Becoming a Woman of Faith


March 12, 2014

SignI was born into a nonreligious family; the name of Jesus was never mentioned in my home, neither was his Word. I didn’t know anything about Him and I didn’t attempt to. It wasn’t until moving away from Florida—away from drinking and bad influences, away from the devil’s tricks—that I was brought to church. Long story short: I liked a boy. He went to church. Therefore I went to church. At first I was uncomfortable; I felt unwelcomed and I felt dumb. I didn’t know any stories of the Bible, I didn’t know any Christian songs, and I didn’t know who God was. I didn’t know how He suffered or how He overcame. I didn’t know that he made the ultimate sacrifice so I could come to know Him and His almighty love. My first year attending Women of Faith was emotional for me and something in me changed . . . but I was still full of doubt. By the second year I had been going to church regularly and had fallen in love with worship. I was so blessed by Angie [Smith]: she talked about how she wasn’t raised with God either. She didn’t know about the Bible either. She wasn’t born a Christian either. She was my inspiration to find God and trust in Him. She made me realize you don’t have to be raised in a Christian home to know God. That’s what was holding me back; I always thought that since I wasn’t born believing in God that I could never be as good of a Christian as those who were. For me, it was one thing to hear about God as a skeptic but it’s nothing compared to knowing him as a TRUE woman of faith. Thank you Angie, thank you Women of Faith. My journey with the Lord is just beginning and I’m so thankful . . . thankful to every last person in my life that’s encouraged it. I am blessed to know my redeemer lives. He is continuously good to me. I can’t wait for the many years of Women of Faith to come!
March 12, 2014 153 views Women of Faith


BRAND NEW EVENT! Learn more about what it means to BELONG.

BRAND NEW EVENT! Learn more about what it means to BELONG.