The Journey From Survival to Revival (Part 1)


April 21, 2014

survival-torevival-KickoffThis week our 2014 nationwide tour kicks off in Billings, MT! By the time most of you arrive at a Women of Faith event, the space is set and ready to go. Booths, brimming with resources we chose just for you, are placed around the concourse.  The stage is built and decorated. There are even posters hanging in the restrooms. Making all that happen takes a (surprisingly small) team of people headquartered just outside Dallas, TX. It began more than a year ago. While some team members were working on logistics, recruiting volunteers, and handling a multitude of details, others were focused on designing and finding items we anticipated you would enjoy  . . .


While colleagues in the office and in event cities across the country were spreading the word about the event, the design team was creating the program . . . wof_daily_FS2R-program There were multiple trips to the Women of Faith warehouse to fill several large trucks. wof_daily_FS2R-warehouse And as you read this, those trucks made the drive from Texas to Montana. This weekend it all comes together in Billings. . . . and in the weeks and months ahead, in cities across the U.S. We can’t wait for you to join us at one (or more) of them! See our 2014 tour schedule here.
April 21, 2014 56 views Women of Faith