A Precious Gift


June 4, 2014

PreciousGiftDuring the summer of 2006, I made plans with my friend Lisa and her friend Sherry, who lived in Pennsylvania, to meet up at Women of Faith in Philadelphia in September.  I would drive in from NY. In the weeks that followed, my father, who had been sick for over two years, deteriorated and passed away the week before the conference. I had been blessed to spend the last week of his life helping my mom and being with him, most especially as he received the Lord during that time!  Still, my heart was very heavy and I felt numb inside. I did not feel like going to the conference at that point, but I was holding the tickets!  I made the journey to Philadelphia alone, with plans to meet in the lobby. When I got there, my friends were nowhere to be found and I didn’t have my cellphone. I could hear the sounds that the event was beginning and I began to feel frightened and overwhelmed. A security guard reassured me as I tearfully told him of my dilemma.  Suddenly, I heard the opening strains of “How Great Thou Art.” I rushed over to the doorway looking into the arena, and was just overcome with the awesomeness of God and His goodness to me, as I was treated to hearing  Sandi Patti (my favorite Christian artist) singing  that magnificent hymn as only she can amidst a backdrop of starry effects. When it was over, I found my friends almost immediately. But I am so thankful, that I had had that special time alone with my Lord and my God first, when He came to me in my hour of darkness, and  reminded me through that most precious gift, that He loves me deeply, and is with me always.  I will never forget it. P.S. [Women of Faith] asked who I think this story will impact the most—maybe it was me! I’ve thought of sharing it several times before and never got around to it. Right now, I am in the most difficult time of my life, as I stand in faith with my husband as he valiantly battles ALS.  Just now, as I finished writing my story, the words “I will never forget it” jumped out at me.  I had forgotten!  Thank You, Lord, for reminding me yet again, You ARE with me and You LOVE me!
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June 4, 2014 92 views Women of Faith