Adding God to Your Everyday Routine

AddingGodI bless God every chance I get; my lungs expand with His praise.  —Psalm 34:1 MSG

We know all about everyday things.  We have everyday clothes – our “grungies” we wear when we clean house, join the kids in the sandbox, and mow the lawn.  We have everyday shoes – well worn, and comfy.  We have everyday hairstyles – wash and wear, out of the way, no fuss – no muss.  We have everyday dishes – dishwasher safe and durable, where only a few are chipped.

Everyday stuff is the stuff we use all the time.  Everyday stuff is ordinary, normal, run-of-the-mill, basic, average, typical, commonplace, and routine.  Most of the time, we think that everyday things are really kind of dull – humdrum, mundane, even boring.

But when we’re getting ready to go out, or when we’re having company, that’s when we get out the good stuff.  We take out the dry-clean-only dresses, spend time in front of a mirror on our hair, slip into a pair of leather pumps, and lay out the fine china.  When we know other people will be seeing us, we want to put on our best face.  And that’s what we should be giving God – our best.  Are we giving God our best?

Giving glory to God is not a “special occasion.”  You don’t have to get into your Sunday best, drive to the nearest sanctuary, and be led by a worship team in order to praise God.  Giving God glory comes in all ways, shapes, and forms, and it’s something that happens every day.  God wants to be a part of your normal, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, everyday routine.

Excerpt from A Life of Worship. ©2004 Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


  1. I love talking with God daily,and listening for His words to me.Praise Him that I can do that.

  2. 5 months ago
    sheila says

    I had made a commitment for Lent, both to give something up and to make my focus centered on God’s word, Each morning, instead of grabbing a cup of coffee and heading off to the land of Facebook, I have started my day with first my devotional from The Upper Room, a publication that I grew up with as a child, and felt comfortable. (even though I have not used it for decades on a regular basis) I read the selected scriptures. Then I moved on to Anne Graham Lutz daily devotional and Bible readings of the day from Bible Gateway.
    While searching the passages onlineone morning, about 2 weeks ago, I encountered a sidebar of Women of Faith. The title intrigued me and so I clicked on it.
    The very first thing that opened was a short video. Never would I have thought that would become the main focus of my being for this Lenten journey. I tune in daily to listen to this one short prayer and the words are my strength for the journey, joy for my sadness, peace in my chaos and support for my faith.
    I have made it a part of my past few days to watch one video per day here. Sheila Walsh has become a balm to my soul. I can so relate to her life’s story and her clear, concise way of telling how God has touched and invaded her life. It is my hope that I too, will one day be able to share my faith’s strongest moments.
    Although I intened this as Lenten journey, I now know that I have made a commitment to faith and this will be my pathway.
    Thank you for offering this wonderful ministry to all of us. I know that God guided my fingers to this link. And to God be the glory and my thanks!
    Sheila Miller

  3. 5 months ago
    K.C. says

    When my husband and I finally became parents after 17 years of marriage, we made a conscious decision to be more “every day” with God. More than just Bible-reading and daily devotionals, but also when we talk to each other and deal with the daily grind. Our daily conversation – even about the mundane – is peppered with, “The Bible says…” or “I felt God leading me…” (or, “Thank You, Jesus, for the great parking spot; you knew I was in a hurry!”) We now have two daughters, ages 11 and 9, and to them, God is as every day as the sun rising and setting. However, His Power and Majesty isn’t lost on them just because He is “everyday”. They have both shared Jesus with their classes in their public school.