It Is Done


April 18, 2014

ItIsDoneJesus said, “All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.” —John 6:37 NIV When Jesus Christ, God in human form, willingly hung on the cross to pay for every sin you and I ever committed or ever will commit, he made a bridge for us to get back to God. We are all sinners, separated from God (see Romans 3:23). So he did for us what we can never do for ourselves. We can never be religious enough or go to church enough or pray enough or give enough to perfectly keep God’s law and therefore reach God. It is impossible. Think about a speed limit. If the law says go twenty-five miles an hour and you go twenty-six miles an hour, even if you meant to go twenty-five miles an hour, you are guilty of breaking the law. No flexibility. That is the way the law operates. A mature woman knows she can’t keep God’s law perfectly, so she recognizes her need for a Savior and accepts the free gift of eternal life that comes through Jesus Christ. Once it is done, it is done. She stands firm no matter what wind blows. Once you have come to the Father, your life in him is a done deal. You can stand firm! From A Grand New Day. Copyright © 2008 (Thomas Nelson, Inc.) Used by permission. 
April 18, 2014 32 views Women of Faith