Welcome Home, Missy!


May 12, 2014

wof-daily_feature_LisaandMissy“I need some kind of reminder that you see me today because this ain’t exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday.” These honest words from Lisa Harper’s new friend in the drive-thru could have been the silent echo of the sweet girl who has come “home” to her Mama Lisa. Missy’s welcome into Lisa’s heart—and ours—was a delight to watch when we met her in Columbus at Women of Faith. Smiling brightly, singing and dancing with abandon, and blowing kisses all around, Missy (though we could say the same about Lisa!) seemed to be celebrating all weekend. Not because of the pink and white cupcakes greeting her in catering. Or the constant grin on her Mama’s face. Or the hugs from friends who have been praying. Or the cheers from the audience when Lisa introduced her on stage. She’s been rescued to a new life. She will spend every day (not just her birthday) with reminders that Lisa sees her. That God sees her. Her life—and Lisa’s—will never be the same. So happy to meet you, Missy. Welcome home. He gives children to the woman who has none and makes her a happy mother. Praise the Lord! —Psalm 113:9
May 12, 2014 41 views Women of Faith