When You Feel Like Giving Up

Trusting_godOne of my children is currently testing my patience to the max. The other day, it had been an especially trying day, and I was feeling ready to pull my hair out. I walked into my closet and cried out to the Lord in desperation:

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m so tired of dealing with the same issues and attitudes again and again. It seems all of my efforts aren’t going anywhere. I’m ready to give up, God.”

Right at that moment, when I was feeling exhausted, spent, and at my wit’s end, a still small voice spoke to my heart and asked, “What if I had given up on you?”

My mind immediately was flooded with so many examples of times when I stubbornly refused to follow where God was leading. When I went my own way, even though I knew it was the wrong way.

Yet, when I least deserved it, God extended His grace toward me.

When I failed Him, He didn’t fail or forsake me.

When I made a complete mess of things, He didn’t stop loving me.

He’s had every reason to give up on me as I’ve bumbled, stumbled, grumbled, and fumbled my way through life. But He hasn’t given up on me.

I left my closet with a renewed appreciation for how much my Lord loves me and a renewed dedication to keep loving my difficult child in the same way my Heavenly Father has loved me.

This child is still struggling and there are still moments that I feel like throwing in the towel, but the Lord continues to whisper to me, “I didn’t give up on you” and it gives me hope and strength to press on in this rough season of mothering.

Crystal Paine is a wife, mom of three, founder of MoneySavingMom.com, and author of the New York Times bestseller, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.


  1. 3 months ago
    Renee says

    I really need prayer for me and my family. It’s too difficult to explain but all I can say is that I have had hope so many times regarding an on-going legal battle that my husband has been in for 3 years and things keep failing. Even when the law is supposed to be on our side, we keep losing against a lying former business partner. The pain of allowing yourself to have hope and something else happens that is not good is a horrible feeling. I don’t think God hears me anymore. In fact, I don’t know if he’s ever heard my cries for help during this battle. The fear of what’s to come is emotionally straining and robbed me of any joy. It’s unfair for my beautiful daughter to have to live with parents who are constantly in fear and worry of what’s next because we have no one to protect us.

  2. 3 months ago
    Dallie says

    Hello! Lady, Here Is my storie in 2009 I got sick with a lung problem. In 2010,my husband come down with protate cancar, 2011,I lost my job. 2012. I was put in the hospital for my lungs. 2013, my husband has bone cancar. 2014 my husband kidneys stop working. We go to church every sunday. we pay tithes and offering. we attend all programs. some time I feel as if God is not listening to us. been faithful from child hood. love the Lord our God. Just feel losted.

    • When faced with so many trials, one after another, it is a time that Satan will try to rob you of your faith in God and leave you wondering where God’s mercy and grace are in your life. My husband died, I became wheelchair bound from an illness , and then my son died. I had already lived a nightmare of a childhood separated from my family at age 10 and placed in foster care with my six brothers and sister. No contact allowed between us. By the time my son died I felt like I had spent my entire life grieving the loss of all those I love. I am grateful beyond measure that God understood my doubts and my fears and I know now I did not walk through one of those experiences alone. He promised us He would never forsake us, He didn’t promise life would be without trials and tribulations. He loves you and He does know you have carried your burdens with your faith, trusting Him. Feeling lost and alone is so very human and God understands. He is with you every second of everyday. His love and mercy is beyond anything we can imagine. Hold tight to your faith and trust Him. You are precious to Him. I am praying for you and your family. May God’s peace come back into your heart.

      • 3 months ago
        Renee says

        Peg, Your reply post is truly inspiring as I can not imagine going through the things that you have. I also know that having someone pray for me that has truly been tested is a HUGE blessing. The legal battle is on-going so please pray for me and my family. Thank you.

        • Renee, I am praying for you and your family. God does have a purpose for this trial you are going through. He does hear your prayers and He is so fully aware of all that you are going through. Remember how God’s word says we will reap what we sow? This former partner will reap what he has sowed. God is a God of Justice. He is the God of compassion and peace for those who put their trust in Him. Trust Him to work this out for the good of all. It is difficult sometimes when we are in the midst of our trial to feel that God is with us, that He hears us as we cry out to Him. His love surpasses our understanding and He has not forsaken you in this. Your are His precious children and He IS with you. I pray God’s peace and assurance that He is in control of this situation in your life will be given to you so you will know that through Him all things are possible. As human beings it is often the waiting on God that brings us to this place of unrest in our hearts. Believe in His love and power. He will bring you through this. Blessings

    • 2 months ago
      heather says

      I’m so sorry you are going through this. I will keep you in my prayers.
      i don’t know how to word this, and don’t know where this might lead. However, i am hoping this reply will inspire you to keep going.! God loves you, he never puts us through more than we can handle. I know that for myself I have struggled with many things. I just lost my job in June, 2014 and though i know the world isn’t going to end. Its sure seems like it, because the world takes money to get everyone by. Also, I entered into a Man(s) career (Funeral Directing) and its very hard to get them to realize that I’m capable of doing the things they are. Please don’t give up or get discouraged.! Also, i’m saying this because you need to be strong but please know you can go to your heavenly father for comfort and he will gladly take you into his arms and love you.

      your more than welcome to email me or just reply back…. we are all here for you.!

  3. 3 months ago
    star says

    I have been through a lot in my life and it seems like everyone I ever loved turned their backs on me..sometimes I ask God what did I do to deserve all this hurt and pain..If anyone reads this can you please pray for me…

    • Star, I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. It is important to remember, none of us deserve pain and certainly God aches along with us when we feel it. Remember you are always loved and in God’s grace, so speak to him and he will be there. Some of my loneliest times was when I would pray for his help and guidance but I wasn’t taking the most important step and that was listening to him. Praying for you to have many blessings and healing!

    • Star, please know many prayers are going up for you. It sounds like you are going through a very painful time. God/Jesus loves you so much. He sees your tears and understands your suffering. He is with you as you walk through this painful season. He hurts when we hurt. Pray for His guidance and wisdom and I pray for you to have peace of heart and mind. May God’s love surround you and His peace fill you. You are so precious. Do not let those who have hurt you lead you to believe otherwise. You are God’s child and none can separate us from His love. When I feel like you are feeling right now I start writing down all the blessings in my life. Sometimes it isn’t easy to do but you can start your list with the most important blessing of all…that Jesus died so we may live. Isn’t that an amazing gift and awesome blessing!! I can only imagine how deeply we are loved that we would be saved by grace and the tribulations of this world are only temporary. God is faithful. This may be a situation in which you may grow spiritually and gain a closer relationship with Christ. He is our shield and strength when we need Him the most.

    • 3 months ago
      Tammy segura says

      I no how u feel .I went throw that with my family .my children and my husband. The friends I hung around with. Trash.my children. God spoke to them .Are relationship alot better .They saw the light. My husband he’s still in darkness. I pray so much and listen to the word .in my car .and go to church faithfully. And then I saw the bigger light and I gave him all my problems and heartache to God almighty. And sometimes I feel like I’m crazy because I don’t feel like my marriage is not done . God is in the works. I have so much peace in my life it’s scary. Have faith .I never thought I found ever find it .it took a year.A hard year don’t get me wrong .I get lonely .but my marriage is going to work out. I don’t c it .I feel it !!! I know it because I trust God. He’s in control! !!!!!

  4. Do not take any notice of the letter.. the devil works threw many forms to ruin lives and to throw dought and confussion at you…you have both done nothing wrong if its gods will so shall it be.. both of you need to pray together holding hands.. that it resolves it self and if for some reason that it still seems impossible for you both to be together..stay friends and wait cuz god always has a plan for us…he will be watching your staying power also.. and if it goes pearshaped one door always closes another better door will open…just dont shy away from god no matter what cuz that wud make the devil happy look up joel osteen or jkjakes and type in something along the lines of faith threw uncertainty xx may god bless you both

  5. I really need this today. I was giving up, but this gives me strength.

  6. I really need this today!! I was a bad morning. No one slept last night and everything seem to be a struggle today

  7. I remember all the times I reach the point of being overwhelmed with my children’s rebellion, the disrespect, and all those “whatever” that would be the response to any guidance or “preaching”. God is faithful to give us what we need to cope and even heal and bring forth a thriving Godly family. It isn’t easy to let go and let God. I learned a great deal from my children about the human condition of the day just by learning to listen to their concerns and fears for their own futures. Like many moms it just didn’t cross my mind that they may be afraid. After all I love them and do everything within reason to make them happy. Children these days are much more aware than I was as their age. When my son died I would have given anything to see his room look like a train wreck or see his skate board left in the middle of the lawn or have to remind him more than once that his chores needed to be completed. In the scheme of things no matter how difficult moments may be cherish each one because they are an opportunity to learn and grow and build memories. God will NOT leave you alone feeling overwhelmed. Just listen to that small voice as He reminds you that you will be tested many times by your children because they need to be reassured that you are standing right there beside them even when they are afraid even as God is standing right beside us as we struggle to be the mother’s He wants us to be….with his willing help and our willing hearts. God’s blessing and assurance that He is in control.

    • 3 months ago
      Yvonne says

      Thank you, this really helped me the past eights months has been the hardest times in raising my daugther, she has been disrespect, rebellion and I just couldn’t understand why and felt that I actually didn’t love her anymore, I couldn’t understand how a daugther could disrespectd her mother, my mother was my world and I assumed that I would be hers……
      It was hard for me to lay it down to God…when I did things started to change, pray for me I’ve still got some forgiveness that I need to do towards her, she’s tryig harder now and what you said about teeagers being afraid, I really never that of it like that.
      My friend like you lost her son this past year and she said to me when talking about my problem….she’s not dead, tha’s when the light came on…let her go and give it to God, you have done all you can do.
      I’m lifting u up in prayer today. Thank you

  8. This is really an inspiring blog. It gives more strength to the person who is really down and feel like giving up. Keep posting and keep inspiring people.

  9. Such a great reminder of God’s constant love! Love that this is a daily reminder as we “renew our minds”. The world makes getting our nerves seem so easy at times! Kudos to you for drawing near to God in times of struggle. That’s always the first step towards healing, rest, and restoration! Great article!

  10. 3 months ago
    Cassidy says

    I am in a dark place at this time because of a relationship that has caused concern regarding my church and our pastor. I was a member of this church for two years when my pastor asked me to lunch. We are both divorced and the companionship seemed enjoyable for both of us. We have been professional in and out of the church atmosphere and considerate that gossip is possible. Our friendship continued and our private relationship was just that private. The few church members that observed us eating out or at a public function welcomed our new found joy. With great sorrow, a church member sent a letter to the bishop stating knowledge of us as a couple and are very upset. The pastor is at risk of serious consequences and I am hurting terrible; for his service to God and my own selfish reasons. I keep telling myself to trust the Lord and there will be greater goodness to come out of this seasonal storm.

  11. 3 months ago
    Mary T says

    Crystal, this post could not have come at a better time. Thank you for a gentle reminder. God bless!

  12. Love your story. God is so faithful. He loves us all and is with us always.