Knowing the Love of God

KnowingtheLoveofGodI am 39 years old and I have been in church since I was a baby. (In fact, the first few years of my life were spent living in family housing at Southeastern Seminary where my dad was getting his Masters in Divinity to become a pastor.)  I never really went “wild” but always felt like something was missing. I was always in church as a child and have tried to lead a “good” life.  I married the most wonderful husband and father anyone could ever imagine and have two happy, healthy children: a boy and a girl.  From the outside is there anything else that anyone could want?

But still something was missing in my life.  I knew I was a Christian.  I know that Jesus Christ died for my sins but I never truly had a relationship with God.  I prayed little, I almost never read my Bible, and did not seek the community of Believers.

Over the months leading up to the Women of Faith conference I really began feeling God to make a change in me. I started reading Jesus Calling in the mornings, but that was really it.  Then I visited my local church, heard about the Women of Faith Conference and decided to attend with my sister.

At the conference two things really impacted me. The first was something that Charles Stanley said about truly feeling and knowing the love of God. It was one thing to know THAT God loved me. It is something totally different to KNOW the LOVE of God. During the conference I rededicated my life to God and felt His presence and I knew HE loved me. I think the reason God has asked us to stay in prayer and in church and reading His word is to keep us feeling His love.  It is amazing how much it has affected me.

The second thing I realized is that in life I have always done what I felt would make other people proud of me. My husband, my co-workers, my parents . . . the list goes on.  I truly believe now that God is proud of me and has big plans for me. I need to follow His will and not do what is always expected.   Thank you so much, Women of Faith for having this event. I look forward to being there next year and continuing to grow!


  1. 4 months ago
    Dr. Diana says


    I have a lot of believe in God. He gave me everything which I wish to have in my life. God’s heart is really big and full of kindness.


  2. 5 months ago
    Tara Boswell- Horsley says

    I am 49 years old, I grew up in Nineveh, Ind. I was in and out of church when I was a child. My grandmother took me to church when my parents allowed her to. I tried to lead a good life. I was married three times. My first marriage was abuseive and I got a devories. My 2nd and 3nd husband passed away. I had children out of wedlock. I married my 4th husband Larry and he is the stepfather of my two sons. He is a Christian man and he is really good to us. I am a Christian and have been saved and Baptist 3 years ago. Still I felt very strongly that really something was missing in my life. I know Jesus Christ died for my sins but I really never felt like I truly had a relationship with God. I hardly prayed or read my Bible but a very little. Over the months I have also read Women Of Faith books and did the question in them and really started feeling close to God. I knew God really loved me. Its is something totally different to know the love of God. And I begin feeling the love of God in MY Life. I want to keep feeling His Love for me every single hour of the day and everyday.

  3. 5 months ago
    Kristin says

    Lovely post, Chanda! I’m so glad the love of God has filled your life with joy! At the beginning of the year I started reading the Bible daily. It amazes me how much I have learned in such a short time of doing just a little bit of reading every day. It’s sad to think of how many people who call themselves Christians really don’t know the full extent of God’s love (as if we ever could). I think Bible reading is essential in order to live life knowing the full truth, not only what we have been told. Thank you for sharing your story!

  4. 5 months ago
    Dee says

    I identified with so much if your post, thank you very much for sharing. God can and has used anything to speak to anyone, anywhere, depending upon where that individual person is in their life.
    This was very encouraging :)

  5. 5 months ago
    Lynnette says

    I have been to 3 Women of Faith conferences over the years, and I have always received a special blessing and felt the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit as I learned about how Christ is daily involved in our real lives, given by stories and songs of the conference leaders. Thank you, Women of Faith!

  6. 5 months ago
    Vicky says

    Dear Lite-Living,
    I am concerned about the wrong message that some could receive from your message.
    Please hear me accurately though, I do appreciate all that may be Holy Spirit conveyed. …

  7. 5 months ago
    Kathy says

    I can relate to this. I am 62 years old and it took me a long time to realize the Love of God and now I am Happy with myself and others. I understand what Gods word means when he tells us to let others see him in us. Grow with Christ and be Happy.

  8. 5 months ago
    Pauline Davis says

    Dear Women of faith…
    I read what you wrote. Thank you. It was very good. One thing that bothered me, was you said that you were reading the book, “Jesus Calling”. I hope that you are not reading this anymore. It is New Age. I was given this book by someone I know, started reading some of it, got checks from it. Just was not comfortable with some of the things she was writing. I then ordered the book, “Another Jesus Calling”, by Warren B. Smith. I heard him speak on “Francis and Friends” on SBN. He was in the New Age, Accult, etc. He exposes a lot of what she says.
    As a Born again Spirit filled Christian, we need to be careful what we read. God gives us His Holy Spirit, for discernment, which is so necessary and vital for the times we are in.
    Thank you and God bless you..Pauline Davis

  9. 5 months ago
    Sonda Horton says

    After reading this I was saddened by the fact that so many having received salvation have never sought the infilling of the Holy Spirit, which is the missing part she is missing in her life.