The Journey From Survival to Revival (Part 2)

Journey_revival2In our last post we featured some of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of putting on an event, but that’s only part of the story . . .

As you would expect, a program like Women of Faith doesn’t come together overnight. Over the last year (and more) our “experiences” team has been praying and planning through many long days, late nights, and lively discussions about how best to create an experience that will encourage revival in the hearts and minds of the women who come to Women of Faith. You’re going to LOVE the result of all that hard work!

Meanwhile our speakers have been busy:

  • Studying the Scriptures, as Liz Curtis Higgs says “looking for a story that best captures our theme.”
  • Practicing . . . Patsy Clairmont tells us she practices her message “out loud in my hotel room.”
  • And packing (much to the dismay of their furry family members). Sheila Walsh says when she drags her suitcase out of her closet her dog, Belle, “walks to the corner of the bedroom and sits with her face to the wall, her back to me—an official shunning.”

After so many years of speaking do Women of Faith speakers still get stage fright? They do! When Patsy gets nervous she reminds herself “that it’s not about me. I pray before I leave the hotel and again before I step out on the stage.” Liz says “As I open my notebook, I take a deep breath and exhale, asking God to calm my nerves and get my butterflies flying in formation.”

“Well, I need to be honest,” Christine Caine confesses. Right before she goes out on stage, “I usually will joke around with my friends, dare them to do something silly, and then I pray. Sometimes it’s easy to get nervous or a bit overwhelmed, but praying helps calibrate my heart and mind to focus on the one thing that matters: JESUS. It’s not about me or my words, but about the transforming power of God within me. Praying helps remind me that in my weakness, He is strong.”

Anita Renfroe’s routine consists of “two things: chug a bottle of water so that I’m well hydrated and I know what it feels like to be that woman who’s realllllllllly needing the next bathroom break AND I put on my stage shoes (aka “work boots”) because they usually look good and feel baaaaaaaaad. I don’t want to wear those for one minute longer than I absolutely have to. And I ask God to help the comedy bring hope and healing in that room that night. So technically I guess that’s three things.”

Anita in her “work boots”]

Anita in her “work boots”]

As the 2014 tour is about to get underway, each of our speakers is looking forward to reconnecting with each other and the thousands of women who will gather in cities across the country. As Christine put it, “We are truly honored to spend the weekend with thousands of women who want to know God more.”

Will you spend a weekend with the Women of Faith team at From Survival to Revival? See our 2014 tour schedule here.


  1. 4 months ago
    Kristy Sipe says

    I attended the WOF conference in Billings this past weekend. It was the best one yet that I have seen. My favorite speaker was of course Patsy but I also really enjoyed Christine Caine because as I listened to her (I could listen to her all day) I could see and feel the presence of God working in and around her. Thanks to her I was able to refresh my belief in God and now feel stronger in my faith. My mom and I attend this event every year and really enjoy having a mother/daughter weekend and also already have our tickets for next year’s event. Can’t wait.

  2. 4 months ago
    Susan says

    Jan, I talked to Luci & Marilyn at a symphony concert last night and am happy to report they’re both doing well. Luci says she’s not traveling as much these days (although she and Mary did go to Norway last year). You can keep up with Marilyn on Twitter (@MarilynMeberg) where you can also see a photo of her adorable dog.

  3. 4 months ago
    judi says

    How do i get a copy of the Beth Moore prayer that Christine used on Saturday in Billlings to close the weekend?

  4. 4 months ago
    Char Stone says

    I guess only positive comments make on this page, so…
    Patsy, I love your talks. I’ve missed seeing you in the Midwest in the last few years.
    Anita, you are so real & help us see ourselves as we are imperfect. But you do it in such a way that we laugh with you & at ourselves.
    I miss Marilyn and Luci & the wonderful example of a long friendship they share.

  5. 4 months ago
    Char Stone says

    I don’t know if I’ll go this year. The loud bands overpower the spiritual uplift I get when I hear thousands of women sing with one voice. The last few years I can’t hear those close to me or even my own voice. I used to be able to hear people around me harmonize in wonderful spontaneous ways. I don’t go to rock concerts because I can’t make out what they’re singing. WOW is becoming a rock concert that hurts my ears.
    I also don’t like being yelled at by the speakers. Anita is great and Patsy has been my favorite for years. Neither of them yell at me, but they inspire me with their stories.

  6. 4 months ago
    Y. Simmons says

    I would one day love to share the stage with you AWESOME women. That’s my prayer!

  7. As the faces of Women of Faith have changed I miss my friends. Could we ask for an update on Marilyn Meberg and Lucy Swindoll? Also how is Thelma Wells doing? I know things are changing to a younger vibe but some of us enjoyed the feeling of the front porch conversations.

    • 4 months ago
      Amy B says

      Thank you! You verbalized exactly what my besty and I felt in San Antonio last fall (2013). We didn’t hate it, but wow, we missed the porch feel too. Felt more concert like than girlfriend like.

    • 4 months ago
      Kerri says

      I agree Jan! This last WOF was difficult to sit through because I felt like I had aged out of WOF… It’s definitely more geared for the young ‘uns… I miss our founding WOF group! ***could we say founding mothers?***