a Bible Devotion for those affected by Cancer – reminds us we are not alone in our difficult journeys. That God is always with us. (self-published through West Bow Press).
    May you be blessed as you follow Him. He certainly turns our messes into masterpieces!

    • Thank You Janet, and yes God certainly turns our heartaches or trials into master pieces. I am sorry you are battling cancer too. I have anal cancer just found out and have to have it removed on the 19th of this month. I pray that God will keep your faith strong and you keep on fighting the good fight. You are in great hands Janet as well as me! God Bless

  3. 7 months ago
    Mollie Patterson says

    I am a thirty six year old Christian woman who has been through a lot. I recently had my first book published called Tears To Joy on January 20, 2014. My book is about how God took my heartache, and, diseasesfrom tears to joy. I have been a Christian since I was 19 but didn’t know what my calling was. I believe now that it was writing this wonderful novel about abuse, heartache,disease, and miracles that Jesus has done for me.I found out before my 21st birthday that I had two weeks to live from having full blown aids.I have now been alive over fifteen years. I have been on and off aids medicines mostly without. I have seen the miracles of Jesus Christ. I pray that my novel touches, and helps as many lives as it can. Hopefully it will help others realize that Anything Is Possible With God!

  4. 7 months ago
    Heidi says

    Jackie, you are not in the wrong! Pastors are required, biblically, to be above reproach and humbly respond to concerns. Whether your concerns are valid or invalid, they should still be addressed and receive counsel. We all sin and fall short of the glory of God – this includes your Pastor and your husband. If your pastor continues to ignore your concerns try reaching out to another church’s Pastor for guidance and counsel. See this website for additional, biblical support:
    God bless!

    • 7 months ago
      Jackie Brockett says

      Thanks Heidi for the support. I’m not sure where this is going. But I greatly appreciate someone standing behind me. My Pastor is very well known in the community and if I go to another Pastor to discuss this it will look like gossip or bad mouthing from my part. I’m still praying….it’s been over a year….. God will in His mercy find me

      • 6 months ago
        Debbie Bizzell says

        Perhaps, Jackie, your first priority should be to seek God with your whole heart, mind and strength. Psalms 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. Another verse that might help you in seeking counsel, Proverbs 3:5,6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.

  5. 7 months ago
    Shirley Cox says

    I can sooooooooooooooo relate to this and I believe I am just entering my “Promise Land”. Thank you.

  6. 7 months ago
    Jackie Brockett says

    I am so Blessed that even in my rebellion God sees fit to speak to me. I have been struggling for over a year with rejection and offense from my Pastor and his wife. I feel I have been overlooked and forgotten. When I try to talk with my husband about this he tells me I am rebellious and in sin and that I need to let it go. My argument is that when we have aught against someone we need to go to them and talk with them and ask forgiveness. My husband has forbidden me to do that.
    So what can I do? I pray every day morning and night for relief from this anguish in my heart and soul. I just want the Peace of God again. How do I walk through this?

  7. Thanks Priscilla for such a great message today! I am at the beginning of a blog series where I am encouraging women to share their stories of stepping out in faith and follow hard after God in order to encourage other women. Your post hits the reason why so clearly! Thank you!
    Also, I am in the middle of Faithful, Abundant and True…It has been AMAZING! Thank you!