A Conversation with Sheila Walsh

Convo-with-SheilaWhat delights you as you speak at Women of Faith each year?
I find that the more I grow in my relationship with Christ each year, the more I want to share what I’m learning with other women. Of course I can write it in a book, but there’s nothing like being able to share face-to-face with thousands of women, and say, “You matter to God; your life matters. His love will transform how you see yourself. You are brave . . . strong . . . but most of all, you are loved!” 

What would you say to the woman who wonders if there will be something new for her at From Survival to Revival?
This year feels very different than anything I have experienced in the last 19 years. God is alive and moving in the lives of His daughters. The music is new, the messages are new—in fact, I’m on the team and there is something fresh for me every single weekend! This year our messages are specifically tailored to our hunger for revival, first in our own lives, and then in our nation.

Which is your favorite stop on the Women of Faith tour?
That’s like asking which is my favorite dog—I love them all! Each city has its own unique flavor and feel. The cities in the South are warm and welcoming and the women in the Mid-West are the salt of the earth. I love the East Coast as the women are direct and real and the West Coast is where our son was born, so those cities will always hold a special place in my heart. The Pacific Northwest is raw and beautiful and then you have cities like Boston and farther north—rock solid, good people!

In the 19 years that Women of Faith has been connecting with women across the country, what changes have you noticed?
One of the ways that the world has changed the most is in the realm of media and technology. Just check out the “selfies” coming from all of our events! While [technology] is great for the convenience it gives us, it can also be hard to get away; we are always “on.” I think that has led to many women trying to do even more and being bombarded with more messages that they have to sort through and filter, so it can seem pretty overwhelming.

However, I also think we, as women, have learned some valuable lessons about how we don’t need to do it all, to take care of everyone and everything. I believe we’re learning that it’s OK to ask for help.

Any final thoughts?
I believe that a ragtag band of women is rising up all across our nation who are sold out to Christ and His calling. Whether you are a size 2 or a 2X, age 18 or 82, the time is now. Come join the army of God’s beautiful daughters!

See Sheila in person at From Survival to Revival this fall. The tour is coming to 16 cities across the U.S. Find one near you.


  1. 2 months ago
    Joyce Laux says

    Dear Sister Sheila,,
    So lookiing foward to seeing you and the other WOF speakers in Dallas soon! The theme this year really speaks to my heart, as am nearing the second anniversary of my beloved husband’s sudden and unexpected death. His strong faith in Christ, my own faith, and my precious family, and supportive church have lifted and carried me through the “survival” phase of my grief (which I’m still experiencing as I continue to process his “things”….) but I am so looking forward to entering the “revival” phase of my life. As a Grandmother, who spent almost 50 years with the love of my life, I’m struggling. I’m confident that my Lord will show me the way….and I am looking forward to being in the company of my Women of Faith sisters when I place my feet on The Path! God bless you!

  2. 2 months ago
    yvonne says

    Sheila Walsh I have seen you in person at the Verizon Center. You and Patsy Claremont are one of the reasons why I wanted to come. You are the real deal!. I listened as you shared about your life and I was so impressed by your transparency. I also have your DVD and I am blessed to be able to listen over and over again. Thank you for letting the Lord use you and be such a blessing to me. You make applying the word of God more clear in hard and difficult times. Thank you and May God continue to honor Women of Faith.
    I wanted to comment about the sister who shared that she sees no difference between sisters of faith and unbelievers about the issue of drinking. I think most people drink to “relax” or be socially acceptable. But when we really get a grasp on God everything we need He will provide completely. I like the verse in Psalms that states Delight thyself in the Lord and He will give thee the desires of thy Heart. God bless you my sister.

  3. 2 months ago
    Treva Wine says

    Your message is wonderful to hear and to share! LOVED! LOVED! You at women of Faith this year and every year. God Bless and sped you to all that hear you!

  4. 2 months ago
    PJ Roy says

    Looking forward to WOF being in Denver soon. Always a highlight in my year! :-)

  5. Sheila–You are a blessing! Jesus is so real in His people,His heart is shining in You! Keep shining, He’s using you in a beautiful way, to God be the glory! We are so blessed! One of my desires is one day to meet you. God bless you and your family….


    Linda Ruscito

  6. 2 months ago
    Jeanie Popham says

    Thanks for this opportunity. I would like to suggest that sometime during the recognition portion of each seminar, you do not fail to recognize our women veterans. Many have served and they deserve grateful thanks. My daughter and I attended the Coral Springs, Fl weekend and she served 10 years as a United States Army Captain. Just a thought.
    Live in Christ,
    Jeanie Popham
    Ps. How is sheila walsh doing? I’ve been praying for her.

  7. 2 months ago
    Dorothy Tanner says

    What is your stand about drinking? I have noticed that young ladies who come to your meeting need guidance and are not warned about harming their bodies. To raise funds to attend a meeting with a wine-tasting party is not a good witness. I know young people who have a drinking problem and it is sanctioned by “Christians” What is your stand period? From my point of view I can see no difference between women of faith and those who have no faith.

  8. Look forward to seeing you in Orlando.

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