From Survival to Revival: A Story We All Can Tell


May 19, 2014

MW-SurvivalJordan used to be a young college dropout battling a full-blown addiction to pain medication. Today, Jordan is the proud owner of a master’s degree. He’s a high school teacher and football coach and God has called him and his wife into ministry. From Survival to Revival… Renee used to be a single mother grieving the tragic loss of her daughter who was killed by a drunk driver. She was filled with hatred towards her husband who had left her and the drunk driver who stole the life of her precious child. She used to find it hard to even get out of bed in the morning. Today, Renee has chosen forgiveness over hatred. She travels and speaks around the country, telling her story and changing lives as she warns of the dangers of drunk driving and also of the power of forgiveness. From Survival to Revival… Rebecca grew up in a horribly dysfunctional family. Her childhood was marred by anger, violence and mental illness. She used to be so afraid to get married because she was convinced her family history was bound to repeat itself. Today, Rebecca is married with two beautiful children and their family has begun a new legacy leaving the dysfunction behind. From Survival to Revival…  Ginny used to be so filled with guilt and shame because of the choice she made thirty-five years ago as a scared teenager when she terminated a pregnancy. She kept that secret for all those years until recently, and never could forgive herself for the mistake she made. Today, Ginny has completed post-abortion counseling and has become a counselor at a crisis pregnancy center in the town where she lives. She is finding healing in her own life by using her story to help hurting young women who are contemplating making the same mistake she made. Every day lives are being changed through her. From Survival to Revival…  These stories are not fictional. These stories are real. I have personally met each one of these people all because they answered my invitation to tell me the stories of their lives. Over the past few years I have been on a mission to tell a story of a different kind; to write songs inspired by the actual people who listen to my music. Over 25,000 stories later, I am blown away by how many people have been brave enough to bring their stories into the light and allow God to shine through them in a powerful way. This year’s Women of Faith theme of From Survival to Revival is one that resonates with me in a profound way because these stories that have inspired my songs have shown me that God’s plan for each of our stories is much greater than just a story of survival. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (John 10:10.)” When I read that verse of scripture something awakens inside of me and says, “I want what God offers, life to the full!” The first step towards revival in our lives is to make the choice to place our stories back into the hands of their true author. He is the only one who can help us turn the page and let the revival of our stories begin. That’s the one thing each person who’s story I shared with you have in common. They turned to Jesus. Jordan couldn’t conquer his addiction on his own, but he turned to the one who could turn it all around and revival began.  Renee couldn’t bring herself to do the impossible, but she took the hand of the One who knows what forgiveness is all about and revival began.  Rebecca couldn’t bare the thought of her dysfunctional history repeating itself. So, she looked to the One who makes all things new and revival began.  Ginny couldn’t stop blaming herself for the mistake she made. So, she placed her most broken chapter in the hands of the great Healer and revival began.  Take hold of the invitation that has been extended to you today and every day. Your story was never meant to be one of mere survival. Life to the full is possible. Revival is real and ready to begin. Let it begin.
Four-time Grammy® nominee Matthew West is a popular recording artist and one of Nashville’s most highly respected songwriters. You can see him in person at many Women of Faith From Survival to Revival events. Find an event near you.
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