Becoming a Woman of Faith

SignI was born into a nonreligious family; the name of Jesus was never mentioned in my home, neither was his Word. I didn’t know anything about Him and I didn’t attempt to. It wasn’t until moving away from Florida—away from drinking and bad influences, away from the devil’s tricks—that I was brought to church.

Long story short: I liked a boy. He went to church. Therefore I went to church. At first I was uncomfortable; I felt unwelcomed and I felt dumb. I didn’t know any stories of the Bible, I didn’t know any Christian songs, and I didn’t know who God was. I didn’t know how He suffered or how He overcame. I didn’t know that he made the ultimate sacrifice so I could come to know Him and His almighty love.

My first year attending Women of Faith was emotional for me and something in me changed . . . but I was still full of doubt. By the second year I had been going to church regularly and had fallen in love with worship. I was so blessed by Angie [Smith]: she talked about how she wasn’t raised with God either. She didn’t know about the Bible either. She wasn’t born a Christian either. She was my inspiration to find God and trust in Him. She made me realize you don’t have to be raised in a Christian home to know God.

That’s what was holding me back; I always thought that since I wasn’t born believing in God that I could never be as good of a Christian as those who were.

For me, it was one thing to hear about God as a skeptic but it’s nothing compared to knowing him as a TRUE woman of faith. Thank you Angie, thank you Women of Faith. My journey with the Lord is just beginning and I’m so thankful . . . thankful to every last person in my life that’s encouraged it.

I am blessed to know my redeemer lives. He is continuously good to me. I can’t wait for the many years of Women of Faith to come!


  1. I grew up in the church but all my adult life I have been in and out of the church. It good you found a church. I am finding it hard to find a church. Right now I read the bible and a devotional. I feel closer to God then I did when I have attended church.

  2. 4 months ago
    rebecca says

    Please pray for me! I have a problem I got remarried 09 and the man I married well let’s just say he’s kinda bitter toward my son is thirteen AB honor roll plays foot ball makes his bed every morning goes to church with out us his husband is harsh spoken toward him but when it comes to my husband mother he is so soft spoken mind you when we dated his mother was very mean.she controlled him and when we got married she refused to come to our wedding and I have been good and kind to her when we were catering I took care of her.she’s no longer like that because she saw my heart.but she still trays to control my husband.and my husband won’t do much around our home but he will work as hard as he can at his mothers.I have made appt for him and for my self to better my self.and the councler said she will try to work my son in please pray its a every day drama in our house my son can ever do anything write in my husbands eyes

  3. I had the same feeling when I went’t to Church. I felt like people could see right through me and they would automatically know I wasn’t a “Bible Thumper”. I also knew NOTHING about the Bible, only Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but I didn’t know about God or ANY stories, even communion! LOL, but Im continually going to Church and learning, Im a catepiillar getting my wings…:)

    Thanks for sharing and I LOVE Angie Smith as well, God has blessed her to reach out to people like us and to not give in to the lies of the enemy that were not good enough and we wont be accepted into a Church.

  4. 5 months ago
    Lisa says

    I truly enjoyed reading your post. Like you, I was not brought up going to church. I hunger to study the word and build a closer relationship with the Lord. I have started listening, studying and praying, finding that the investment is so beautiful, I have reflected on my childhood and come to understand that my parents, even though they didn’t attend church, they believed in God, had strong faith, and lived their lives as good Christians. They were always loving, always giving to others, and always faithful. It has taken me 47 years to realize the wealth of all the blessing I have received. Stay strong Sister and keep on believing!!!

  5. 5 months ago
    Janet Wallace says

    Praise God for His saving grace. I wasn’t raised by believing parents either and am so thankful for my believing visiting grandmother who introduced me to Jesus and prayed for me. it took until I was 30 to finally begin to know what walking with him meant and I was saved. I am so grateful for Bible believing churches and people and now I am the praying grandmother for my children and grandchildren. I praise Him too to know my mother believed before she left this earth.

  6. WOW! Peyton……………I’m so glad you came to know Him AND obviously are in His word! God’s blessings on your life with Him. <3

  7. I think many people have the misconception that if you’re not raised in a Christian home, then you need ‘to play catch-up’ or you’re ‘not quite good enough’. Sometimes those who have been brought up without church or knowing the Lord, are the ones who are hungrier and don’t become complacent or start taking the Lord for granted.You sound so passionate and enthusiastic.

  8. 5 months ago
    grace1798 says

    Please throw up a prayer for me. We’ve gone through great family betrayal and purposeful lies to take us down for no cause and no reason. No one can make sense of it, and since then, we’ve not lost our faith but we’ve lost faith in everyone except Christ. We basically go to work and avoid all people as far as church or any organizations with the exceptions of what we have to do. We trust no one any longer. It’s been 2002 and we are still this way. Our spirits have been tremendously wounded. And as bad and worse as the world has become, we’re less trusting of anyone anymore. We realize we are not alone and that many Christians who love Christ are being attacked without cause and without reason. We KNOW Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and IF they lie about you, they are imitating Satan in every way. Especially if you see no remorse for their attacks. You shall know them by their spiritual fruit .. Galatians 5 details the spiritual fruit and the carnal fruit. That’s the bottom line. We MUST also examine ourselves every day, EVERY DAY……as Paul suggested us do and line ourselves up with the WORD OF GOD……not compare and compete with others. But even if and when you (we) do that, we will still be persecuted in this fallen world. Expect it, every person who has lived for God and CHRIST from the beginning of time till now and in the future will be attacked and suffer for the Cause of Christ. But be of good cheer, Greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world. Pray for one another, be good to one another, that’s why really makes the difference. Blessings.

    • 5 months ago
      Mildred Johnson says

      Your post made me sad. I am going to pray for your family. I love that you know the Word. I pray that you live the Word. I just read an article on bitterness and I hope that all your family is free from it. Trusting after being hurt is sometimes difficult but if we close ourselves off to others we miss our oppurtunity to witness of God’s Amazing Grace. I am also reminded of the verse that says if you have anything against your brother leave the altar and make it right, then bing your gift. I pray that your family will Erupt in Glorious Praise to our All Sufficient Father …..Today!

  9. 5 months ago
    grace1798 says

    New to this room. I hope I can help bless others besides share hoping it might help others.

  10. 5 months ago
    Lucille Yuen says

    Peyton’s testimony of how full her relationship with God is today since she invited Christ into her life was a huge blessing to me. My family wasn’t Christian either, and it was the love of Christians that also drew me to Jesus. The Gospel is powerful but the love and goodness of God’s people is what persuades the hearing. We are the living proof of its efficacy and our purity is light in a place of much darkness.

  11. I always think that it is a great thing when someone wants to get to know the good Lord. I have personally experienced his love and blessings and favor In my life on a daily basis, Sometimes I forget how GOOD GOD is, I take for granted that I have good health, my eyesight and a job a roof over head and clean water to drink and bathe in, the list goes on and on I count the blessings God has given me. I am not perfect but I am working on dying to myself and picking up the Lords cross. I love the Lord and I don’t know what I would do without him.

  12. 5 months ago
    teresa mckay-horsey says

    wonderful testimony ! GOOD GOD!!!!!

  13. 5 months ago
    Sally Ann Price says

    This is a wonderful article.