A Good Weird

blessingsImagine it’s your birthday. You’re all dressed up, enjoying lunch with a friend. After the plates are cleared, she passes you the shiny wrapped box. She grins and says, “Open it! I saw this, and it was so perfect I couldn’t resist.”

You yank off the bow, tear away the paper, open the box . . . and find a strange item inside. What is it? You wonder. You pull it out and turn it in your hands. You’re pretty sure it’s supposed to be a good thing—it is a gift from a dear friend, after all. Confused, you smile and thank her. Savoring the friendship and the mocha cheesecake, you finish lunch and head home where, still perplexed, you stow the box in the closet.

Maybe this has never happened to you with a birthday gift from a friend. But I’m willing to bet it’s happened with a different gift. Rather than a trinket in a box, perhaps it looked more like one of these:

  • You have the gift of being able to think of thirty great ideas for a project but can’t start or finish enough of them.
  • You have the gift of supporting and encouraging people just by being there, but you sometimes feel as if you haven’t accomplished enough.
  • You have a gift for organizing and planning events or projects, but your tendency toward running the show annoys your spouse no end.

“Wait a second,” you may be saying, “those don’t sound like gifts to me!”

They didn’t to me, either. And I’ve wrestled with most of them over the years: things I do well, but they don’t seem to be strengths to other people. And weird things I wish I’d stop doing—ways I wish I’d stop being—that just keep coming back to me. . . .

What if I told you that all those things about us—the wonderful and the weirdness—are gifts? What if you could sit at lunch with God, hold those quirky, challenging tendencies about you in your hands, and say “Oh! I love these too!”

What if who you are right now is exactly who God meant you to be? What if the weirdest, most annoying things about you exist on purpose—for a purpose—to bring life, joy, and strength to this world?

Laurie WallinA speaker and certified Christian Life Coach, Laurie Wallin lives in Southern California with her husband, Gary, their four children, and their two precocious cats. Laurie’s new book Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful, tells us “it’s in our weirdness that God’s perfection exists.”


Excerpted from Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful ©2014 by Laurie Wallin (Abingdon Press). Used with permission. All rights reserved.


  1. 5 months ago
    Edith says

    This was a blessing and I will share with others who need to be encouraged.

  2. 5 months ago
    Jane Camerer says

    Dear Laurie,

    Opened up the WOF e-m and saw your name so thought I would just send off a note to say “Hi” and let you know I am still alive and well and living in San Diego. I am still at MSPC and remain active and involved there. I am so glad to hear that you are doing what you want to do and that you have just written a book. Three cheers for you. Do give Gary my regards and take care of yourselves those precious children that the Lord has given you. I think about Nevaeh and wonder how she is doing. Bless you all and thanks for sharing that the gifts that the Lord has so generously given you and being a blessing to so many. In Christ, your sister-in-Christ. Hugs, Jane

  3. 5 months ago
    Julie Hendry says

    LOVE being a wackydoodle for JESUS. .this really made me say Thank You God, YOU made me quirky and weird and fun…all for Your Glory! How precious!

  4. 5 months ago
    Charlotte says

    Big ‘ol tears came into my eyes. This made my day! I thought these were short comings.

  5. 5 months ago
    michele says

    I am deep in a book called Prayer by Richard Foster. This excerpt from your book has spoken to me in a way that I never imagined. What a blessing this is to me.

  6. 5 months ago
    Laura says

    This makes me cry too.
    I’m struggling today with something I don’t consider a gift… I keep hurting the one I love. Not physically. But I keep saying I’ll do something and then don’t. It’s not like saying ill do the dishes or anything like that. It’s me saying I’ll make him a priority in my life and not let work or other stuff come first. Next thing I know I’ve done it again. This time though may be too late. He’s so hurt, so angry with me for letting him down, I’ve probably lost him for good. How can this selfish disregard for the one I love and want to marry be a gift?

    • 5 months ago
      lindaadgate says

      Laura, your gift is commitment. You have the need to follow through and stick with what ever you are doing. Can’t let anyone down.
      This would be an asset in a marriage in that divorce will not be an option, you will stay committed. You will work on it to keep it going. You will have a stubborn love that will keep you committed to your mate.

    • 5 months ago
      Sandy says

      ‘Tis far better to lose him now than to be frustrated/frustrate him and lose him in marriage.

    • 5 months ago
      Yvonne says

      Laura, my husband is the one who does not put me first. He also is the main reason we are still marries because he refuses to leave the marriage. I urge you to discover the root cause that keeps you from putting him first (after God). Is it fear, abandonment, lack of trust, etc. What caused the core feeling? Then ask God to help you get rid of the toxic root. Otherwise 20 years later you will still be struggling, even if you end up marrying a different man. Praying for you.

  7. 5 months ago
    Paige says

    I love this! My problem is seeing what it is I’m supposed to be DOING with all these weird things. Jesus, help me pay attention and please lead the way!

  8. 5 months ago
    Lori says

    I’ve been walking through something like this for the last few months – recognizing a gift that I’ve never seen as such and another that has been dormant due to the sleep deprivation associated with small children. :) Thank you for the confirmation. God’s faithfulness is always good.

  9. 5 months ago
    Angie Rhodes says

    Funny I would “stumble” across this word. I have a few habits that “drive me crazy” about myself. I was on my knees earlier today asking God for the umpteenth time to please remove these annoying traits from me. I wonder if He hasn’t removed them because I am meant to have them… I think I will change the way I pray and instead of asking God to remove them, I will ask Him to show me how to use them for His glory. I can tell you it would such a relief to find how He would like me to use these “gifts” the proper way. I can assure you He is shaking His head (no) in regards to the way I have been using them. Thank you for the words of wisdom. I pray God blesses you as you bless others.

  10. 5 months ago
    Linda Hudson says

    Laurie is an amazing woman who has lived this book from the inside out. To take on the perspective of embracing, and not trying to “fix” our quirks, is so refreshing. We are fortunate to have her leading us through this process in our weekly ministry and can feel God working through her to help us understand what perfect God-made individuals we are and what a blessing we can be “just like He made us” when using our weirdnesses as strengths instead of weaknesses! Read this book and let it be a blessing to you too!

  11. 5 months ago
    alli says

    Thank you i always look at others forgetting i have what i need

    • Yes! And not only that, but this world needs what you have, too. Nobody else reveals God’s love and action in the unique ways you do. Without you, we’re missing out!

  12. 5 months ago
    Candace Cito says

    This book has given me a new, refreshing perspective not only for myself and my family, but for all relationships. We are all God’s unique and wonderful creation! Thank you for this book, it is a sweet blessing.

  13. 5 months ago
    Maggie Turner says

    We have all felt like the odd egg out at least once in our life. This is a great read check it out, you will be glad you did!

  14. Thanks for the message. Sometimes it so hard to see my gifts from God.

    • Mary, it’s so hard for all of us. I think that’s one of the biggest ways our enemy keeps us confused and out of relationship. If we were to see what God’s really done in designing us and the people around us, what a force for good we’d be! Praying God would come alongside you today, encourage, strengthen, and help you see yourself the way he sees you.

  15. Thanks for helping so many of us share our (weird, embarrassing, wish-we-could-hide-them) gifts with the world!

    • Hmmmm. That phrase “wish we could hide them” makes me think of a little song my daughters sing. . . “Hide it under a bushel, NO! I’m gonna let it shine. . . let it shine . . . let it shine. . . let it shine!” Shine away, beautiful friend!!

  16. I know this woman, and I love her new book, “Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful!” She has been one of my biggest fans in learning to embrace all of the gifts God has given me, the ones that are easy to call wonderful, as well as the quirks that are weird. God really has perfectly designed us, just the way we are, quirks and all!

  17. I love that last line: “What if the weirdest, most annoying things about you exist on purpose—for a purpose—to bring life, joy, and strength to this world?” What freedom there is in knowing that even the things we think are unusable in us might be the very thing that God longs to use the most. Loved this post. :)

  18. Love this, Laurie! Oh, could I ever relate to your examples! : ) Hmmm, thinking over the what-ifs you proposed…

  19. 5 months ago
    Patricia Wright says

    Wow! This made me cry. Imagine that I am a blessing as I am. Wow!

    • Those are some precious tears, friend. And imagine how God feels when we realize that? He’s just waiting and waiting for us to see who he sees in us. (((hugs))) to you today!