You Know You Need Revival When . . .

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Can you relate? Fortunately, help is on the way! Bringing together the “East” and “West” events from previous years into one nationwide tour, Women of Faith is heading to cities across the country for a day-and-a-half experience that will take you on a journey From Survival to Revival. Registration is now open for all 20 cities on the 2014 tour. Find a city near you.

How do you know when YOU need revival? Tell us in a comment on our blog and if we pick your “You know you need revival when…” to illustrate in an image, we’ll send you a free gift from Women of Faith. (In case of duplicate entries, the earliest post will get the gift.)

So how would you finish this statement? You know you need revival when . . .

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  1. 2 months ago
    Rochelle says

    You know you need revival when your passion and love for drawing others to Christ seems more like another task to do.

  2. 2 months ago
    Corrinna says

    You know you need
    revival when . . .
    Your 4th of July fireworks
    have lost their spark . . .

  3. 2 months ago
    Corrinna says

    Thank you Lord for re-lighting the spark in my soul!

  4. 2 months ago
    Sandi Pitrelli says

    You know you need revival when the cardiologist states ,I’ve done all I can.

  5. 3 months ago
    keijo leppioja says

    Thank you to the lord ,for revival is coming here too in Scandinavien with powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit onus all around the world inthat last time and healing are to bless and give glory to God in Jesus name right now and baptist of the Holy Spirit let the be right now in Jesus precious name,thanks and bless and and live in praying,keijo sweden

  6. 3 months ago
    christine morrison says

    You know you need revival when….everyone and everything gets on your nerves, you hearing words that you quit saying years ago, comming out of your mouth, and your time with the Lord and his Word are now something you “hope” to “fit in” (discovering the days of setting your clock anxious to hear what the Lord had for you the next morning have.. “vanished”).
    The emeny loves to busy us ladies (and all of us) up with all sorts of things so we won’t have time for the things of the Lord. Don’t let the enemy win! Lets put on our armor girls and fight the good fight, stay in the Word and true to our God who loves us so much. Truly, what are we without Him? We cannot afford to be complacent about our relationship with Jesus. Keep him in first place!!!

  7. 3 months ago
    Marcia says

    When in 2005 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and ended up in a coma for 2 weeks after the first surgery. I had surgery on 2/14 but have no memory from 1/28-late March 2005! I have not had a job and have been contacted 3 or more times since getting on Social Security Disability in Nov. 2005 to verify that I am still disabled. Have been working with Vocational Rehabilitation since 2006 or 2007 to try to get a job, but no such luck! Frustrated does not even begin to describe my feelings about this whole situation. The only way you would know about my tumor is if you noticed the scar on my forehead or watched me try to write something that could be read, or if I am tired or excited and talking and my speech goes very fast!! Other than those things I am very normal, I ride public transportation and my bike to get from place to place and live alone and take care of my needs just fine! So please pray I can find a job and get off of my Social Security Disability payments so I don’t have to do verification every 2 years for them!

  8. 3 months ago
    Analisa says

    You know you need revival when you don’t want to bother hoping for anything anymore.

    • 2 months ago
      marlys wimber says

      that’s everyday for me. Life should not be this hard. I have been at the deepest darkest place for so long, I have no where else to go.

  9. 3 months ago
    Karla Barr says

    When you work at a convience store and it angers you to see how many people waste so much money on scratch tickets, alcohol and use food stamp cards to buy junk for themselves and are high on drugs. I look around and cant believe that it doesnt pour down rain from Gods eyes for how wicked this world has become. I am so ashamed of this world.

  10. 3 months ago
    Lori says

    you know you need revival when you go and take a gift to someone, are gutted because of the hurt they are going through, and you have gone to minister to them in their pain, and then they come out and tell you that a ministry they went to told them to tell you to stay away from them, and you wonder what it is you have done to them …. you wanted to be there for them in their pain. Oh God, I cry to You! What have I done? They were beautiful friends, I don’t know what I have done, and then a ministry told them to tell me to stay away? Am I guilty of ? I need God in a BIG way.

    • 3 months ago
      Nancy says

      My heart goes out to you. First, I would like to say that it sounds like your friend needs to stay away from people who talk about someone who is supposed to be their sister in the Lord. I think I would have to question why this ministry is not getting together and praying for you or your friend instead of gossiping. I have been in a church where the same thing when on and I chose to leave as I didn’t need friends who talked about one another. The saying goes….Treasures are friends who will pray with you. I guess you didn’t lose a big treasure. Don’t let that spirit of rejection come upon you and shame on them. If your so call friend was a friend at all, she would tell you what is bothering her about you over a cup of coffee or tea and giving you time to explain something if anything that you may have done. Personally, I am going to tell you that you probably did nothing at all wrong and it just may be that certain people are jealous of you. Who knows but don’t get to upset with it. Don’t let satan tear you down. You may want to give your friend some time and let her figure things out. I would just write her a nice little note saying that when and if she needs someone to talk to, you will always be there for her to pray with her. Give it time and pray and let Holy Spirit guide you but please don’t feel rejected otherwise you will be giving satan his win. I am sure you are not guilty of anything. It sounds like a bunch of gossipers and maybe God is going to lead you someday to show them about forgiveness. Praying that you don’t dwell on this and give it over to God. Praying for gossipers and how cruel their words can be. I wonder……would they gossip in Heaven?

  11. 3 months ago
    Nancy says

    You know you need a revival when what you’ve always done doesn’t work anymore!
    Change me oh Lord, keep changing me.

  12. 3 months ago
    Nellie says

    I’ve been told that my New years was suppose to be a ‘Great Beginning’ Instead many things have failed me, as receiving 2 children that were suppose be in my care, instructed by their biological mother. Why I was denied? Because I am not a Blood Relation. Their mother new that her relatives had no interest in caring for these 2 lil, loving, Blessed babies who I raised since they were both infants.. The mom insisted that CPS give the children to me, due to me being the only one they really knew as their next of kin. The children’s family nor their fathers, were never there for their clothing, food, birthdays, babysitting, doctor visits, dental care visits. I’m A person who been going thru a lot throughout the years…. My Resolutions is a resolution I never ever want to deal with ever again. Especially when I have been to 5 burials, all close relatives, since Dec. 2013, 2014 This is NOT A GOOD BEGINNING. I been Praying every morning I wake up, hoping that God will make that change, instead I woke up with even worse news ever. I was not entitled to having them but to only receive one phone call once a week. My little babies call me telling me how much they miss me, how they want me to go get them. It hurts my heart deeply that I have to tell them I can’t because they have been told that I can only call them for now on.. I have no visitation, no birthdays, not holydays, nothing, just phone calls. God be with us all..

    • 3 months ago
      Jusy says

      Nellie, don’t give up on God. God has a plan for your life. Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.” Having one phone call is wonderful, it could be that there were no phone calls at all. But God made a way that you are able to receive a phone call with your children. I want to encourage you that through that one phone call, you still are able to communicate with your children and tell them I much you love them. We praise God for that one phone call, and by the grace of God and His goodness there will be more phone calls coming. Our God is awesome and He will always work everything for our good. Just because you have that one set back know that God is still in control of every situation in your life. Even when we don’t see it or realize it God is right there. God promised in His word that he would never leave us. God has everything under control. Praying continually with you, that you will see the glory of God’s work in being with your children. Be Blessed

  13. 3 months ago
    Susan (aka: Oooold Granny) says

    When you’re physically and emotionally exhausted from giving to your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers…and no one seems to give back. The best gifts these days come in the form of sunsets, grandJoys’ laughter, ocean waves, and the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven!

  14. 3 months ago
    WishingWell says

    Wow…I thought I had problems. Don’t get me wrong I do but I see that I have plenty of company in this boat.

    Ladies….It doesn’t matter how low, worthless, tiered, ill and or zeroed out you may feel, GOD loves each and every one of you and HE proved that when HE sent YESHUA to die in order to reconnect man back to HIMSELF! Please, please try and hang on to HIM with all you’ve got!! HE stated that, “those who endure till the end, they will be saved!” We gotta hold on ladies!!! We have to stick together during the warfare. Another scripture states that, “there is safety in a multitude of counselors.” I am no bible scholar but I can try to encourage you with the Word! I’m gonna make every effort to step up my prayers and you continue to pray as well.Love you all!!!!

    May GOD pull each and every one of you through – each and every time – coming out on the other side “whole!!!!!

  15. 3 months ago
    Denishea says

    When you start to question your faith and trust in God. I know I need revival because this is where I have fallen and have yet to get up.

  16. 3 months ago
    Marlys says

    Your life needs to be revived when you don’t want to get out of bed, face the day or yourself!

    • 3 months ago
      Marlys says

      or anyone else or deal with anything.

  17. 3 months ago
    Georgia says

    You know you need revival when…You look in the mirror and you can’t see yourself anymore.

  18. You know you need revival when people stop talking about the church at all.

  19. When people stop thinking about church.

  20. 3 months ago
    Amy Endler says

    I know I need a revival when…the number of quiet times in the bathroom multiplies and while I’m in there the number of minutes I spend deep in thought increases without being aware of time passing.

    I’m on disability for mental illness and physical limitations. I live alone. I depend on God and others to help me out. A revival gives me the spiritual shock, much like the electric paddles do to the heart. The spiritual shock does not bring me back from the dead nor does it return me to my old self.

    A spiritual shock revives the life God wants me to live. It clears out the wreckage that needs to be removed, to make space for what God has purposed for my life. God has asked me to let go of the old, let go of what’s not working, to trust His plan and move forward in faith.

    Revival – Newness.

  21. 3 months ago
    Dawna says

    I know I need revival when my Bible gathers dust but my iPhone doesn’t.

  22. 4 months ago
    Joni says

    You know you need revival when you are just plain tired…. tired of the drama of life… tired of doing everything for everyone… tired of running from one thing to the next…. tired of wishing all you could do is soak in some sun for just 15 minutes…. tired of being you…. BUT not willing to give up your role as a mom, woman, friend. (I’m a single mom, that’s why ‘wife’ is not in there.)

  23. 4 months ago
    Heidi says

    When I found out my husband was having an affair almost a year after we were married.
    He never broke off the affair with the other woman before our marriage when I originally found out.
    He told me it was completely over.
    We have a beautiful daughter. Almost 8 years old and “Loves Jesus”!
    She had no idea of what’s going on and I don’t want to break her heart.
    My husband has taken the effort of speaking to our pastor and he wants us to go to council set up by pastor but I feel reluctant to participate.
    He wants to make this marriage work now but I’m ready to give up.

  24. 4 months ago
    Vandy Roy says

    I know I need revival when I feel dead. Want to bring my daughter who struggles with life and I feel like I cannot help her because of my own sin.

  25. 4 months ago
    Paulastyne Moore says

    You know you need a revival when nursing school has taken priority over your relationship with God.

  26. 4 months ago
    Ufuoma says

    You know when you need a revival when you cry every night and feel you are your worst enemy. In all your efforts to help people, their reaction makes you regret being good.

  27. 4 months ago
    Lora arnett says

    Not sure if you got my post. Yes I need this . Overcoming abuse, adultery, my husband’s Post and my own health issues with Post too. Only God can help me through everything.

  28. 4 months ago
    Lora arnett says

    Hello . Ever to stop is hard. I have been through so many trails and been labeled so many times. Daughter of a Bipolar Mother. Had to grow up early. Almost married at 18 to a very mean guy how put a gun to my head more than once. Did marry an different man at 23 years old. A Soldier Army. I thought Thank God I am safe and someone will take care of me. It all changed. He drank all the time and went out with his friends. Multiple affairs and threads. When he drank I was the target. Either emotional or physical abuse. We lived in another country so for years I was isolated and ashamed of the secrets. My worst nightmare was June 2007. He was back from Afghanistan and he snapped at first fighting was normal him hitting and telling then he went silent and started suffocating me. I was push him off screaming you do not want to do this. Then start ed just screaming our kids names when I could gasp for air. Thank God the people in the other hotel room called someone. I went to the hospital and him to jail. Every doctor and nurse talked to me like I was stupid cause they said seen this better and one day he will kill you. Even though I was scared I tired leaving more than once and always felt God was telling me to go back. He was cause been remarried to him for our 20th anniversary. It told about 18 years of praying for my husband and posting verse and leaving Bible studies out. Now he is the wonderful Godly , loving family man I have been praying for. God is good.

    • 4 months ago
      lora says

      Sorry. My spelling is terrible.
      And spell check changes
      What i am trying to say.
      It doesn’t help that i am
      Ddyslexia too. Plus afraid.
      So i make more mistakes.

  29. 4 months ago
    Alejandra F. Martinez says

    You know you need a revival when you are falling asleep doing the dishes every night. (Before 8pm)

  30. 4 months ago
    Kathleen Mayhue says

    When your heart is broken by one of the people you thought were your best friend, but instead of talking things over with you they completely disown you and you have no idea what you did wrong. Then you think about it and you realize you need some time away tok reflect on Jesus and get my mind back on straight.

  31. 4 months ago
    Julia Apple says

    You know when you need a revival when your life was so scrued up growing up and then you get adopted into a wonderful family that loves God and you wonder where was he for all the twelve years that I was alone before I got adopted. I struggle with faith from time to time and I know we are not perfect but I deal with pain on daily basis trying to overcome my struggles and to be able to connect with God.

  32. 4 months ago
    Bobbi says

    When you are trying to accept that your oldest daughter is dying from a terminal illness, you find out that twin great nephews only months old have been severely beaten and are in the custody of CPS, then another great nephew is born addicted to drugs and taken by CPS and you cannot foster them, and then to add to the issue your sibling has been stealing from your father, mismanaging his finances and you have to give your dad and ultimatum to take over his expenses and try to save his home. Yes this sounds like a horrible soap opera but right now it is my life and I fell very lost. Thanks for letting me rant about my issues.

    • 3 months ago
      cj says

      I just want to tell you my heart breaks for you, prayer is the only thing I can do, but prayer moves mountains, also if you could get a spiritual warfare bible and it has great prayers in there to battle the enemy of your soul. it has helped me and many other Christian through great battles. wished more people know how to take authority over the enemy, but I well pray for you, God bless and strengthen you

  33. 4 months ago
    Tammy Bailey says

    You know you need revival when you have a terminal illness but the Dr’s won’t cooperate with disability. I am unable to work and have no income. Lost my home and my man because he couldn’t handle the illness. All I have is God, my kids and my parents. Help me Lord!

    • 4 months ago
      Monique says

      I’m sorry to hear about your illness and your loss. You mentioned all you have is your kids, parents and God. You have everything you need! You are blessed! God can restore everything else. I pray for your healing and restoration. It is not over until God says it’s over!

  34. 4 months ago
    Megan says

    When you’ve been sick for almost 20 years, the last 9 of which are daily torment, physically, mentally and spiritually. Even Job didn’t sound negative till he encountered “skin for skin”. Then he cried out and cursed the day of his birth. I went beyond that and wished I’d never been conceived, till I had someone point out that God conceived me in His mind, before my birth. Begging for Him to take me hasn’t worked, so I quit that years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I have good moments and I try to be positive, but it seems that I end up spiraling out of control, no matter how much I set my mind not to and end up back on a bad jag. Then the demons come out full-force and it very often seems like much more than I can handle. I’ve experienced a number of bad things in my life, but none come close to losing my health and it threatening to cause me to lose my faith.

  35. When you need a favour from God and He keep quite on that time you are living a holy life

  36. 4 months ago
    Arlene says

    You know you need revival when you are 59 years old and still aren’t sure what you want to be when you grow up.

    • 3 months ago
      Virginia says

      I know what you’re saying, I’m 59 and my position was eliminated. Trying to look for a new job is challenging as most positions (in my field) require a degree. I worked for 37 years for the same company and learned my job hands-on. I need to keep my focus on God because H
      e already has a job planned for me. But it will be in his timing not mine.

  37. You know you need a revival…..when all you can think about is getting into bed and curl up ignoring the world around you.

    • 4 months ago
      Tonia says

      I know this first hand. I have a small child and a teenager. Curling up and hiding in my bed is wrecking my family! Depression and the demons that go with it….spiritual warfare…I need help!!!

  38. 4 months ago
    Cindy says

    You know you need revival when… Your kids ask you “when is that next Women of Faith meeting you go to?” The time between the seminars are only a year, but it seems so much longer, and you need the “Spiritual Faith Lift” of the Women of Faith seminar to charge you up for another year… Love all the Women at Women of faith, and can’t wait until the Women of Faith/Orlando, Florida!! October 10th can’t come soon enough!! God bless everyone!!

  39. 4 months ago
    Jenni says

    You know you need a revival when… cutting the jungle grass relaxes you. I hadn’t cut grass in 15+ years and I was sore for two days afterward. Ha!

  40. 4 months ago
    Jenn says

    I don’t even know anymore if God would want to revive my soul it’s been dead for so long I feel as intangible as dust.

    • 4 months ago
      sheila says

      Jenn, no matter how long it’s been, God knows your name and welcomes the chance to hold you in His loving care once again. Don’t feel ashamed, don’t think it’s too late ~ just come! Bring all your worn out ideas and tired self and let God, through Women of Faith, bring you back to Him. I know they have touched my soul and ignited a flame in my heart. God has even moved me to write this to you. I lift you in prayer to our Heavenly Father for you to feel his loving arms welcoming you back into His presence.

  41. 4 months ago
    Lorraine Armenta says

    You know you need a revival when you have so much on your mind that you drive towards work and remember you don’t work there anymore.

  42. 4 months ago
    Peggy Haines says

    You know you need revival when you put your life in God’s hands and you need for Him for take
    a turn with it toward security and peace. I have tried, but I cannot do it by myself where I am.
    Perhaps another city, another state, but here it is too difficult. I have to totally trust in Him to show
    me the path of righteous that he wants me to take. Amen.

    • 4 months ago
      Monique says

      Peggy, I recently relocated to New York City, to move back in with my husband whom I had been separated from for about three years. I was doing fine living on my own with our four children, but I became pregnant with our fifth child yes, while we were separated. I felt because my apartment needed repairs and my children wanted to move to New York, and yes I was pregnant, that I should probably move. I did it with tears. I struggle even at this moment with leaving North Carolina and moving to the city, but the Lord is ensuring me by his word and spirit that It is well, and all things are working together for my good, even in New York. I often feel afraid and unsettled, but I think on the Lord and on his word and I allow the Holy Spirit to comfort me. It is not easy to release my care to the Lord, but as I do he fills me with his peace. I know I will be fine, and I will make it to my promise. He said he will never leave me nor forsake me. I pray that the Lord will fill you with his wisdom, direction and peace as you worship him and look to him, the author and the finisher of your faith.

  43. 4 months ago
    Julia Nall says

    Going through a tough time, wishing with everything in me, that I could lay my heavy head on my Precious Lord’s shoulder and hear those beautiful words in His daddy voice say, “I am here my child, tell me all about it.”

    • 4 months ago
      Tracy says

      You CAN! And that’s exactly what He would say! Remember the “Footprints” poem? A man had a dream that he was walking along the beach with Jesus, but then noticed that during the most difficult time of his life, there was only one set of footprints and wondered why. Jesus told him that it was then that He carried him. Let Him carry you, lean on Him, He can handle it! Praying my sister. . . !

  44. 4 months ago
    Julia Nall says

    You know you need a revival when…your get up and go, done got up and went.

  45. Thank you so much for your responses. We’ve laughed at the fun comments and been moved to tears by many of the others. Our entire team, from our speakers to our local event teams to the staff at Women of Faith headquarters, has been touched by the outpouring of heartfelt comments. We are honored you shared them with us.

    FYI, more “You Know You Need Revival When . . .” images are on their way, many inspired by your comments. If we use your response to create an image we’ll send you a gift. Please keep those comments coming. Thank you.

  46. you know you need revival when you had an affair and your husband want the divorced. and you fighting to have your married back. and fighting to have a special relationship with Lord the Father, Lord the Son, and Lord the Holy Spirit. and want to be a Godly princess for ever and ever and dont want to go back to the dark life.

  47. 4 months ago
    Diana Dobson says

    I need a revival because this year I have moved from Cody WY to Casper WY with my husband to a new church. Cody is now our sister-church and my husband is the overseer. We also oversee a group in Canada. Our son is a SR in high school in Cody trying to finish his year so he is there and we are here. Starting a new church is always a challenge. I have started a Bible study, I am now Children’s Church director and pastor’s wife. I have lost my focus on studying the word. I also work a full time job. We don’t have a parsonage so we have a house to sell and renting an apt. Two house payments and 2 of everything else is not so much fun on a pastor’s salary……..HELP!!!!

    • Wow, God is surely using you for His Glory! You know it will all be worth it when your time on earth is done. Don’t lose heart. I am praying for you and your family!

  48. 5 months ago
    Susan Habeger says

    You know you need revival when your cardiologist tells you that you have a blood clot in your heart.

  49. 5 months ago
    Suzi White says


    Don’t give up! God is still on the throne and He is still in control of everything that looks so out of control. Trust Him and His promises. He loves YOU so much, he sent His precious Son to take our place on the cross!

    Praying for you!

  50. 5 months ago
    Tammy says

    You know you NEED revival when just the thought alone of having to get out of bed, is harder than getting out of bed.

  51. 5 months ago
    Joan says

    When your last year has required you to quiet denying, and embrace ugly truth in order to heal.

  52. “Just like my car. . . I’m on Empty.”

    – Has anyone else felt like this. . . recently?

    Hello! Seriously two times this month the “You’re on Empty” light came on, and I thought to myself I’m too busy, I don’t have any time to stop for a fill up. Sound familiar?

    Sending A little Love Note Your Way Today:
    Dear Beloved Sister, Women of Worth and Daughter of GOD you can not continue to run on empty, or you will eventually break down.

    We run better on a full tank, so fill your mind, your heart, your soul with the knowledge and experience that GOD loves you.

    In our very very busy lives we will not just find the time, we must intentionally grasp the time for an essential Spiritual Fill-Up.

    Fill your cup Sister Friend, Fill your cup!
    Drink in the knowledge that GOD loves {you}!

    One of my favorite ways to get “Spiritually Filled-Up” is to set this season’s challenges aside for a moment, to welcome, and embrace the Women of Faith weekend event. I must confess, the last time I went I {thought} I was going for my dear sister-friend’s sake, but in the process was filled-up beyond measure! LoVe how GOD works!

  53. 5 months ago
    Sherry Vazquez says

    When my heart is filled with the love of God but I can’t seem to get it out of my mouth.

  54. 5 months ago
    Susan Gruener says

    …When you wake up in the morning with a ‘blank’ stare…and it stays that way all day.

  55. 5 months ago
    Shawn Seeds says

    You know you need revival when your heart is shattered again and you just can’t see God comforting you. Every time the phone rings you want to run and hide. You want to spend more time in the closet than anywhere else. You go out in the world everyday and pretend that all is well. No one knows your true sorrow because your afraid of rejection again. You fall on your face before The Lord but there is just silence. Your desperate to hold onto the truth of God’s promises but will you really make it through this time?

  56. 5 months ago
    kay cooper says

    you know you need revival when we listen to people more than the truths in the word of God. that you allow even bible teachers to tell you what the word says rather than read the word and see the truth your self.

  57. 5 months ago
    Linn says

    When you ‘think’ that the church & all the Christian members hurt you soo bad -that you don’t dare to go back as they know I “care about others” & good listener and b/cuz I wear my heart on my sleeve = overstepping ‘boundaries’ by caring too much… …. Being scared someone will reach out to me for support and not staying “in the correct BOUNDARIES”. I had always thought this was a talent that God had given to me & thought I did it well as a 20yr+ ICU nurse and able to discuss life & death issues -quality vs quantity of life….I hurt so bad that my only strength I have is constantly crying as I ask God to teach me the “boundaries” and START OVER as an example of his Love,…for others in difficult times using His boundaries.

    • 5 months ago
      Suzi White says

      People are going to hurt us, not necessarily on purpose but because humanity is broken. Jesus is the only one who will never disappoint. Hold on to Him and don’t let go. God has a plan and purpose for your life. Cling to Him and His Word. Choose to not be offended. Walk in love and grace. Know that YOU are special and YOU are loved!

  58. 5 months ago
    Linda says

    When you lose too many people in 5 years time. Lost my 20 year old to a drug overdose, my Mother died the in November the same year, My godmother died 9 months after my mother, my cousin choked in a piece of chicken and died in December, she was my age and my favorite cousin. The following January my mother in law went and last July my Father in Law. It has been a lot of loss for me, but I truly shared the love of Christ with them all departed this earth. I truly am in need of a super revival!

  59. 5 months ago
    Joni says

    You know you need revival when everything you see, think, feel, becomes black and white – void of any color. There’s no color in your world! There is beauty in color, there is variation in color, there is hope in color.

  60. There is no feeling of Respect, Love, Empathy in a Marriage you hold onto so tight for the sake of the children and to please God by not giving in to societies disposal minded way of thinking when things go sour in marriages today

  61. You know you need Revival when……..I am constantly mocked day to day for my faith in Christ the Lord and my Husband also mocks Jesus

  62. You look for God in all the wrong places.

  63. 5 months ago
    Sherri Gibson says

    You know you need a revival when you forget what you were trying to remember! ;-)

  64. 5 months ago
    Sandara says

    When you have just had surgery and know it will take some time to get back to normal, but you are not patient and waiting out God’s plan.

  65. when the Bible no longer excites you. (Experience speaking!)

  66. 5 months ago
    Mary Murphy says

    You know you need revival…when you are glad to have an excuse to say “no” to a ministry opportunity.

  67. 5 months ago
    deb says

    You know you need a revival when you are going through the motions but feel nothing. Are are like dried up bones setting in church

  68. 5 months ago
    Brenda says

    You know you need a revival when you are not living with the peace of God guarding your heart and mind nor filled with His joy. All of this comes when we live in His presence with a heart of thanksgiving and trust

  69. 5 months ago
    Nina says

    You are feeling more broken than beautiful, more weary than working, more messy than ministering, more empty than filled

  70. 5 months ago
    Debbie Dovel says

    You know you need revival when everything hurts and nothing works!

  71. 5 months ago
    Jennifer says

    I attened a Woman of Faith conference in late Nov 2013. I left my Fiance because of a dark spirit that has envaded his body. This wasn’t the first time I had left. I felt that I couldn’t compete with the demon anymore, because when I tried to do good that demon inside my fiance would just get angrier. It would make my life and my childerns life awful, not to mention the love of my life-lifes. So a very dear Friend had an extra ticket. She had perfect seats, It was a sign from our most AMAZING GOD. I really learned alot that weekend, only to find out when I had Got home that my Girls Father had just died. He had hung himself. Going to that Conference not only helped me with the death of my girls father but also not to be afraid of that demon that haunted my Fiance. We are back and growing everyday. It is a journey but a journey I am willing to take. God knows anything and everything. I put my trust and hope in him. I am hopefully by the grace of god, starting a moms in prayer group for my community. Sometimes we may have to take a road, that we may not disire. Sometimes we need those in life to let us know who is in charge, and who can get you out from the darkest pit of your life.

  72. 5 months ago
    Alicia says

    You know you need a revival when you are merely cruising on autopilot mode through this thing called life.

  73. 5 months ago
    Caitlin says

    You know and recognize your struggles and what you need to improve on but are too stubborn to pray and ask someone else for help. Struggling with depression while pregnant and already on medication and just make it more difficult for your husband to handle being around you and make it stressful for him when he all ready has stress caused seizures. Plus getting mad at yourself does not help anything either and there for you are just miserable all day every day.

  74. 5 months ago
    Cheryl Atkins says

    The only praise song you remember is Jesus Loves me and you can only hear it being sung by Barney the purple dinosaur.

  75. 5 months ago
    Carole Ann says

    You know you need revival when…your daughter says, “Mom, I think you need a nap.”

  76. 5 months ago
    Patricia says

    When you can’t get out of the bed in the morning because you don’t have the physical or mental strength because you are under so much stress and pressure from life in general. You struggle minute by minute to survive and you are just plain exhausted.

  77. You used to keep six plates spinning and now you can only do three!

  78. 5 months ago
    Tashawnda says

    You know You need revival…. when no matter what life circumstances are, You continue to struggle. You have that mustard seed faith but You continue to struggle. You pray and You cry, but You continue to struggle. You try to fix it, knowing that your answer is simply JESUS!

  79. 5 months ago
    Mary McKinney says

    You have to say good by to someone you love again.

  80. 5 months ago
    Cindy Kalbach says

    You know you need revival when your church melts away and no one even seems to notice.

  81. 5 months ago
    Sherri Gibson says

    You know you need revival when…you can’t remember what you forgot! ;-)

  82. 5 months ago
    Allison says

    You sit on the floor and cry because a stranger was so nice to you on the phone!

    • 5 months ago
      Julie Hendry says

      ..when the only thing normal in your life is the setting on your dryer!

  83. 5 months ago
    Rebecca Simmons says

    You know you need revival when you feel like a Gideon, when God asks you to do something and you’re not sure so you keep putting that fleece out asking God, are you sure??

    • 3 months ago
      gwen says

      I truly know how you feel, i’ve asked god several times if he was sure, and several times i’ve tried to step away, but, god let me know that it was time for me to step away from what was comfortable to me, & the things that god call us to arent always going to be comfortable, but just know that all you have to do is answer the call, he is doing a new thing in you, & it’s not for us it’s for some one else.

  84. 5 months ago
    Pat says

    You promise to turn the other cheek yet you continually give your back to others…oh boy, it’s time for a revival.

  85. 5 months ago
    MANDY says

    When you to sit in a court room for a week attending your son’s criminal trial; go home on the 4th day after he was found guilty & not know his sentencing (could be 5 to 99 years in prison); and to go back on the last day to have to sit on the stand explaining to the DA & jury why he deserves a second chance. Even though this was due to his wrong choices & the friends he hung around with, you can’t stop blaming yourself for the man you chose to be his father, because he walked out of his life.

    • 5 months ago
      Susan says

      That broke my heart. God be with you…

    • 5 months ago
      Diane says

      My oldest son is in prison so I know the pain you are experiencing. God is using my son while in prison to lead a Bible Study and the worship time so I am thankful for that. God will give you strength to endure this trial in our lives. I’ll pray for you and your son, that he might seek the Lord while in prison and serve Him while there so their time inside is not wasted.

      • 5 months ago
        Diane says

        Also, I forgot to mention, I carry a lot of guilt because I’m the reason I divorced my son’s Dad. Who knows how they would have turned out if I wouldn’t have thought of myself and my needs instead of my family’s needs. We can’t turn back time for our past mistakes but only be the best Christian Mom for our children every day.

        • 5 months ago
          Diane says

          Mandy, get the book, “When I lay my Isaac down” by Carol Kent. It’s a book about her son being in prison for the rest of his life and tells how God got them through. The book helped me a lot to deal with my son when he was sent to prison.

  86. 5 months ago
    Cori Farr says

    When I find myself getting annoyed by people’s problems rather than feeling empathetic toward them.

  87. 5 months ago
    Elaine says

    You know you need revival when everyday you start several projects not finishing any of them and then the next day you start all over

  88. 5 months ago
    Stephanie mcpeters says

    You know you need revival when all that you know and all that you are and all that you do doesn’t work anymore; it’s time for a change….. A new mind set. A new attitude. A new you! God wants us to change and grows and leave old things behind, the “this is how it has always been done or how i have always done it” is a sign, especially when it hinders not just you but those around you. What was good enough for past generations is not always what is good for today. It is a sign of rebellion because people fear what they dont know and also refuse to change because it requires something of themselves and reveals vulnerability, something a proud person hates. Who wants to be stuck in a dying mess? When real fruit dries up, it rots unless we use it for nourishment when it is ripe. Why let our spiritual fruit die because we are lazy and complacent? It will not only cost us but those that we are to bless by it. Now is the time to let go off all that was and all that is and lay hold of all that can be! Revival, who doesnt need it?

  89. 5 months ago
    Lyn says

    When a “powernap” turns into going to bed.

  90. I know I need revival when I do not want to serve anymore. When I feel alone and isolated, betrayed and hurt. I know I need revival when my life becomes about ME, and not about God. I know I need to weep at his feet today and ask him to revive my soul.

    • 5 months ago
      becky bodnarchuk says

      thanks Bethany, for saying this truth so well and tenderly….PRAISE OUR POPPA G-D! for that sweet gift of tears and His understanding of our need to shed them. There really is such a thing as a good cry! A he often does revive the soul in the midst of them…He so cares for us

  91. 5 months ago
    Lacee says

    You know you need Revival when you are lost in your Everyday Life!!

  92. When it seems like there is nothing important to live for.. When you have no dreams.. When you just wish you could sleep forever..

    • 5 months ago
      becky bodnarchuk says

      Bless you Thalia:) Don’t know why your comment hit so deep…maybe its the no dreams part. I am praying for you as I pray for me…ask Him to help me stay focused on HIM, everyday…a day at a time, concecrate myself to HIM and ask Him to guide me and me to hear and obey quickly…and completely…

    • 4 months ago
      Nancy says

      Thalia, your comment breaks my heart! My daughter is going through the very same thing, She does have a son she is committed to and he keeps her going. God knows the deepest parts of your heart and needs and will take care of you. I will be praying for you that your dreams and desires will return to you because we know that God has a mighty plan for your life! Jer 29:11 happens to be one of my favs!!

  93. 5 months ago
    Jeanne says

    You know you need a revival. . .when Satan starts to mess with my head and I feel like my boss/peers are being mean and spiteful on purpose. I need a revival that tells me to take a deep breath, and remember, they are not walking in my shoes, or I theirs’, and they may have not so good things going on also. Trying to soften my heart!

  94. 5 months ago
    Wendy Pratt says

    You know you need a revival ….when you find yourself with a massive idol that you cannot control. Only by putting God first and getting rid of my idol who is my husband will I be able to release the evil that my husband has brought into our marriage. Satan has total control of my husband now who is having a homosexual affair with his best friend. I am also controlled by Satan as I am consumed with thoughts of wanting to save my marriage. I have been trying to control and get him to change back to who he really is. Only God can change my husband. I need to release my husband (idol) to God.

    • 5 months ago
      Mona Johnston says

      Wendy – I am so sorry to hear of your circumstances. I am going through marriage difficulties myself, and have been feeling as though no one could possibly understand the pain. After reading your post, I stopped and prayed for you and your husband. God is greater than the enemy, and nothing is impossible with the God we serve! I am walking through my own wilderness and I have drawn close to Him during this troubling time. God is strongest when we are weakest, and He will never leave you nor forsake you! There was a time during this storm that I could not see that, but I know it to be true now! Stand firm in your faith that God will work a miracle in your marriage! I will continue to pray for you!

  95. 5 months ago
    jakk says

    You know you need a revival when…………you start believing the lies of the enemy

  96. 5 months ago
    Nancy says

    You know you need revival when you hear that small knudging little voice inside you that tells you….it is time. Usually that is when you start walking away from God and trying to do it all on your own. I choose to try and stay focused each and every day with just Him. What a wonderful sense of peace and joy that He provides to us.

  97. 5 months ago
    Sunni Rae says

    You know you need revival when
    . . . you can’t find the “want to” to get out of bed to watch the sunrise.
    . . . your Bible is lying on the table open, saying “the answer is here” but you can’t find the time to sit down and read it!
    . . . your new neighbor needs to know about Christ but you are too scared to go share with her.

  98. 5 months ago
    Tammy Jo Sanders says

    You know you need a revival….
    …when you run out of masks to wear.
    …when lying your head in your hands with an empty supply of tears is normal.
    …when you have stopped believing in yourself and trusting in God’s design for you.

  99. 5 months ago
    stacie says

    You know you need a revival when you can’t tell if your coming or going, who your kids are, and you are drained!

  100. 5 months ago
    Brenda says

    Wow, what an opportunity to pray, maybe this is what brings revival, just pouring out our hearts to God. For me it is when I am down-physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally, and the only place to look is up. Then God calls and whatever i do is in His strength not mine.

  101. When you have drank several cups of coffee and still aren’t quite awake yet ;). #motherhood lol

  102. You know you need a revival when even picking up God’s word has become an effort. When skimming through facebook and the televison channels all evening “seem” more satisfying then reading the Word and praying and spending time in God’s presense. I have been there, and I feel myself going back there so I am pressing forward and doing my best. Life has it’s way of doing that to women more often then men. With all the responsibilities taking care of a family (especially if you work full time), it is so easy for our bodies and minds to become exhausted. I am in the process of putting together a women’s group at church, strickly for the purpose of women just like myself getting together to talk, share stories, encourage and pray for one another. I want to see us women start turning our messes in to messages and tests into testimonies!! Can’t wait for this revival tour! :)

  103. Need to be reminded that you are loved..and how much!!! This world often makes us feel the opposite, sometimes a little post it note for the soul is what’s needed the most.

  104. 5 months ago
    Mary T says

    I know I need revival when I am literally exhausted not only physically but spiritually…empty just wanting desperately for Jesus to fill me with His Peace and Love!

  105. 5 months ago
    Robyn says

    When you had a hysterectomy that threw you into full menopause and you are sweating like no tomorrow. Then you find out that you are prediabetic and your cortisol levels are off the chart. I so need a revival.

  106. 5 months ago
    yvonne says

    you feel you are at the end of the rope and feeling hopeless.

  107. 5 months ago
    barb says

    Know that you need Revival, when you realized the year has passed you by, you been to a conference, and yet, nothing has happened, you are in the same spot as before. Where has the year gone by to, what came over me that didnt’ change? Yet, in that deep down feeling, you look around and know others has worse problems, but inside you still screaming, HELP ME, I don’t seem to move forward any longer. I know GOD wants me to, but I stuck in this quick sand and I’m sinking. You even to the point, you feel like you need to cry, but no tears are left to cry. You know that a revival is the only thing that going to help you to survival.

  108. 5 months ago
    Mrs Fishguy says

    you can’t find your Bible and wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

  109. 5 months ago
    Lyn says

    … you realize things aren’t adding up because you have been doing division

  110. 5 months ago
    Lauren says

    You know you need revival when you just need to touch Him!

  111. 5 months ago
    Lyn says

    You know you need a revival when…

    things don’t add up because you realize you have been doing division!

  112. you know you need revival when you no longer crave for the things of God like you use to…and you draw your feet to services you use to long for..

  113. 5 months ago
    Kim says

    You know you need revival when…you are looking at a glass of water and still thirty.

  114. 5 months ago
    Ashley Durig says

    You have tried your own path thinking you could control it all, rather than letting go and letting God handle things.

  115. 5 months ago
    Mary Dunnack says

    When the gray clouds form
    Doubts begin to grow like weeds
    and anxiety fills my soul

  116. 5 months ago
    Suzanne says

    I know I need revival when I doubt God is in control of my entire life even though He has never let me down…..

  117. 5 months ago
    Amy says

    You feel lost and are worn out. You question where God is and if He has maybe forgotten you.

    • Dear Amy,

      You may feel lost and worn out, but I assure you, you are NOT forgotten by God!
      He is concerned with every detail of your life and he is working all things out for your good.

      Zephaniah 3:17 reminds us that the Lord rejoices over you with singing and he will quiet you with his love.

      Just all out to the Lord and He will answer you, draw near to him and he will draw near to you. Just whisper his name and He will be there.

      You have been prayed for today!
      Debbie Stuart
      Church and Leadership Development Director

  118. 5 months ago
    Linda McClellan says

    when you forget about the covered dish for Sunday school, in fact you decided to skip it then morning and sleep in. Then forgot you told your friend you would give her a ride until she called as you were walking in the church and the service was starting. And she needs one too because she thought it was someone else she had asked and they were out of town. And neitherone of us prayed about it .

  119. 5 months ago
    Linda Weems says

    I know I need a Revival when I start over ,as I keep trying lately to get where I once was and send like I just keep starting instead of going on.I have been sick and had to miss some times at church.It just seems like I am not on top as you would say as far as my excitement and joy that I once was so full of,and I want that back just like I was before.Please pray for me.Thank you and God Bless.

  120. 5 months ago
    Jennifer Barnes says

    when you become content with running on empty, giving less than your best, when your ‘normal’ is not aligned with God’s purpose for you

    • 5 months ago
      Cindy Kalbach says

      Oh, yes! Content with less…

  121. 5 months ago
    linda mae says

    Revival…when life is going smooth and faith, prayer, Him…just seem unnecessary..not intentionally, but …

  122. 5 months ago
    Betty Monda says

    When the church you have been attending for 30 years begins to do things that doesn’t align with the Word of God and causes a lot of people to leave the church. And you just feel so displaced and so empty inside. And you wonder, how could this have happened? And you begin to question your faith. Your heart is so heavy you don’t think you can make it through the days ahead. You have lost your support group that you have had for years. You just feel so alone and don’t know where to go.

    • 4 months ago
      Lynne says

      Amen. When the wonderful church you have been attending for 12 years and which helped to save your life, is treating volunteers in an unGodly fashion. And you just can’t seem to understand why or find a way to make a positive change. When “your heart is so heavy” about the situation and there seems to be no one to go to talk about it. When no one will stand up for what is right because it will be ugly. Thanks, Betty. You’re my third favorite Betty!

  123. When you feel all alone expect for your thoughts of wanting to be Godly like inside and out and you don’t know what steps to take. You have no one to share the experience with. When you feel your marriage of 23 years is more like having a roommate and he doesn’t realize there is a problem.

    • 4 months ago
      Mickie says

      Ditto on the marriage part…wrking at it w my awesome
      God directing me on what do I do… Hard when he won’t
      communicate n the pc is his priority day in n day out… Like
      to throw it thru the window… But I won’t!!!
      Revival time I think is a must… What u think???

  124. 5 months ago
    Valerie says

    When you need a new mascara but you’re too tired to stop at the drug store to get it, because you’re been too busy meeting everyone else’s needs…

  125. 5 months ago
    Maxine says

    You find yourself doing the same chores over and over, bored and feeling like “is this all to life?”

  126. I know I need revival when there comes an constant underlying attitude that I go through my day without realizing that I need God to help me, when I go about the normal activities without giving Him a though or recognizing my need of Him

  127. 5 months ago
    Carri Holst says

    You know you need a revival when…you meet yourself coming and going and you’re not sure where you’re coming from or going to!

  128. 5 months ago
    Suzi says

    You need revival when . . . You don’t know which way to go!

  129. 5 months ago
    Sharlee Forster says

    I know I need revival when I am starting over……again. I am turning 60 this month. AHAHHAH just typing it makes me want to run to Tahiti. New Job, Kids married, husband chronically ill…… Definitely need revival because I am starting over this new phase of life, and each and every day, with Jesus as my Sword and Shield. A very present help in trouble. Thank you for all you do….. Look forward to Portland!!!!

  130. 5 months ago
    Deborah Carrillo says

    You know you need revival when your family tells you to go back to bed and you just woke up!

  131. 5 months ago
    Jackie Hays says

    When you feel like a dried up prune and your joy is gone.

  132. 5 months ago
    Brenda says

    your family has been torn apart, there is no longer any hope of reconciling your marriage and divorce is on the table. The person you once loved has turned away and now there is only you and God. Not even sure why my husband despises me so much, all the “perfectness” in the world could not have made a difference.

  133. 5 months ago
    April says

    I know I need revival when I realize that God’s peace is no longer standing guard over my heart and mind because I am no longer resting in Christ Jesus (Phil.4:7), which is evident when I find myself irritated and annoyed at people and things over which I have no control… things that are not of any consequence. it is at that point that I need to find a place to quiet my heart before God and allow His peace to once again stand guard.

  134. 5 months ago
    Barb Kaiser says

    You are on your own last nerve.

    • 5 months ago
      Barb Kaiser says

      I was trying to enter the you know you need a revival when contest…

  135. I know I need revival when I am working to must survive the moment and nothing seems to fit together because I have not sat at God’s feet.

    • Thank you Tammy for your honesty!
      We have a challange at Women of Faith – “20 Minutes a A Day for the Rest of Your Life”. We encourage women to make it a priority to spend at least 20 minutes with the Lord every day. There we will find comfort, direction, guidance, strength, love and everything we need to “survive” the day. You are the only one that can adjust your schedule a bit, so why not “stick it to the devil” and make time with the Lord a daily meeting. :)

      You have been prayed for today!
      Debbie Stuart
      Church and Leadership Development Director

  136. 5 months ago
    Genise Hodges_Brogdon says

    When your little children are praising the Lord and you can’t join them

    • 5 months ago
      Suzanne says

      I don’t know why your post hit me so strong – I will keep you in my prayers.

  137. 5 months ago
    Miriam Robichaud says

    You know you need a revival when…. you run back into the church to find child number 3 of 6, only to realize she was the first one you buckled in the van….

    • Or you forget a child at church because you thought they were already all in the van waiting for you when you got in :p

  138. 5 months ago
    Kim fritz says

    You know you need revival when…you thought you had all the answers (but now find the questions have changed)

  139. 5 months ago
    Shannon Jones says

    it is easier to run from God than to run to God. Struggle to trust God.

  140. 5 months ago
    Erica says

    You are so low with no strength of your own that as you sit on the floor in tears, with the only ounce of strength you have left – you bow your head and cry out to The Lord.

    • Dear Erica,

      Been there…done that! The wonderful thing is the Lord will meet you right there in that place and renew your strength. NEW strength awaits…

      Those who trust in the LORD will find new strength.
      They will soar high on wings like eagles.
      They will run and not grow weary.
      They will walk and not faint.
      Isaiah 40:31

      Be strong for the battle, the Lord will fight for you!
      You have been prayed for today!
      Debbie Stuart
      Church and Leadership Development Director

  141. 5 months ago
    rachelle reed says

    Your totally devoted and your husband leaves with another woman anyway.

    • Dear Rachelle,
      I am so sorry this happened to you! Thank you for sharing with us, you have been prayed for today. I certainly hope you can make it to one of the WOF – Survival to Revival conferences, I know you will receive spiritual encouragement and insight to get through this….and YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!

      Isaiah 66:9 – “I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born.”
      The Lord WILL bring forth something great in your life. Stay Strong and BE BRAVE!

      Judges 5:21- “March on my soul in Courage!”

      Debbie Stuart
      Church and Leadership Development Director

    • 5 months ago
      Janelle says

      Trust that if you totally devote yourself to God, life will be good again. HE will never leave you.
      And as my pastor told me when this situation devastated my life, Accept that the miracle God is working is in YOU. Take care.