In Spite Of It All


February 12, 2014

InSpiteofitAllI’m a registered nurse in a small community hospital. I call myself a “late bloomer,” being brought to my career a little later in life than many others. Up to a couple of years ago, you couldn’t have found anyone who was more in love with what they were doing, or where they were working. I felt profoundly used by God to impact lives. But changes in management and changes in computer systems and governmental and regulatory agencies are taking me farther and farther away from my first love: the patients I’m supposed to care for. Morale has plummeted in the workplace, and I was swept along with it. Often I found myself right there, complaining with everyone else. At my lowest point, I questioned whether I still believed in what I was doing. My greatest blessing came through my husband, who has his own workplace difficulties in a public school. He reminded me that the Lord is quite capable of taking any circumstances and bringing about the good for His glory. He advised me to pray, asking God who sees all and knows all to show me if I was still accomplishing His work. And He answered me abundantly. I cared for a well-loved Christian woman who had a flood of visitors, many who pointed me out specifically, saying, “We know her. She’s a good nurse, and you are in good hands.” Then another patient said, “Oh, good! I was hoping you’d be here. You are my favorite. You took such good care of me last time.” Then the Spirit prompted me to encourage other co-workers in the same way, reminding them that, although the system is terribly broken, they need to constantly look for the ways they are positively impacting people. Even those who work behind the scenes, because without them, the hospital couldn’t operate. Each patient has family and friends, and the benefits multiply exponentially. Loaves and fishes! This applies no matter what you do, or where you work. Give the little you have, with a willing heart, for the glory of God, and it will be enough. NOTE: Connie first submitted her story some time ago, so we contacted her recently to see how things were going. Here’s her response: I would not say morale has really improved, but God has such a great way of using the negative to bring about the positive. As a result of what’s happening, I’ve seen my own attitude brought to light, have begun to talk about it openly and how I feel I am “toxic” sometimes, and have begun to ask my trusted co-workers to help hold me accountable if I get too close to the edge. That, in turn, has led to a greater awareness of how many believers I actually work with. We are holding each other up in prayer, and I consider the people I work with as my “mission field” like never before. Whether we know it or not, we are all witnessing to the unbelievers among us, and it is my fervent prayer and belief that the Lord is going to use this to pull them in as well.
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