Knowing the Love of God


March 24, 2014

KnowingtheLoveofGodI am 39 years old and I have been in church since I was a baby. (In fact, the first few years of my life were spent living in family housing at Southeastern Seminary where my dad was getting his Masters in Divinity to become a pastor.)  I never really went “wild” but always felt like something was missing. I was always in church as a child and have tried to lead a “good” life.  I married the most wonderful husband and father anyone could ever imagine and have two happy, healthy children: a boy and a girl.  From the outside is there anything else that anyone could want? But still something was missing in my life.  I knew I was a Christian.  I know that Jesus Christ died for my sins but I never truly had a relationship with God.  I prayed little, I almost never read my Bible, and did not seek the community of Believers. Over the months leading up to the Women of Faith conference I really began feeling God to make a change in me. I started reading Jesus Calling in the mornings, but that was really it.  Then I visited my local church, heard about the Women of Faith Conference and decided to attend with my sister. At the conference two things really impacted me. The first was something that Charles Stanley said about truly feeling and knowing the love of God. It was one thing to know THAT God loved me. It is something totally different to KNOW the LOVE of God. During the conference I rededicated my life to God and felt His presence and I knew HE loved me. I think the reason God has asked us to stay in prayer and in church and reading His word is to keep us feeling His love.  It is amazing how much it has affected me. The second thing I realized is that in life I have always done what I felt would make other people proud of me. My husband, my co-workers, my parents . . . the list goes on.  I truly believe now that God is proud of me and has big plans for me. I need to follow His will and not do what is always expected.   Thank you so much, Women of Faith for having this event. I look forward to being there next year and continuing to grow!
March 24, 2014 124 views Women of Faith