REVELATION: The Way Things Will Be

RevelationThe outline of the Book of Revelation is in the first chapter, nineteenth verse.  The author John tells us the book is about what he saw, the way things are, and the way things will be.  Most people do not find this a simple book to understand.  Maybe that’s why God promises a special blessing to anyone who reads it!  (See Revelation 1:3)

While much of the writing here may be mysterious, let’s not miss the priceless privilege of holding this book in our hands.  Since the Resurrection these are the only words Jesus has spoken to us personally, and they have been preserved for our benefit.

We hope you have enjoyed this 66-week series on the books of the Bible that began way back in January of 2013. If you missed any along the way or you’d like to go back and read introductions for all the books from Genesis on, you’ll find them here.

From Women of Faith Devotional Bible.  Copyright © 2003 (Thomas Nelson, Inc.)  Used by permission.


  1. 4 months ago
    Rhonda says

    Hi, I’m interested in the “Books of the Bible” study, but not sure how I can link to it. All I find is the Introduction to Revelation, but no actual study. I’ve searched “Downloads” as well…Can you please help? Thanks!

    • We are in the process of turning our Books of the Bible study into a downloadable PDF. Please give us a few weeks. Busy times getting ready for our tour starting in just 2 days!

  2. 4 months ago
    Linda McClellan says

    I too heard and read about the movie Noah and after learning how unbiblical it is decided not to see it. I read they even included a stowaway on the Ark, some kind of evil person. And that Noah was not the man of God we know he is. I could go on but why would any Christian want to see a movie that is so out of line with the Bible. People go see this that don’t know the Lord and actually believe it or think it is just a story like some people view Jonah. As for myself, I wouldn’t go if it was free.

  3. 4 months ago
    Karen Edwards says

    Noah was so “off” from what I could see, but I will be more careful at putting stock in any movie even with an endorsement of a group that I think is usually right on target.

    • Some background on why we shared the Noah movie trailer at our events last fall: When our contacts at Paramount provided the movie trailer, the entire film was not available to preview. Our staff had seen this trailer at several other Christian events prior to the Women of Faith tour and while we did not expect Noah to be a word-for-word interpretation of Scripture, we anticipated that it would be true to the biblical story. Nothing in the information we received suggested otherwise; the trailer’s background music—a powerful worship song called “Spirit Break Out” by Kim Walker Smith—added to the positive impression.

      Then the film was released and was so dramatically different than we—and so many others—were anticipating. We hope there are opportunities in its wake to open conversations about the Bible and for people to share their faith.

      For some additional thoughts on Noah, you might check out these articles:

      • 4 months ago
        Karen Edwards says

        Thanks for clearing this up. I did not think the Women of Faith staff had seen the movie in its entirety and am glad to know you were surprised as well.

  4. 4 months ago
    Claudia says

    I wanted to follow up on the comment about the movie Noah. Although is does steer away from the biblical notation, we have to remember that this is a fictional work as are 99.99% of movies Christian or not. There are some things that definitely could have been learned from this movie, but I personally feel that people that expected very close biblical connotation will be disappointed. Just as is the case anytime we have expectations, they are rarely met. :)

  5. I have just found this blog. I plan to read through the bible series.

  6. 5 months ago
    Karen Edwards says

    I have enjoyed the Books of the Bible series. I do have a question about Women of Faith promoting the movie “Noah”. After seeing the movie, I am surprised it was endorsed by Women of Faith. I don’t plan on encouraging anyone to see it. It would have been good to be informed that this version varied significantly from the Bible.

    • 4 months ago
      Donna Gregory says

      I personally elected not to see the movie “Noah” because of the comments I was hearing. Some have said that although not accurate, it still was a way to spead the word of the gospel to non-Christians. I do not agree with that thinking process. I too am disappointed that WOF endorsed this movie.

      I do plan on viewing “God’s not Dead” as I have heard this is an excellent movie by many Christians who have viewed and this type of scenario is occurring throughout the United States.

      • 4 months ago
        Karen Edwards says

        Donna, So good to know others are disappointed with WOF endorsing Noah. I am surprised they haven’t make a retraction. I did see “God’s not Dead”, and it was awesome!