A Moment In Time Makes a Lifetime of Change!


June 11, 2014

SignFive years ago my mother-in-law invited me to an event I knew nothing about. I hesitantly accepted the offer, because I typically like to know what I am getting myself into. (Also it meant a weekend with very chipper in-laws, and I am not a chipper person—early in the morning, especially!) Watching the show and listening to the presenters, things started to fall into new light. The previous four years I had experienced great loss of four family members, including my mother. I [was in] a very dark season and things were bleak. I had just started coming around but didn’t know where I was heading yet. I had a moment during the show I texted a girlfriend that wasn’t with us and told her she was coming next year! I had a transformation in my thoughts, actions and general life. Since that time I have started going regularly to a ladies Bible study, attended Women of Faith every year and brought others with me, talked openly about the conference with complete strangers and have been stronger with my conversations about the Lord!
June 11, 2014 12 views Women of Faith