You Know You Need Revival When . . .


April 2, 2014

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Can you relate? Fortunately, help is on the way! Bringing together the “East” and “West” events from previous years into one nationwide tour, Women of Faith is heading to cities across the country for a day-and-a-half experience that will take you on a journey From Survival to Revival. Registration is now open for all 20 cities on the 2014 tour. Find a city near you. How do you know when YOU need revival? Tell us in a comment on our blog and if we pick your “You know you need revival when…” to illustrate in an image, we’ll send you a free gift from Women of Faith. (In case of duplicate entries, the earliest post will get the gift.) So how would you finish this statement? You know you need revival when . . .
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April 2, 2014 264 views Women of Faith