From Emergency Room to Women of Faith


June 16, 2014

ER-toWOFMy mom and I have been going to Women of Faith since 1999. I had never heard of it before but a coworker had two tickets that couldn’t be used so we decided to buy the tickets and go to the conference in Billings. We have gone every year since, either in Billings or Denver. My husband had suggested we go a day earlier last year so that we weren’t so rushed and could enjoy the trip driving from Sheridan, WY. Thank goodness we took him up on it! We arrived in Fort Collins and Mom wasn’t feeling well, she was starting to itch. We went and talked to a pharmacist that told her to take Benadryl and a couple of different creams. She soon was covered with welts all the way up to her neck and I couldn’t get a pulse. The hotel called the ambulance. The paramedics seemed to arrive within a couple of minutes. They couldn’t get a pulse either. Another 15 minutes and she could have been gone. As I sat in the emergency room I prayed and thought of the times we had gone to Women of Faith and heard of the struggles and the victories. As I waited I had a peace about everything that was going on. At 3:30am she had been stabilized enough for me to take her back to the hotel. The next day I was going to take her back home but she said, “Absolutely not!!” (Women of Faith has always been our once-a-year mother/daughter time away.) I took her to the hotel in Denver where she rested and then we arrived at the Pepsi Center for the Friday night start of the conference. She was weak but was able to make it Friday night and Saturday. God is good! Thanks to all the prayer warriors that pray before, during and after for the speakers and attendees. The Women of Faith conference has been such a light in our lives, thank you for all you do!! Update: We checked in with Tammy to see how things went at the April 2014 From Survival to Revival event in Billings. Here’s her response:  Everyone was great this year, except for a dear friend that we met through Women of Faith. She stayed with us at my mom’s house in Billings for the events. Debbie was such an amazing person; funny and full of life. She went home to be with the Lord on March 5th. We miss her a lot but were privileged to have known her. We celebrate that she is home with our Lord. Women of Faith has blessed us over and over with friends, nourishment and so much more! I don’t know what I would do without this blessing; we look forward to each event every year and watch the conference DVDs in-between!
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